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A Brother lamenting the errors, plight and state of the Tabligh Jamaat, wrote the following letter which we are reproducing verbatim – word for word. At the end of his letter, we shall state the Ruling of the Shariah pertaining to the forthcoming Raiwand Ijtima’. Our detailed response shall, Insha-Allah, follow in a separate article.


Thursday 5 Safar 1439  26 October 2017

Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu

Muhtarram Moulana Saheb

Tabligh Jamaat: The forthcoming Raiwind Ijtema of the New World Shoora and whether it is permissible to attend Raiwind Markaz

The truth proclaimed by an independent person free from want or dependence on mankind is feared most by those who rule over the masses with corrupt beliefs. Their aim is to cause corruption on earth. Their strategy is to cause fear in the masses so as to divide, conquer and rule. No less poisonous than the implementation of their baatil and false beliefs on the earth is the wink of acceptance and silence by the Ulema. Those who are referred to by Almighty Allah as dumb shaytaans. They are the  invisible right hand of those who spread mischief and corruption on the earth. From amongst those who are the most corrupt Rasulula sallaalahu aliahi wa sallam is reported to have said are the Aimma Mudhileen (Ulema e soo/ evil Ulema). He warned us to be more afraid of them than of  Dajjal. He ordered us to name them so that the ummat be saved from them. And never to join with them as Almighty Allah warns us in the Quran to not even tilt your head towards the oppressors (in support) lest you be with them in the fire of jahannum.


The Raiwind Annual Ijtema shall be taking place shortly, November 2017 under the organization of the New World Shoora members. Tariq Jameel and Molvi Ahmed Laat as well as Farouk Banaglaore shall be some of the main speakers.


The Majlis has previously published that it is not permissible to sit and attend the bayans of Tariq Jameel due to his many open sins and beliefs outside the ahlus sunna wa jamaat


As this Ijtema is imminent and people may be embarking on this trip to Raiwind or encouraging others to attend the fatwa and advices of Muhtarram Moulana Saab is urgently sought whether it is permissible to attend the forthcoming Ijtema at Raiwind Markaz.


Below are a few quotes taken from previous Majlis articles regarding Tariq Jameel

Tariq Jameel whom the Tablighi Jamaat (New World Shoora- writer)) is honouring and promoting in conflict of Rasulullah's warning:  "He who honours a man of bid'ah aids in the demolition of Islam.", and, "When a faasiq is praised (and honoured), the Arsh (of Allah) shudders,", has drifted exceedingly far from Siraatul Mustaqeem. His dalliance with Shiahs, his praise and defence of the deviate Maududi, his criticism of the Akaabir Ulama-e-Haq, and his public indulgence in stunts abhorrent to Islam, have rendered him a faasiq. The Tabligh Jamaat elders are in grievous error for giving him the platform to address Muslims.


Tariq Jameel statement: "Badr and Khandaq cannot become proof for Qitaal for nowadays. Our example is not found even in Seeratun Nabi rather our example is of Bani Israil .Fir’aun slaughtered children in front of a great Nabi like Musa,, but he (Nabi Musaa) did not resport to Qitaal” end of quote.

Reply of  Mufti Zarwali of Madrasah Ahsanul Uloom in Katachi .Such views are dangerous. Nowadays Tariq Jameel expresses such views.These are very inappropriate views. I’m afraid of his Imaan being stripped.>Date:20 December 2013.Time:52:58 - 53:28 minutes


In another article of The Majlis regarding Tariq Jameel the Ummat is warned:

Muslims should beware of this fake ‘muballigh’. He is a threat for Imaan. He is a halaalizer of haraam. With his forked tongue he seeks to deviate people to take the path of Jahannam. It is not permissible to listen to his lectures. His speeches are ‘zukhruful qaul’ (satanically adorned speech) according to the Qur’aan Majeed.



1. The Majlis has already stated that it is not permissible to listen to the talks of Tariq Jameel. Tariq Jameel has nevertheless been appointed a Fasal or Deputy Leader of the New World Shoora. The Deputy Secretary of this New World Shoora is a South African local leader of this work, Abdus Sammad Chohaan. Many so called senior Ulema here in South Africa like Ebrahim Salejee (Mufti) who supports the New World Shoora and its leaders, other Salejee Ulema of Isipingo Beach involved in the work and the Ulema from the markaz of KZN Suleiman Khatani and the markaz of Gauteng Mufti Bhoola and Moulvi Nazeer are silent on this issue of Tariq Jameel, Ahmed Laat and other open sinners who they take as leaders and promote to their followers.  These local Ulema and their followers are actively inviting Muslims to go to Raiwind in the next few days. They have been traveling around the country doing this. Molvi Suleiman Khatani a well-known, effective and influential orator in the style of Tariq Jameel is known for a long time to listen to the bayaans of the Mudhil Tariq Jameel and use his bayaans or parts thereof for his own bayaans. (Whilst The Majlis has warned us that it is impermissible to listen to his lectures and that his speeches are Zukhruful qauol ) The Ulema here are even stating that they and this World Shoora are on Haq! Meaning people like Tariq Jameel a senior member of their World Shoora  are on haq.


