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We live in societies such as South Africa, UK, Canada etc. where secularism's blighted and alienated the Imaani and Islamic thought process to such an extent that haq's either rejected or countered with "rational" secularist arguments.

There are a number of examples listed below:

(A) "Muslim" females attend university because it's considered a necessity in this day & age.

In the age of purity, Sahabiyyah were discouraged from attending Fardh Salah in the Masjid, but today sending one's daughter to a den of vice to be ogled at is considered a necessity. It's as if the Qur'anic injunction of "remain in your homes" is considered outdated and inapplicable.

To compound the issue Muftis invoke the principle of dharoorah (necessity) which every Tom, Dick & Harry then applies subjectively to suit their circumstances.

Without resort to fiqh, a layman should be able to comprehend that if the Nabi was alive today, he would never send his daughter Fatima Radiallahu Anha to the den of vice known as university.

Modesty is no longer part of the moral compass and therefore even Molvis, who are meant to be the upholders of the tenets of faith, succumb by sending their daughters to university.

Little do people understand that sustenance is from the Almighty. If women were to preserve their honour and fulfil the command of "remain in your homes", then Allah would see to their needs in the same way as he did with Sahabah in the Ambar Expedition. It's not the case, na'oodhoobillah, that Allah's powers have deteriorated with the lapse of time and that if we rigidly adhere to his commands he will cease sustaining us. This is to have ill-expectations of the creator.

When the value of Imaan is worth less than  a degree, we see Muslim girls attending university and, apparently, their attendance is accorded permissibility because they are donning hijab. They think hijab is a licence to drive, go to university and mingle with the opposite sex; yet they do not see the irony of their actions.

(B) Another example is engagements. In Shari'ah there is only the simple concept of nikah, yet in emulation of the kuffar, Muslims undertake engagements, which is a licence for zina.

The repercussions of this, in many instances, are seen in this life. Some rishtas break up before the nikah or within a few months or years of the nikah.

Then tears are shed and no contemplation is given as to the root cause of the break up. Instead families slandering each other becomes the order of the day.

Today very few people take in to account the Hadith which states that when the match for a solitary women is found, her marriage should take place without delay to preclude trials, tribulations and fitnas arising.

Instead families need to meet to set a wedding date, hire a hall & prepare for an extravaganza, where the girl is shamelessly paraded for all to stare at. The simplicity of the Prophet's daughters marriage is considered a historical fact that no longer serves an example for "modern society."

A walima is considered only a walima if a hall is involved. If the boy's side feed a few people in their home, which is closest to the simplicity of the Sunnah, then people regard this as parsimony.

On these occasions people fear the people and not the Almighty and hence they feel obliged to spend outrageously on a wedding, whilst Muslims all over the world suffer.

People fear alienation of society if they don't comply with what society wants from them. Little do they realise that the fear in the hereafter is much greater and that alienation in this day and age is actually a blessing.

(C) Free mixing between families takes place as if the religious command of staying away from all zina no longer applies.

Family functions violate the fundamental rule of segregation. This is justified on the basis that "we are family" and "she is like my sister."

The irony of this is that same woman he regarded as his sister ends up being his mistress in many instances.

And even if she doesn't, it does not mean the Command of Allah can be broken.

People consider themselves immune from their ravenous desires, or rather, they obtain a cheap thrill from seeing the shape of a woman.

In my family, brother in laws and sister in laws sit together and socialise, & then hypocritically discuss intricate Deeni issues without realising that due to their violation of Shari'ah, their discussion constitutes sin & not reward.

Their brains are flummoxed, yet they know it not.

(D) The inferiority complex of the Muslim today has reached such decadence that most Muslims will go to work hurting the Prophet by shaving their face and wearing their trousers below their ankles.

Even if a Muslim is unaware of the juristic ruling on keeping a beard and wearing his trousers above the ankles, the compulsory nature of such actions should be obvious by reference to the lives of Sahabah & the Prophet.

Today Muslims think, na'oodhoobillah, that Allah is not in control of the hearts of the kuffar employer. They will therefore turn up to work emulating the kuffar and hoping to die as Muslims. Little do they understand the Hadith that the way you live is the way you will die.

Today, these so called intellectuals argue that it's what's in the heart that matters. They do not realise the outward cannot contain what is manifested in the inner. This is why the Sahabi, who had just entered the fold of Islam, proclaimed his Shahadah in the midst of the disbelievers, knowing full well he would be beaten mercilessly.

(E) Nowadays nobody bats an eyelid at females going to work. It's more common than women going to university. Here again, the principle of dharoorah is falsely invoked so that a comfortable lifestyle can be funded.

If there was reliance on Allah, the husband would never permit his wife to work. The couple would live within their means, the marriage would be happy/ prosperous and the wife would be at home undertaking the tarbiyah of the children producing Shaykhs rather than Shaytaans.

Suffice to say, we live in a day and age where Muslims' cannot see the wood from the trees. Even if one tries to explain to them the haq, it appears that their hearts are sealed and therefore they are unable to comprehend the explanation or they flatly reject it, which in many cases leads to kufr.

20 Muharram 1439 (11 October 2017)

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