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The Evil Bid'ah of Moulood Melaad Mawlid

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The Evil Bid'ah of Moulood Melaad Mawlid

...Zahid Hussain, framed ten questions for which he provides stupid arguments bereft of Shar’i substance. Before embarking on a detailed refutation of his flotsam and jetsam arguments in support of the Bid’ah practice of moulood / mawlid, a few principles for better understanding of the nonsensical claims of the Bid’ati molvi shall be explained.

(1) Ibaadat is established by explicit Nusoos of the Qur’aan and Sunnah

All Muslims are aware that Islam was perfected and completed during the very age of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam), and it is no longer in need of improvement, hence the termination of Nubuwwat.

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Muhammad Armstrong is a westerner who has entered the fold of Islam by the fadhl of Allah Ta’ala. He is an expert on the evil western system of vaccination. He has written extensively on this extremely harmful practice. The following are some of his very valid and wise comments and salutary naseehat for Muslims – for Ulama and the awaam (the masses) alike. He has seen and experienced both sides of the coin of humanity – kufr and Imaan. The Brother writes:

Assalaamu alaykum

It saddens me to see the Muslims and many Ulama so blinded and passionately impressed with the Eurpoean system. The Indian Muslims are been herded into accepting this blueprint of kufr, especially with technology, mediSIN (medicine which in fact is SIN—The Majlis) and education. From my observations of seeing both sides, just about everything invented by this system turns out to be harmful or unnatural for mankind in the long run. Allopathic (HELLopathic) MediSIN is one of the biggest illusions concocted.



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From South Africa, Iblees is spreading his tentacles and snare to the U.K. by exporting fisq, fujoor and kufr. His agent for exporting his evil to the U.K. is Reverend Abraham Bham who masquerades as a Muslim.  This evil character with his cohorts in the NNB jamiat of Fordsburg (NO NAME BRAND JAMIAT), has wrought great havoc to the Akhlaaq and Imaan of the ignorant Muslim community of South Africa. Now shaitaan is exporting his villainy via his agent, Reverend Abraham Bham to the U.K.

The Muslim community in the U.K. should beware of this shaitaan in human form. He is among the shayaateenul ins whom Allah Ta’ala mentions in the following Qur’aanic Aayat:

“Thus have We made for every Nabi such enemies who are shayaateenul ins (human devils) and shayaateenul jinn (jinn devils). They whisper to one another statements adorned with deception.”


Synergistic Toxicity

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Mixing vaccines & chemicals may multiply overall toxicity to deadly limits.

See full pamphlet here

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“To abandon one futile statement is more difficult than fasting one day.

A man is able to fast on an extremely hot day, but he finds himself unable to abandon futile talk.”

(Hadhrat Yunus Bin Abeed — rahmatullah alayh)

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