Muhtarram Moulana Saheb the people in South Africa want to know if the following as listed below which World Shoora leaders are involved in is the haq which their Ulema, leaders and followers are going around proclaiming?


TV photography., democracy, stopping Muslims who are out in the path of Allah from staying in Houses of Allah honoring faasiqoon friends and their co -leaders  By Allah I swear their Ulema here in South Africa as well as their leaders like A S Chohan  are stating that they are on Haq whilst knowing that their fellow companions, friends and leaders are involved in all these open sins. Is this not playing with the Deen of Allah?

Is this not deceiving the Muslims of South Africa?  To call all these sins HAQ?!! They are trapping and misleading many here in South Africa as a result causing much harm, confusion and disunity in the community. The fact that Ebrahim Salejee (Mufti) is in total support of the World Shoora and was instrumental in implanting them at the local markaz in KZN whilst expelling the other members from Nizaamudeen has led many thousands in KZN to follow blindly his support of this World Shoora.


2. Tariq Jameel sits with the Shoora of Raiwind Markaz in decision making. Decisions supposedly for the hidayat of mankind all over the world. Muhtarram Moulana Saab has already mentioned that it is not permissible to sit in his bayaans.

Tariq Jameel’s actions

Tahleelul Haraam, (quoted form an article of The Majlis regarding Ebrahim Bham whom the Majlis has labelled a murtad ) i.e. making halaal what Allah Ta’ala has made haraam is KUFR – Kufr which expels the halaalizer from the fold of Islam. The chap has not been branded ‘reverend abraham’ for no solid and valid reason. This reverend is the worst mudhil (a deviant who leads Muslims astray)with whom the Muslim community of South Africa has been cursed.


Just as the Majlis has published its stance on the kufr of Reverend Abraham Bham has halaalized – made ‘halaal’ – a litany of Haraam acts,  see below the actions of  Tariq Jameel and what he makes halaal:

  • Worshipping in a Shia musjid
  • Pictures of animate objects
  • Appearing on television (Tariq Jameel indulges in this sin to a much larger degree than Ebrahim Bham. He has his own TV slot or serial like a serial sinner, openly sining in public with females as his audience and women as his interviewers in the name of Islamic programs)
  • Intermingling of sexes
  • Prohibitions of Hijaab
  • Music, videoing, mixed gathering of men and women, being interviewed on tv regarding Deen by a woman who is also uncovered
  • Supporting and promoting  clear-cut kufr ideologies of Shias and Moudoodi
  • Tv and photography from theMarkaz of Raiwind (from the stage itself)
  • speaking with enthusiasm about his past sins with tv stars, when we have been commanded not to do so
  • Preferring democracy and majority vote over the rule and system of Allah
  • Tariq Jameel believes that Shias of the type who insult the wives and companions of Rasulula sallalahu alaihi wa sallam are not kaafir
  • Attempting to change the Deen which was perfected and completed by Rasulullah sallalahu alaihi wa sallam by stating that our example is not found in Seeratun Nabi rather our example is of Bani Israil (astagfirulla)
  • Attempting to change the laws of Allah by negating Qitaal


Tariq Jameel upon meeting a movie star made light and laughed about his own past sins in public in his own words which appeared in an article of the Majlis reproduced below"

As soon as I sat down, I started speaking about films. (If  this bootlicking moilvi had to visit a prostitute, the first thing he would have done would have been indulgence in zina, for such indulgence finds room in his concept of deceptive ‘tableegh’. – The Majlis) After sometime I felt that from 1960 to 1972,  he didn’t know the film industry as much as I knew. (He testifies to his own fisq and fujoor. – The Majlis) So he was awed by my knowledge. (Knowledge of  fisq, fujoor and Satanism – The Majlis) It was the knowledge of his profession. He was amazed and tense. Sometimes Dilip Kumar was mentioned, sometimes Raj Kapoor, sometimes Mehboob saheb,  and sometimes Madan Mohan

Regarding Ebrahim Bham and actions very similar and in many instances the same as above The Majis states: A person who has destroyed his Imaan by halaalizing so many sinful activities is not a Muslim. He has adopted the path of irtidaad. For this reason SALAAT IS NOT VALID BEHIND REVEREND ABRAHAM BHAM.

What then is the status of Tariq Jameel and Ahmed Laat who now also openly and shamelessly appears on TV?  And the position in Islam of those who appoint these faasiqoon and the position of the masses who follow and take them as their leaders? And of those locally here who revere and honor these faasiqoon and call others to them? And of the foot soldiers who are going door to door here inviting to this very Markaz headquarters of Raiwind where the likes of Mudhil Tariq Jameel , Ahmed Laat, Farouk Bangalore are waiting to infuse them with their version of Islam?


