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On the 17 May 2011, SANHA, the Assistant Chief Maitah (Carrion) Purveyor, circulated on its
website the announcement that it has WITHDRAWN ITS 'HALAAL' CERTIFICATION
FROM Rainbow Chicken Plant. SANHA has been compelled by circumstances other than Deeni
considerations, to de-halaalize RAINBOW CHICKEN plant. More precisely, SANHA has
withdrawn its haraam 'halaal' certification from all RAINBOW CHICKEN PROCESSD
PRODUCTS which include chicken polony, chicken viennas, chicken nuggets, chicken strips,
chicken schnitzels, chicken crumbed and other value added chicken products.

Since time immemorial relative to the carrion chicken industry jointly conducted by SANHA
and its chief, MJC, all of these products and all the chickens brutally killed by way of the killing
system described by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) as Shareetatush Shaitaan (the Devil's
Slaughter), and which haraam system SANHA proclaimed halaal, have been HARAAM MAITAH
(CARRION). Thus, while there is nothing new in SANHA's announcement, this belated
concession grudgingly released, demonstrates the treacherous conduct of this carrion purveyor,
for it has for ages withheld this irrefutable fact from the Muslim public thereby inducing Muslims
to consume rotten, diseased, haraam carrion.

Furthermore, in excluding from its proclamation of haraam the carrion chickens and applying
it to only the byproducts of the dead, rotten, diseased chickens, SANHA is flagrantly and without
the slightest fear for Allah Ta'ala and the disastrous and momentous Accountability (Hisaab)
perpetuating the cruel and haraam myth that Rainbow Chickens, i.e. the brutally killed chickens,
are 'halaal' whilst the reality is that all the chickens killed at all Rainbow Plants certified by
SANHA, and in all other plants certified by the other carrion hawkers are HARAAM CARRION.
RAINBOW CHICKEN plant in flagrant violation of the agreement which it has with SANHA
to abide by the terms of the contract, has defiantly introduced haraam Brazilian carrion meats for
its byproducts. Despite this insolent defiance of Rainbow Chicken plant, SANHA, due to its
inordinate crave for the haraam riba boodle, continues to certify Rainbow's frozen chickens. This
carrion halaalizer refuses to learn from the defiance of Rainbow Chickens and its scorn and
contempt for the 'halaal' contract that kuffaar cannever be trusted with matters which are related to
the Shariah, to halaal and haraam issues. The boodle is the determinant which seals the mouth of
SANHA and which compels it to conceal the truth to continue proclaiming the chickens 'halaal'.
While SANHA has issued its muted 'urgent announcement' to proclaim RAINBOW CHICHEN
byproducts haraam, Muslims who are addicted to consuming haraam carrion, will continue to
devour the rotten carrion for two reasons: (1) It is not easy to abandon an addiction. (2) Weeks and
months will lapse without people gaining knowledge of the fact that SANHA has declared
Rainbow Chicken products to be haraam.

