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From South Africa, Iblees is spreading his tentacles and snare to the U.K. by exporting fisq, fujoor and kufr. His agent for exporting his evil to the U.K. is Reverend Abraham Bham who masquerades as a Muslim.  This evil character with his cohorts in the NNB jamiat of Fordsburg (NO NAME BRAND JAMIAT), has wrought great havoc to the Akhlaaq and Imaan of the ignorant Muslim community of South Africa. Now shaitaan is exporting his villainy via his agent, Reverend Abraham Bham to the U.K.

The Muslim community in the U.K. should beware of this shaitaan in human form. He is among the shayaateenul ins whom Allah Ta’ala mentions in the following Qur’aanic Aayat:

“Thus have We made for every Nabi such enemies who are shayaateenul ins (human devils) and shayaateenul jinn (jinn devils). They whisper to one another statements adorned with deception.”

This shaitaani character is among the Mudhilleen dreaded by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) who said: “Verily, I fear for my Ummah the aimmah (molvis and sheikhs) who will be mudhilleen.” Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) labelled these evil scholars for dollars, ‘mudhilleen’, that is, mis-leaders; those who lead others astray. They deviate Muslims from Siraatul Mustaqeem, making them the camp followers of Iblees. This is the function of Reverend Abraham Bham who is being exported to the U.K. by conspirators in league with Shaitaan to mislead the ignorant and unwary awaamun naas in the U.K.


This shaitaani molvi has been branded ‘reverend abraham’ because he worshipped under a dozen crosses in a Christian church alongside kuffaar priests. Among his evil exploits of kufr are his halaalization of:


  • Worshipping in a church
  • Burying a Muslim in a non-Muslim graveyard
  • Inviting kuffaar to pray at a janaazah
  • For no valid Shar’i reason whatever, and only to accommodate kuffaar politicians, delaying the burial almost two days
  • Non-Muslim women at the janazah when even Muslim women are not allowed
  • Intermingling of sexes – zina of the eyes, zina of the tongue, zina, of the ears, zina of the feet, etc.
  • Television
  • Pictures of  people in general
  • Inviting a non-Mulim politician to address the musallis at the Eidgah
  • The so-called ‘muslim’ marriages bill which is loaded with explicit kufr
  • The ghandi-walk and donning Hindu apparel in the Musjid
  • Carrion meat products and chickens
  • Pork vaccine
  • Etc. etc. etc.


This shaitaani reverend is on a mission to disseminate fisq, fujoor and even kufr in the U.K. The Muslim community of the U.K. should beware of becoming the victims of the villainy which he promotes under Islamic guise. Do not be deceived by the ‘islamic’ hues he will deceptively portray to deceive and ensnare the ignorant and the unwary. His way, mannerisms and tongue come within the Qur’aanic description of zukhruful qaul (embellished statements) designed to mislead. He utilizes Islamic terminology, Qur’aanic verses and Hadith narrations in his satanic trap of zukhruful qaul.


The surest sign of a molvi’s or a sheikh’s satanism and that he is among the mudhilleen is the appearance of his snout on television, in videos, and the immoral media such as facebook. These vile molvis dine, wine and swine with kuffaar at the same table. They denigrate and abrogate Sunnah practices substituting the Mubaarak Tareeqah of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) with customs and norms of the western kuffaar whose boots they lick. Any molvi / sheikh who appears on television and facebook is a confirmed shaitaani mudhil. Heed the warning of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and save your Imaan from the contamination of the zukhruful qaul which this mudhil will din into your ears if you happen to  be part of the unfortunate audience.


Should anyone suffer the misfortune of having to perform Salaat behind this deviate, then do repeat the Salaat. Salaat behind this agent of Iblees is not valid. It is necessary to remind Muslims of two are mudhilleen who are also in the employ of Shaitaan. They are Menk and Suliman Moolla. They are grave dangers for the Imaan and Akhlaaq of unsuspecting Muslims.


All of these vile, shaitaani mudhilleen are among the Signs of Qiyaamah, for they spawn fitnah upon fitnah. Every day they invent a new fitnah in the domain of fisq, fujoor and kufr. May Allah Ta’ala save Muslims from the tentacles of these human shayaateen.

13 Shawwaal 1438 - 8 July 2017


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