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Hidden Shi’ism

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Hidden Shi’ism is a category of Nifaaq (Hypocrisy) – such nifaaq which eliminates Imaan. There are some persons whilst professing to be Muslim, harbour within their hearts love for the Shiahs. However, like the munaafiqeen during the time of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam), they conceal their aversion  for  Islam – the Islam of the Ahlus Sunnah.

The sign of their hidden nifaaq – their  pro-Shiah bias – is their quick defence of Shiahs. Whenever the kufr of Shiah doctrines and teachings are  exposed, they are quick to  interpret these kufr doctrines to make them acceptable to unwary and ignorant Muslims. In fact, they blatantly deny the existence of such  flagrant kufr  beliefs of the Shiahs despite a deluge of evidence in the theological books of the Shiah priests affirming these  doctrines of kufr.

Whenever a person argues in favour of Shiahs, know that he is a munaafiq. He conceals his kufr.  He  is totally uncaring of the honour of the Sahaabah whom the Shiahs horrendously assail, but he  portrays a soft spot for  these enemies of the Sahaabah with his covert defence of Shi’ism.



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