It is a logistical impossibility to notify every member of the Muslim community that the carrion
which they had previously believed to be 'halaal' is now haraam. Study the following facts:
(a) SANHA had discovered weeks or month ago that Rainbow Chicken plant was marketing the
haraam Brazilian chicken polonies, etc. as certified 'halaal' by SANHA. While the wrangling was
in process behind the scenes, the carrion products continued to be marketed, sold and purchased by
(b) After a considerable time period of behind the scene secret meetings and wrangling, when
Rainbow Chickens defiantly gave SANHA a donkey-kick under its pants, SANHA had no
alternative but to issue its rubbish and muffled 'urgent notice' .
(c) The urgent notice was circulated on SANHA's website. How many Muslims who do not have
computers are still unaware of this stupid 'urgent notice', and are continuing with their addiction of
carrion consumption?
(d) An age has lapsed from the time of the haraam discovery by SANHA, Rainbow's defiance
and the publication on the website of SANHA's 'urgent notice'. Despite the urgency of the issue,
99% of the carrion-consuming Muslim public remains unaware of SANHA's haraam status
awarded to the carrion products.
(e) Despite the 'urgent notice', this information has not been as yet affixed to the notice boards of
the country's 1000 Musjids. And, even if and when the notice appears on the notice boards, how
long will it take for this information to filter through and reach every carrion-consuming member
of the Muslim community? On an average, only between 5 and 10 percent Muslim males perform
Salaat regularly or attend the Musaajid daily. On Fridays there is a substantial increase. Of the
musallis who attend, NEVER does each and every one read the notices the same time. Numerous
musallis simply walk pass without bothering to look at the notice boards. The apathy is worse on
Fridays. The musallis simply rush out of the Musaajid in droves and with haste. Very few take
note of the notices. Those who attend the Musaajid read the notices at leisure and at their pleasure,
never as an incumbent duty.
(f) Even if a diligent, intensive and extensive process is set into motion for informing the public –
but in reality this is NEVER the case – then too it will take ages for the entire Muslim community
spread out in the east, west, north and south of the country to simultaneously learn of the haraam
status of the rotten carrion chickens. In fact, even after many months the entire Muslim community
will not learn of the carrion which SANHA itself has proclaimed to be carrion.
(g) Despite the withdrawal of SANHA's certification, Rainbow Chickens, to this day, continues to
market these carrion products –declared carrion by SANHA – to be halaal. The business outlets
are still selling these haraam chicken byproducts bearing SANHA's halaal logo. There is concrete
evidence for this.
(h) A most insidious attitude which has become ingrained in the carrion-consuming Muslim
public who have been devouring the haraam carrion on SANHA's strength, is to simply buy these
products without looking at the logo. The name Rainbow Chicken has become synonymous with
'halaal'. Hence, they no longer look whether Rainbow Chickens are certified by the SANHA
carrion purveyor or by the MJC carrion shaitaan. This attitude will remain. It will not be easy to
efface this corrupt attribute from people who are addicted to carrion consumption in the same way
as it is not easy for a drug addict to abandon the accursed addiction.
(i) A disgustingly dishonourable development in the carrion saga is the MJC's attitude. With its
mouthwatering for the riba boodle, the MJC perpetually lies in the shadows in ambush I
anticipation of a SANHA retreat. It lurks in the folds of the SANHA certified plants hoping for
problems which would constrain SANHA to cancel its certification. When this does happen, then
before SANHA has even been kicked out by the carrion plant, MJC pounces and issues the plant
with a new haraam 'halaal' certificate. Thus it claims the haraam riba boodle which was formerly
SANHA's share of the booty. The MJC had performed this despicable haraam stunt a few months
ago at ANCA chickens. As soon as SANHA withdrew its haraam 'halaal' certificate, the MJC
rushed in with devilish haste and issued ANCA a new satanic certificate to advertise the carrion

With Rainbow Chickens, MJC has repeated its shaitaani performance. The MJC is now
certifying the carrion which SANHA had formerly certified. Many Muslims in Natal and
Transvaal who will not even soil their saliva spitting on a rubbish certificate of MJC, will now
continue to devour Rainbow Chicken products, not because of MJC certification, but because, they
have not as yet been informed, and will simply pick up from the shelf a packet of Rainbow
Chicken carrion product labouring under the misconception of it still being under SANHA's
It is absolutely incumbent for Muslims to wake up and understand what exactly they are doing
to their Imaan, Akhlaaq and physical bodies by devouring the rotten, diseased, haraam carrion
chickens and other meats, whether it be chicken products or halaalized beef or mutton products.
All such halaalized processed meats and chickens are undoubtedly HARAAM. There remains not
a shred of doubt in the irrefutable fact that all these processed meat and chicken products are 100%

