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Regarding the immoral  gathering  of zaanis and zaaniyahs taking place this weekend , viz., the haraam, lewd so-called ‘marriage conference’, many Muslims  are aghast that even some ulama will be participating in the function which every  straight-thinking Muslim layman readily understands  is in diametric contravention of the Shariah in  every aspect. Not a single feature of this abominable satanic, function of abomination has any relationship with Islam. It is a gathering of fussaaq  and fujjaar, convened by the agents of Iblees in the name if Islam.

Clearly, this haraam immoral meeting of fussaaq and fujjaar is another step in the fulfilment of Rasulullah‘s prediction pertaining to the Signs of Qiyaamah. Nabi-e-Kareem (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that among the Signs of Qiyaamah is:

“The (objectives) of the dunya (and the nafs) will be pursued with deeds of the Aakhirah.”

Evil and satanic activities will be portrayed by the agents of Iblees as ‘deeni’ acts. The ignorant ones will be ensnared in this manner to give vent to their bestial lusts – lusts for which this haraam so-called ‘marriage conference’ will be promoting and catering.


We reproduce here an in depth questionnaire by a Brother. The questionnaire  adequately exposes the immorality and satanism of this  lewd conference of Iblees.


This weekend we see another event been hosted in the name of Islam.  Those who are concerned about protecting our pure and pristine Deen, we seek clarity from  the leaders and Ulema on a number of fronts:


*1*  Is there separate seating arrangements for men and women or is there no segregation ? (Hijaab   is not compatible with a function of Iblees. Every aspect of Islamic hayaa—modesty and shame – every rule in the Book of Hijaab is  rudely violated and trampled on by the conglomerate of fussaaq and fujjaar –The Majlis)


*2*  Are there going to be  female speakers addressing male audience without the proper Hijaab and vice versa ? (Stupid lecturing by faasiqaat and faajiraat is integral to this abominable  conference of Iblees. –The Majlis


*3*  Please elaborate on the private counselling sessions ? Does it entail cross gender one on one interaction ? (Zina in the making. No  intelligent Muslim will doubt that the prime objective of this shaitaani function is  zina  presented  in ‘religious’ hues. –The Majlis


*4*  What is *Soul Seekers* , which is been promoted as a ‘Halaal’ marriage matchmaking facilitation service ?  (It is  the quest for  be fulfilment of the bestial zina cravings of fussaaq and fujjaar.) –TheMajlis


Testimonials are given of people who 'met up' at soul seekers and got married ?

Please explain it in detail.  (This is the method  inspired by Iblees to  seekers who are in search of  ways to fulfil their zina  lusts. They are nafs seekers, which the shayaateen dub as ‘soul seekers’. – The Majlis


*5*  What are the benefits, objectives as well as limits of the *Speakers Corner* where males and females can get 'up and personal' with the speakers ? (Wallaah! The objective is ZINA. The benefit is haraam  gratification of the inordinate  craving of the bestial nafs. There is absolutely no  valid and no Deeni benefit in this  abominable  gathering. How could there ever be  any valid benefit and any noble objective in  an activity which is  rudely and wildly in conflict with the Shariah?) --The Majlis

*6*   Can clarification please be furnished regarding the beliefs and ideologies of the following speakers


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