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The time of Qur’baani is a time of windfall for some unscrupulous BOGUS ‘qur’baani’ operators. These scoundrels net large sums of haraam boodle from stupid members of the community who entrust their Qur’baani  obligations to these villains solely on the basis of the expensive, glossy posters and pamphlets in which they proffer deceptive scenarios pertaining to their bogus ‘qur’baani’ rackets.

It is indeed the height of irresponsibility to entrust your Qur’baani obligation to someone merely on the basis of an advert. If you are not personally aware of the vendor nor is there independent confirmation from a responsible entity as to the bona fides of the persons appealing for Qur’baani orders, do not be so stupid as to entrust your money and obligation to the scoundrels.

Most people who entrust their Qur’baani money to strangers and to faceless collectors whose whereabouts are in some murky limbo, do so because of the cheap price quoted by these dishonest bogus characters. There is no transparency in their ‘qur’baani’ projects. They refuse to answer straightforward questions, and they are extremely averse to others joining them. They are like SANHA and the MJC who are averse and fearful of inspections by independent people – those not connected to the carrion industry. They have too much rot to conceal, hence the secrecy underlying their bogus ‘qur’baani’ operations.

Question: SANZAF has its own Qur’baani project in Mozambique. I intend to go to Mozambique to see their project. However, they discouraged me by saying that the travelling cost to Mozambique is about R40,000. Does it cost so much to travel just to Mozambique? Please comment.

Answer: Ask any travel agents and you will discover that it does not cost R40,000 to travel to Mozambique. This claim of R40,000 is false. There is a need for independent people to go to Mozambique to inspect SANZAF’s qurbaani project, and also the project of another entity called ‘Gift of the Needy’.

28 Zil Qa’dh 1438 (21 August 2017)


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