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In India, the Land of Idol-Worship, the Land of 33 million gods, the kuffaar Hindu court has assumed the task of interpreting Islamic Law. As is the case in South Africa, groups of Murtad women supported by zindeeqs and murtad males masquerading as Muslims, are clamouring for the repeal or cancellation of the Laws of the Shariah which the legislated Muslim Personal Law had intended to uphold in India. The Ulama in India who had advocated MPL were not kufr-mongers such as the molvis and sheikhs of BOGUS ‘uucsa’ and the NNB jamiat of Fordsburg, but they were short-sighted, being unable to understand and foresee the danger to the Shariah  by the kuffaar courts which have an aversion for Islam. The objective of the kuffaar courts is to bring the Shariah into subservience of the kufr spirit of the country’s constitution. 

Despite MPL, the Hindu courts deem it appropriate to interpret and misinterpret the Shariah in favour of the kufr demands of the Murtaddeen and to bring the Shariah into submission of the kufr precept of ‘equality of sexes’. The supreme court of the Hindu Idolaters has very recently abolished the validity of THREE Talaaqs. Although it is a major sin for a man to issue three talaaqs in one session, the Talaaqs are VALID, and the Nikah is irrevocably terminated. Thus, regardless of what the Idolaters decree, and regardless of the acceptance of  such decrees of kufr by the murtaddeen and munaafiqeen, the NIKAH WILL REMAIN TERMINATED AND NO MUSLIM MAN WHO BELIEVES IN ALLAH AND THE LAST DAY WILL EVER MARRY A ZAANIYAH / MURTADDAH WHO BELIEVES THAT SHE IS VALIDLY DIVORCED BY VIRTUE OF THE DECREE OF THE COW-WORSHIPPERS.


News Agencies report on the Hindu court’s ruling as follows:


Many Muslim women in India had called for an end to the 'triple talaq' instant divorce law [Amit Dave/Reuters]

India's Supreme Court on Tuesday blocked the use of a Muslim divorce law until the government frames new legislation, a partial victory for Muslim women who had long argued that the rule violated their right to equality.

Three out of the five judges on the constitution bench ruled against the "triple talaq" law, which allowed Muslim men to divorce their wives simply by uttering the word "talaq" three times.

The judges said the law violated Article 14 and 21 of the Constitution of India, which is related to equality, and protection of life and personal liberty respectively.

"This is a sensitive case where sentiments are involved. We are directing the Union of India to consider appropriate legislation in this regard," Justice J.S. Khehar said while announcing a six-month suspension on the practice of the divorce law.

Triple talaq was already ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in a number of cases, including in February 2015.

Muslims in India, who make up the largest religious minority in the country, are governed by the Muslim Personal Law. The legislation is not codified, which means it is open to interpretation by local clergy.

India's Muslim Law Board had told the court that while they considered the practice wrong they opposed any court intervention and asked that the matter be left to the community to tackle.

But several progressive Muslim activists have decried the law board's position. (They are the likes of BOGUS uucsa, the NNB jamiat and the MJC –The Majlis)

The current government supports an end to the practice and Prime Minister NarendraModi has said in many public addresses that the practice oppresses Muslim women and needs to be ended.

Source: Al Jazeera and news agencies


This is precisely what BOGUS ‘uucsa’, NNB jamiat of Fordsburg, the MJC and others of this kufr ilk are clamouring for with their support for MMB (the so-called Muslim Marrigaes Bill). It matters not how much cunning this evil clique employs to conceal their true kufr colours, the High Court in Pretoria has testified to the agenda of BOGUS ‘uucsa’. Thus in its judgment in the case between BOGUS UUCSA (The Applicant) and GENUINE UUCSA (the Defendent), the Judge   commented:


“This grouping (i.e. BOGUS ‘uucsa’) took the view that the time was propitious to advocate for the adaptation of certain aspects of Islamic secular tradition by secular legislation. This would inevitably mean that secular constitutional outcomes would prevail in certain spheres over those outcomes which had previously been produced.” (Words in brackets, ours)

This is the licence which BOGUS ‘uucsa’ had with the MMB all along offered to the government – the licence to interpret the Qur’aan and the Sunnah to render Allah’s Law subservient to the kufr constitution. We and all other organizations and persons who had been vigorously opposing MMB and the MMB proponents, had for years informed the Ummah of what the  judge has understood from the documents submitted by the shayaateenul ins of BOGUS ‘uucsa’. We had for years proclaimed loudly and unambiguously from the rooftops that the BOGUS molvies who are in fact devils, are out to undermine the Shariah and to make it a handmaid of kufr law. Our proclamation has, Alhamdulillah, been confirmed by the very kuffaar court to which BOGUS ‘uucsa’ had scurried in the haraam attempt to stifle and extinguish the Haqq of Allah’s Shariah. Thus, from the Islamic perspective, the court’s ruling has rendered, quite unexpectedly, adequate and poetical justice which has damned the shayaateen of BOGUS ‘uucsa’.


The Court found that GENUINE UUCSA (the Respondent) who was dragged to the kuffaar court by the illegitimate NNB jamiat, shayaateenul ins, is irreconcilably opposed to any change being effected to the Shariah. Thus, the judge said:

“The first respondent’s (i.e. GENUINE UUCSA’s) position, as it appears from the papers, is that certain principles of Islamic family law, are irreconcilably at variance with South African secular constitutional principles. It would be an abomination........for Muslims to advocate that a secular statute subordinate those Islamic principles to the secular law.”


This is the pivot of the conflict between us and the shayaateen of the NNB jamiat who have set up the BOGUS ‘uucsa’ with the sole objective of changing the Shariah in the name of the deen. They never dreamt that the opposition of the Muslim community would be so fierce as the Ummah has witnessed.

The BOGUS characters have not achieved their objective from the court’s ruling which ostensibly appears a ‘win’ for them, but which in terms of the Shariah is a decisive defeat. Their evil and pernicious plot for undermining the Shariah and subordinating the Qur’aan to the kufr constitution has been conspicuously illustrated by the court.



BOGUS ‘UUCSA’ which is  begging the kuffaar court for recognition, the NNB jamiat and MJC are in support of the kuffaar courts mangling and mutilating Allah’s Shariah with  their  kufr interpretation to bring Islam into submission  to the  kufr constitution of the country.

6 Zil Hajj 1438 (28 August 2017)


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