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The Klerksdorp Muslim Jamaat is hosting Shaikh Ninowy who will be speaking on the Seerah of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). I was told that Shaikh Ninowy is a deviate.  I believe that the Klerksdorp Muslim Jamaat is affiliated to the Jamiatul Ulama of Fordsburg. I am therefore confused by Ninowy being allowed a platform by the Klerksdorp Jamaat. Should  I attend his  lecture?


Ninowy is a Shiah-cum-Barelwi  bid’ati. His deviation  has been exposed by his own  antics and participation in haraam bid’ati activities.  He  speaks in favour of Shiahs and he participates in Barelwi type  bid’ah  functions. This man is a danger to the Imaan of the ignorant masses.


We are not aware of the beliefs of the Klerksdorp Muslim Jamaat. Whether they are pro-Shiah, Shiahs, or Barelwi Bid’atis, we cannot say. If they are affiliated to the NNB jamiat (No Name Brand jamiat of Fordsburg), then their hosting of the deviate is not at all surprising. The NNB jamiat is a munaafiq conglomerate of mudhilleen. Whilst they pretend to be Deobandi, not even a faint scent of deobandi’ism  is emitted by these  munaafiqeen. On the contrary the stench of nifaaq  which they exude is revolting.


It is not permissible for Muslims to listen to the talks of a deviate, for he constitutes a danger to their Imaan.

27 Shawwaal 1438 – 22 July 2017


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