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Muhammad Armstrong is a westerner who has entered the fold of Islam by the fadhl of Allah Ta’ala. He is an expert on the evil western system of vaccination. He has written extensively on this extremely harmful practice. The following are some of his very valid and wise comments and salutary naseehat for Muslims – for Ulama and the awaam (the masses) alike. He has seen and experienced both sides of the coin of humanity – kufr and Imaan. The Brother writes:

Assalaamu alaykum

It saddens me to see the Muslims and many Ulama so blinded and passionately impressed with the Eurpoean system. The Indian Muslims are been herded into accepting this blueprint of kufr, especially with technology, mediSIN (medicine which in fact is SIN—The Majlis) and education. From my observations of seeing both sides, just about everything invented by this system turns out to be harmful or unnatural for mankind in the long run. Allopathic (HELLopathic) MediSIN is one of the biggest illusions concocted.


I am deeply disturbed about the Muslim Ummah in India, even Deoband (even in Pakistan, in fact in all the lands of Muslims- The Majlis), embracing the "modern gift" (the satanic gift –The Majlis) of westerm education. I have seen a complete change in some madresahs who have felt compelled to teach fancy, colourful books that gradually take away ones Islam. Done in the name of "we must have an education because they are calling us backward", not realising that no education (illiteracy and being without western education – The Majlis) is better than a destructive education. This western education blueprint seems to be the ultimate unstoppable weapon of mass destruction!


It also grieves me to see top Ulama not seeing the truth about vaccines being harmful or just like gambling and conventional insurance policies!                     (End of the Brother’s letter)


Allah Ta’ala warning the Ulama in particular, states in the Qur’aan Majeed:

“And, if you turn (your backs on to the Deen), He (Allah) will substitute you  with others besides you. Then they will not be (so miserable)  like you.”

(That is, they will not be scholars for dollars selling the Deen for a miserable price as has become the standard practice of the molvis, sheikhs and maajin muftis of this era).


The ‘others who will not be like you” – who will not be the bootlickers of the western kuffaar – who will not be suffering from the mental disease of inferiority – who will not emulate the Yahood and Nasaara right into the ‘lizard’s hole’, are Brothers such as Muhammad Armstrong. It is our fervent Dua that Allah Ta’ala spans into the arena of the conflict between Haqq and baatil more sincere Brothers such as the author of this letter.

14 Shawwaal 1438 - 9 July 2017


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