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The Majlis Volume 24 Number 03

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Volume 24 Number 03


It is mentioned in the Hadith that :

* One dirham Sadqah given during the month of Ramadhaan is better than a thousand dirhams given in another month.

Q & A

Q. Fajr begins at 4.05 here in Germany where I am. Until what time can one eat?
A. You can eat until 4.04 if  Fajr begins at 4.05. However, it is better to stop eating about 5 minutes before. It is not Sunnah to eat until 4.00 or  so close to Fajr.

Q. Which night is Lailatul Qadr?
A. Lailatul Qadr is one of the last ten nights of Ramadhaan. The popular view is that it is on the 27th Night, but it could be any one of the last ten nights.

Q.  I have been advised not to fast  because of the excessive heat and  due to us having to write exams. Is this  right?
A.  The persons who say that you should not fast because of the heat and exams are agents of shaitaan. It is haraam and a great sin not to fast. It is better to abstain from the exams and fail rather than not to fast. The Qur’aan says that the heat of Jahannam is hotter. The advice is the advice of munaafiqeen.



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