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The auspiciousness of the Nights of Ramadhaan cannot be over-emphasized. No amount of virtues and fadhaa-il narrated can adequately convey the degree of importance and auspiciousness of the Nights of Ramadhaan. Whilst the Days of Ramadhaan too are vastly superior to the days of the other months, the Nights are in a class of their own. 

The greatness and blessedness of the Nights of Ramadhaan can at least be understood from the fact that during Ramadhaan the special Tajalli (Manifestation) of Allah Azza Wa Jal descends to the First Samaa’ (Heaven) every Night from the onset of Maghrib. From this time the Divine Call incessantly proclaims until Subh Saadiq (the Dawn of Fajr). In this Call Allah Azza Wa Jal exhorts His servants to seek forgiveness; to seek Barkat; to seek; safety; to seek Rizq; to seek His Proximity; to seek success and salvation in this dunya and in the Aakhirat. 

Most unfortunate is that Muslim who ignores this Proclamation of Allah Azza Wa Jal. Most unfortunate and miserable is he who squanders these precious and auspicious moments listening to the satanism of the shaitaani radio stations and viewing the even greater Devil which is dubbed ‘islamic’ tv which in reality is  the Eye of Dajjaal. 

Do understand that it is HARAAM to listen to even qiraa’t on these organs and appendages of shaitaan. These radio and tv media are the worst and most villainous agents of Iblees. In the name of the Deen the vile radio molvis with brains vermiculated by the evil touch of Iblees, call ignorant and stupid Muslims away from Allah Ta’ala to indulge in the destruction of Ibaadat. These evil radio media are satanic diversions – diverting ignorant Muslims from the objectives of the Aakhirat for which Allah Ta’ala has created us. 

Do meditate and reflect for a few moments to understand your notoriety and villainy, and the spiritual self-immolation you inflict on yourself by plugging your ears to the Call of Allah Azza Wa Jal. While He calls you throughout the Night, you sully and corrupt your body and soul listening and viewing the haraam programs which these radio and tv agents of Shaitaan disgorge and vomit into your mind and heart. 

How impervious  has become the heart of that Muslim who, during these great Nights, squanders the time listening to these haraam radio stations, viewing haraam television and insanely indulging in the satanic contraptions called ‘smart’ phones. These contraptions are smart in the art of leading people to Jahannam. 

The radio molvis who conduct their haraam competitions and haraam programs during the Ramadhaan Nights to divert ignorant Muslims from the Remembrance of Allah and Ibaadat are adulterers. They pass their time in their studios in zina of different kinds. They are shaitaan-incarnate. Shaitaan has made their bodies his abodes in the same way as he makes the toilets his homes. The prizes doled out in these radio gambling competitions are haraam. The saddest and most lamentable aspect is that all these haraam programs are conducted in the name of Islam, and at a time when Allah Azza Wa Jal is close by calling His servants to heed His Call. 

The Nights of Ramadhaan are special occasions for Ibaadat. These moments should not be squandered in haraam and futility, especially at the time when Allah Azza Wa Jal is calling and offering His munificent bestowals. It is indeed a major sin to turn away the gaze from Allah Ta’ala to focus it on these media of the Devil. 

May Allah Ta’ala grant Muslims good hidaayat and save them from the shaitaani clutches of these evil agents of Iblees.

1 Ramadhaan 1438 (27 May 2017)


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