The very first fact which Muslims must accept besides the issue of the chickens being haraam, is
that it has been scientifically proven that processed, artificial, plastic chickens are extremely
injurious for the human body. These carrion meats cause CANCER, HEART DISEASE, and a
variety of other serious diseases which destroy the health of the carrion-consumer.
The second irrefutable fact which Muslims must accept is that all processed chickens are
conclusively HARAAM CARRION. According to the Shariah, Haraam meat may not be fed to
even dogs and animals in general.
The third indisputable fact is that according to the Qur'aan, the one who consumes haraam,
follows in the footsteps of shaitaan.
The fourth undeniable fact of the Shariah is that consumption of haraam magnifies bestial
carnality. The carnal nafs becomes as bestial as the nafs of a swine. The carnal greed in man
multiplies manifold when he ingests haraam.
The fifth Shar'i fact is that the ibaadat of the consumer of haraam food is rejected by Allah
Ta'ala. The thawaab of his Salaat, etc., is extinguished, and his duas are rejected.
The sixth fact confirmed by the Auliya is that the spiritual defences and moral fibre of the one
who devours haraam are utterly neutralized. It is for this reason that the Qur'aan Hakeem couples
haraam food with submission to shaitaan.
The seventh fact emphasized by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) is that abstention from
even mashkook (doubtful) substances is Waajib (compulsory). Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi
wasallam) explained that indulgence in the doubtful culminates in indulgence in haraam.
Doubtful food gradually desensitizes and destroys the spiritual fibre.
While these evils are connected to even mashkook (doubtful) food, processed chickens and
meats are not 'doubtful'. On the contrary it is HARAAM carrion, the harm and injury, both
physical and spiritual, of which by far outweigh the poisonous effects of doubtful food.

The steps underlying the final decision to make the announcement of Haraam display
conspicuously the treachery which constrains SANHA to conceal the haraam status of the chicken
products. The announcement of haraam is preceded by several steps over a long period of time.
During this very lengthy interval in which the steps unfold, the community is fed HARAAM
carrion with the full knowledge of SANHA who desperately tries to resolve the irregularity
without its publication. These developments are:
 Processing, packing and selling the haraam products by Rainbow Chickens.
 Discovery of the violation by someone.
 The report made to SANHA that Rainbow has violated its contract agreement.
 SANHA calling a secret caucus meeting to discuss the issue and to plan a strategy to
contain, rectify and conceal the violation. At all costs the public must not know.
 SANHA engages with Rainbow's management to rectify the irregularity. Much time
lapses to set up a meeting with Rainbow's management.
 The meeting takes place. Rainbow rejects SANHA's desperate pleadings to rectify
the irregularity and refuses to terminate the use of haraam Brazilian chickens for
preparing the byproducts. A stalemate follows. Rainbow kicks SANHA out from its
office and negotiations are finally terminated.
 SANHA conducts several clandestine meetings with its hierarchy to decide ways
and means of damage control.
 Force of circumstances ultimately compels SANHA to make the announcement that

Meanwhile while all this lengthy drawn out processing spanning several months is in progress,
millions and millions of the HARAAM Brazilian carrion chicken products are sold all over the
country bearing SANHA's 'halaal' logo, and this continues to this very day. It will take ages for the
rot to come to an end. The consumption of the Haraam Brazilian chicken byproducts produced by
Rainbow Chickens will continue for a very long period to come.
Indeed it is a nightmarish scenario when a carrion vendor such as SANHA is forced to cancel its
haraam 'halaal' certification. Millions of the haraam products continue to proliferate the market
with the carrion vendor's 'halaal' logo, and the community addicted to consuming the rotten,
diseased carrion meats continues to devour it for a considerable time period into the distant future.
May Allah Ta'ala destroy these haraam, illegitimate carrion halaalizers who ruin the Imaan and
morality of the community with their halaalization of carrion.


"O People! Eat from the earth that which is Halaal and
Tayyib (Wholesome), and do not follow in the footsteps
of shaitaan. Verily, He is your open enemy. Most assuredly
he orders you with evil and immorality and that you
fabricate about Allah what you know not."


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