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Year after year we see children and even adults clowning around outside the Musjid during the Taraaweeh Salaat. While the musallis inside the Masjid are performing Salaat, there are those outside the Masjid playing, clowning, smoking and making a noise.

How should the Musjid people, those in charge, the Imams, mutawalees, etc address this problem?

This also happens during Jummah. Should the Salaat be stopped to enable the Imaams to exercise Amr Bil Ma’rooh Nahyu anil munkar? Or should we continue with the Salaat oblivious of what is happening outside, and allow a generation of youngsters wasting away their time during such a month?

It bothers one that not even the Imaams are addressing this problem, nor do they have the courage to stop these people from playing around, smoking, being on their phones, etc. outside the Masjid. One just has to leave the Masjid and one will notice cigarettes on the Masjid yard floor.

Who takes the responsibility for these people upon their shoulders? They leave their homes and come to the Masjid yet FAIL to take the next step and that is to enter the Masjid seeking salvation for themselves.

It is a worrying and growing phenomenon that is taking place within the Muslim Ummah. Kindly comment and share your ideas with us. Jazakallah Khairan.   (End of letter)

The very bottom line is that these louts – the children and the adults are in reality not Muslims. The adults are munaafiqeen. It is not possible for an adult Muslim to hang around outside and defile the Musjid, abstaining from Salaat and messing the place with cigarettes, etc. whilst the Taraaweeh is in progress. Their conduct is the evidence for their nifaaq.

The primary responsibility for the hooliganism of the children is of their parents. The behaviour of the children reveals the little or the extremely deficient relationship which their parents have with the Deen. The parents of most of these louts who are indulging in satanism outside, are performing Salaat inside the Musjid. Despite this, they are too dull in their brains to be observant of the haraam antics of their children. The rowdyism which transpires outside the Musjid is none of their concern. They are not concerned even if their children are on the pathway of Jahannam. 

It is undoubtedly the obligation of the Imaams, the Ulama and the Musjid’s trustees to execute the obligation of Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahy Anil Munkar. They have to call the louts to attention and warn them to desist from their shaitaaniyat. If the louts persist and refuse to heed the naseehat, they should not be allowed to be on the Musjid’s premises. 

The Imaams/trustees do also fear the haraam reaction of the adult louts who will in all probability degenerate to profanity should they be advised to desist from their shaitaaniyat and enter into the Musjid for Salaat. For such munaafiqeen who persist loitering on the Musjid premises executing their acts of satanism, it will be permissible to call the police to remove them from the Musjid’s premises. 

The fundamental reason for this type of shaitaani behaviour is the lack of proper Deeni ta’leem and tarbiyat in the homes. Added to this, is the environment of fisq and fujoor at the secular schools. All haya is eliminated. Imaan is corrupted in these schools, hence the children are bereft of Islamic character. It appears that this is an insoluble problem which is set to worsen.

18 Sha’baan 1438 (15 May 2017)


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