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The Majlis Volume 24 Number 05

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Volume 24 Number 05


To become a Shaheed (attaining martyrdom) is within the grasp and volition of every Muslim, male and female. Every night recite Surah Mulk, sleep with Wudhu, and with Allah’s Name on your tongue. Insha-Allah, you will attain the rank of a Shaheed.

Q & A

Q.  Is it permissible to breed and sell dogs?

A.  It is not permissible for Muslims to breed and sell dogs. The Angels flee from dogs while the shayaateen are attracted to dogs.

Q. If a deceased woman has only two mahram males, can her brother-in-law enter the grave to assist with her burial?

A. If there are not sufficient mahrams to assist, then any man may enter the Qabr to assist with the burial.

Q. I have saved up a considerable amount of money for my child of 5 years. Is Zakaat payable on this money?

A. Zakaat is not payable on the wealth of a nabaligh (minor).



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