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I would like to draw the attention of The Majlis to a new phenomenon in the UK, where maktabs, Madrassahs and "Islamic institutions" are taking children to theme parks in emulation of secular schools.

These theme parks are undoubtedly the cauldron of fitna. The formative years of these children are spiritually damaged in the presence of half naked kuffarah women. An indelible print is left on their minds, which in adolescence will no doubt rear its ugly head.

Complicit in this crime are the parents, who devoid of tarbiyah themselves, consider this to be moving with the times.

Molvis have forgotten the purpose of life in this dunya and what constitutes permissible entertainment in Shari'ah.

Recently, at one of these theme parks in the UK, a little girl on a Madrassah trip, fell off one of the rides and passed away, but there was no outcry from the Muslims, because the trip was sanctioned by a "Muslim institution," run by Molvis, who justify such trips with technical fatwas and interpretations, which confuse the masses.

However, if the masses had taqwa, they would see through the fallacy of these fatwas of modernity and convenience.

People forget that Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam & his companions tied stones to their stomach so that the Ummat could be saved from Jahannam. This is the purpose of life.

They forget the Hadith that the tourism of my Ummah is to strive in the Path of Allah, not at theme parks buying teddy bears.

Fatwa technicalities aside, if the Sahabah were present in this time, would they permit their children to attend a place where there is music, half naked women and alcohol? I am not sure why this is not obvious to the parents of these children.

These trips are no doubt justified by the Molvis on the basis of dharoorah or lesser of the 2 evils, i.e. if we don't take these children on the trips, schools will, and therefore it's better the maktabs take them so that Islamic values are preserved.

These subjective definitions of necessity and lesser of the 2 evils will no doubt lead to erosion of Deen.

These ulama forget that in the Court of a king, and being in the minority, a Sahabi did not compromise on Sunnah whilst eating, so when did it become permissible to perpetuate the lesser of the 2 haraams, based on the subjective concept of necessity?

Sadly, this issue cannot be raised by lay people, as these ulama will either give short shrift or justify the haraam, thus endangering their own Imaan.

We hope The Majlis will publish this article, including any corrections, and offer naseehah on the matter.


The vilest criminals who are dismantling the Deen,  destroying the moral character of the community  and ruining the Imaan of Muslims, are the molvis and sheikhs of this era. The  reckless and blatant  attempts and endeavours to transfigure the Deen explain why Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) had branded the  later-day ulama to  be the “worst  under the canopy of the sky, and from whom  will emanate fitnah”.


The bootlicking attitude  of the ulama in the U.K. and even here in South Africa is  to be eternally lamented.  The everlasting  Imaani and Akhlaaqi harm which  is caused by the haraam activities of fisq and fujoor promoted by the molvis destroys the spiritual and moral fibre of the entire community. The  massive fitnah described by the Brother, nowadays  form part of the  so-called ‘islamic’ activities of the community. The  worst aspect is that the molvis who are supposed to be the  first upholders of the Sunnah and defenders of the Deen, are the  evil culprits whom shaitaan has employed as his agents to execute  his  nefarious plots of  eliminating the Deen.


Instead of  guarding and defending the Deen, the molvis are collaborating  with the enemies of Islam who are plotting to undermine Islam and  subtly convert the Ummah to  their religion of  kufr without  Muslims even realizing the silent process of Imaani erosion  and destruction.



It is shockingly surprising that molvis are unable to  understand and see the  immorality of these “theme parks” with so many  flagrant acts of  fisq and fujoor. When molvis  legalize such  haraam activities,  it becomes difficult to believe that they  still have Imaan in their hearts. They have become the  engineers and disseminators of immorality. The worst aspect of  this satanism is the  satanic justification  of the haraam by  means of  offerng grotesque  interpretations of the Ahaadith and principles of the Shariah.


The laymen who succumb to the haraam fatwas of corruption issued by these bootlicking  agents of Iblees are all complicit in the pernicious plot  to ruin the Imaan of their children. Since the  satanic fatwas  appeal to the demands of  kuffaar modernity,  parents readily  accept and comply.   Questioning the villainy of  these  laymen  who blindly accept and follow the  evil and corrupt  fatwas of the miscreant molvis, the Qur’aan Majeed says:


“They take their  ahbaar (molvis) and ruhbaan (buzrugs) as gods besides Allah, and also for Maseeh (Isaa), the son of Maryam.”


Just as the Yahood and  Nasaara would  greedily lap up to the corrupt fatwas of their molvis and buzrugs for halaalizing what Allah has made haraam,  so too are Muslims of this era doing – blindly following the corruption of the molvis although deep down in their hearts they can discern the  villainy of the corruption which the  mercenary molvis disgorge in the guise of ‘fatwas’.


The molvis as well as parents are  preparing  the abodes of Jahannam for their children.  But the Qur’aan Majeed commands:


“O People of Imaan! Save yourselves and your families from the Fire...”

25 Shawwaal 1438  - 20 July 2017


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