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The haraam ‘marriage’ conference

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Allah Ta’ala has exposed the munaafiq-zindeeq  molvis of  the NNB jamiat, (viz., Reverend Abraham Bham, Sulaiman Ravat, Junaid Kharsany and Zahir  Mahmood) who  have to  take full responsibility of the kufr debacle which transpired at their Zina ‘marriage’ conference.

Cluttered with the haraam acts of intermingling of sexes, music, photography, lewd interaction between males and females, etc., these Agents of Iblees (the molvis of the NNB jamiat) compounded the villainy and notoriety of their zina conference with  the kufr of shocking disparagement of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and his Sahaabah by a kaafir CLOWN who mocked and jeered  at Nabi-e-Kareem (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam), Hadhrat Aishah (Radhiyallahu anha) and Hadhrat Abu Hurairah (Radhiyallahu anhu). When the immoral sexual remarks regarding a woman in the audience did not adequately gratify the clown’s perverted sexual lusts, he turned to disparage, insult and mock Rasulullah’s marriage to Siddiqah Aishah (Radhiyallahu anha).


These molvis and the clown who most definitely is not a Muslim despite masquerading as one, must  either  flee into  some cave to hide their   shame form the Ummah or commit suicide in a pit of faeces. They are among the worst scum with which the community has been cursed.

The hasty apology tendered by the clown of shaitaan, and the statement of the four molvi agents of Iblees do not exculpate them  from the evil of what had transpired at the devil’s conference of zina. These molvis are abortively attempting to manoeuvre their way out of the  ugly debacle of kufr which they themselves had engineered. THEY ARE THE ORGANIZERS. They may not argue that they are not the organizers. They are in the same category in cahoots with the evil organizers of this evil function of shaitaan.

If the function was a genuine Shar’i gathering, what was a shaitaan in the form of a clown doing at the function? Is Islam about clowning, cooning, jesting and mocking? Even if the clown had not blatantly uttered his blatant and rude kufr, then too clowning is a capital sin in Islam. When the Qur’aan and Sunnah proscribe even audible laughter, what conclusion should be drawn from filthy perverted sexual clowning? This clown must be a sexual pervert suffering from the incorrigible disease of nifaaq and kufr.

The apology rings hollow – absolutely hollow! Be assured that the apology circulated in the name of the  shaitaani jaahil clown was the work of the NNB molvis  who swiftly issued their statement , not  for the fear of Allah Ta’ala and not because they  were irked by the filthy  utterances of the  kaafir clown. They issued their statement to save themselves from being crucified by the Muslim public.

Even laymen who were present At the zina conference were appalled by the immoral remarks which the kaafir clown directed to Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and the Sahaabah. The apology is devoid of sincerity and regret. It should be remembered that the utterances of stark kufr of the clown were not slips of the tongue. They were not effects of his jahaalat.  The filth he hurled against Nabi-e-Kareem (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam), Hadhrat Aishah (Radhiyallahu anha) and Hadhrat Abu Hurairah (Radhiyallahu anhu) were premeditated ideas of kufr which the clown uttered by design, not by utterances on the spur of the moment without thinking of the consequences.

It is clear from this miserable clown’s devilish acquittal that he entertains hatred for Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said|:

“Whoever loves my Sahaabah do so because of my love, and whoever hates my Sahaabah, do so because of hatred for me.”

Only a Shiah is capable of vilifying the Sahaabah. What the clown had uttered was always in his heart.

The ‘apology’ is silent regarding renewal of the clown’s Imaan, if ever he was a Muslim, and re-performance of his nikah. The statement issued in desperation by the four juhhaal, zindeeq molvis is likewise silent about Taubah, Tajdeed-e-Imaan and Tajdeed-e-Nikah. Taubah is not valid as long as Imaan is not renewed. These molvis have a greater burden of kufr on their heads than even the clown. They have invited the clown to their haraam conference. They gave him the platform from whence to blare like a donkey his filth and kufr. These molvis are among the greatest mujrimeen (criminals) for halaalizing a litany of haraam activities which were all integral to the zina function. Their attempt to pass the buck to the organizers and dissociating from the clown do not exonerate them from the slander and mockery which the clown had hurled at Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and his noble Sahaabah.

It is inconceivable that the clown had realized his kufr a couple of minutes after having outpoured his venom. What he had uttered is deeply embedded in his kufr heart.  Pressure by the panicking molvis and the unexpected reaction of horror from the Muslim community compelled the ‘apology’. Indeed, the apology of the clown comes fully within the scope of the Qur’aanic aayat:

“Say (O Muhammad to the Munaafiqeen): ‘Mock (as you desire)! Verily, Allah will expose that (kufr and nifaaq of your hearts) which you fear (to be exposed).’

And, if you ask them, they will most certainly say: ‘We were only joking and playing.’ Say (to them): ‘What! Were you mocking at Allah, His Aayaat and His Rasool? Do not present excuses for verily you have committed kufr after (having accepted) Imaan’.”  (At-Taubah Aayats 65 and 66)

As far as Muslims and Islam are concerned, the real problem is not the kaafir clown, the primary la’nat is the four molvis (Bham, Ravat, Kharsany and Zahir) who have sold their souls to Iblees for the miserable accruals of the dunya and the nafs. These agents of shaitaan are in the forefront of halaalizing evil activities which Islam has prohibited by Nusoos of absolute certitude. With their pernicious process of halaalizing glaringly haraam acts, their kufr is no longer concealed. Salaat behind them is not valid.

Why have they been so swift to issue their hollow, insincere statement of dissociation from the clown when they are satanically silent regarding the deluge of other haraam which was flagrantly and blatantly perpetrated at the devil’s function organized and promoted by these miserable molvis of the NNB jamiat? There is no conundrum underlying their silence and their halaalizing of the haraam acts of music, intermingling of sexes, photography, videoing, etc. Since the masses have become thoroughly desensitized in this regard, accepting these haraam practices to be the norm, the molvis understand that by dancing to the gallery of juhhaal they will not be castigated by them. However, even these juhhaal laymen have as yet not been desensitized regarding the kufr of abusing Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam), hence the four zindeeqs deemed it imperative to hastily issue their hollow statement of dissociation. But Allah Ta’ala is fully aware of what lurks in the innermost recesses of the heart. Therefore, the Qur’aan, informs these scoundrels who pillage and plunder the morals and the Imaan of the masses:

“In fact, man has insight into his heart even though he puts forth excuses.”

Allah and the men of intelligence cannot be duped. Dupe yourself into Jahannam.

29 Shawwaal 1438 (24 July 2017)

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