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Several concerned Brothers have written to query the Shariah’s ruling on the proposed construction of an astro turf at Empangeni in Natal. The satanic sports field with all its haraam paraphernalia will be on the Waqf land of the Musjid.  Some ulama-e-soo’ – agents of Iblees – are spearheading this moral and spiritual disaster. Haraam sporting facilities will be constructed for even women. The cost of this project of Iblees will be approximately R500,000.

Insha-Allah, a detailed article shall soon be published on the evil of this shaitaani project. It is essential to understand that:

1) This project is Haraam.

2) It is haraam to contribute money for this shaitaani project or to participate in it in any way whatsoever.

3) Any person who intends to contribute for Satanism, should reflect on the plight of the suffering Syrian Muslim refugees and on the Rohingya Muslims. How is it possible for a Muslim with healthy Imaan to throw the Ni’mat of wealth down the shaitaani sewerage drain for constructing kuffaar sports facilities for even Muslim women when Muslims by the million are languishing in grinding poverty and squalor? If you have money for wasting on shaitaan, reflect on Maut, the Qabr and the Hisaab on Qiyaamah.

Contribute to those who are involved in alleviating the plight of the suffering Muslims who have been displaced brutally from their homes.


Question: Is it permissible to investment in Amaanah Holdings which is a Durban-based company dealing in property?


We have received several queries on Amaanah Holdings. Considerable information on the operation of this company has been provided. Insha-Allah, we shall soon publish a detailed article on this issue.

The Ruling of the Shariah is clear regarding Amaanah Holdings: It is not permissible to invest with this company. Its dealings are haraam. The dividends paid are contaminated with haraam and are in the category of Riba.

16 Muharram 1439 (7 October 2017)


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