2. Another key speaker at the forthcoming Raiwind Ijtema and at World Shoora Ijtemas all over the world is another World Shoora Executive member and open faasiq. is Molvi Ahmed Laat  who openly appears on tv and you tube and allows himself to be photographed eg Appears on Youtube at train station with many cameras in his face giving an interview; Appears on TV sitting with Arabs and likewise more instances can be found


Like Tariq Jameel has Ahmed Laat  also not committed the sin of Tahleelul Haraam, i.e. making halaal what Allah Ta’ala has made haraam (which the Majlis has previously stated is kufr) ? Attempting to change the Deen of Allah by making halal that which is haraam.  Yet they both are being honored and revered by the Ulema in this country by followers of the New World Shoora. Never mind that Almighty Allah is displeased with these two Mudhil Molvis they still follow them rather than being concerned with the anger and displeasure of Almighty Allah.


3. World Shoora member Farouk Bangalore has uttered a statement of kufr. Darul Uloom Nadwa has published a fatwa of kufr against. They sent their fatwa together wth proof of his utterances to Darul Uloom Deoband for their view.  Until today Darul Uloom Deoband remains silent neither refuting, answering or opposing the fatwa. When the hadeeth states words to this effect: He who remains silent when the truth is being trampled is a dumb shayataan. See letter of Darul Uloom Nadwa attached below.


4. One World Shoora senior member who shall be speaking at the Raiwind Ijtema and likewise is a key speaker at many Ijtemas has a long history of  fornicating and committing acts of homosexuality and sodomy in the Houses of Almighty Allah whilst in the path of Allah. Notwithstanding that he is at an advanced age, it does not preclude him from indulging in these evil acts of which he has been caught out and in some countries charges were to be laid but hushed up by other senior members of the Tabligh group.  The elders of the New World Shoora know about his actions. He has done this in many continents of the world.  He has committed and attempted to commit zina or sodomy with young baalig males on Musjid land inside the House of Allah (though outside of the Musjid area) in many parts of the world. Proof is available. A recording of his confession is also available. Two from many such known incidents of his sodomy/ fornication occurred in South Africa.

The New World Shoora elders are aware of this but still give this person honor, give him main bayans at worldwide Ijtemas, and have made him a Hadhrat and New World Shoora member. When confronted by one father of a young male whom the (fake) hadhrat committed this evil sin on he confessed and admitted it. On his admission alone he would have been publicly shamed, named and punished in an Islamic era and country. It is highly unlikely after this public naming and flogging that he would have been made a leader, and World Shoora member.


Should Muslims be sitting in his bayaans and honoring him? He shall be a speaker at the Raiwind Ijtema next month.


5. Honoring faasiqoon and causing the Arsh of Allah to shake.The elders and followers of the World Shoora group are honoring open sinners like those mentioned above. They are breaking the laws of Almighty Allah  as well as influencing their followers to respect and honor these open sinners. Whilst these speakers shall be giving their bayaans at the forthcoming Raiwind Ijtema the Arsh off Allah shall be shaking.  Should the followers from South Africa be going to attend this Ijtema that is going to be filled with these type of faasiqoon speakers and with elders who appoint them? Should the South African Muslims and the ummat be sitting in a lecture where the Arsh of Almighty is shaking and Allah is angry with that gathering?


6. Tv, videoing and photography of faces is being done at the Raiwind Markaz and from the stage whilst bayaans and the Ijtema are going on. This is being done with their leaders  or elders knowledge and consent. This will draw the anger and adhaab of Allah at the Ijtema. Should South African Muslims or mMuslims in the entire world be attending this Ijtema given that photography and videoing is taking place from the mimbar. There is adequate proof of this having been done at previous raiwind Ijtemas, With their faasiqoon going to be delivering lectures and who appear openly on TV, it is most unlikely that this time there will be no photography and tv shows made of the Ijtema and put on youtube for sinful entertainment.


Are the New World Shoora elders who are running the Raiwind Ijtema not guilty of deceiving the masses, their followers? Of putting the masses into mass group sin? Are they not guilty of promoting an honoring faasiqoon and allowing them to spread baatil ideologies? Are they not guilty of inviting towards haraam, with tv etc being propagated from the markaz?  A new recruit will come back brainwashed that this is sharia, this is haq as they claim, and that tv and photos etc are permissible. That Tariq Jameel, Ahmed Laat etc are the best leaders who they shall mimic and try to follow. And meanwhile door to door the foot soldiers in South Africa are going around weekly inviting to the ultimate tashkeel of 4 months in the path of Allah (astagfirullah) to go to Raiwind and come back with a new deviated form of Islam. This weekly in and out ghusht of theirs is never without the 4 months tashkeel which includes going to Raiwind as part of that 4 month learning of ’new’ Islam taught by the “new” World Shoora.


The most shocking aspect of all this is that the Muslim leaders in this country like Ebrahim Salejee, Sulelman Khatani, senior Salejee Ulema from Isiaping Beach, Ulema from Gauteng Bhoola Mufti) Molvi Nazeer , all these senior Ulema are inviting to this haraam that is going on in Raiwind. They say that this World Shoora is on Haq!


This by Allah is a very very serious state of affairs if we had to measure the Deen in our country. Allah save and guide us. These Ulema should hang their heads in shame and openly repent. The whole lot of them and more nit mentioned here, for misleading the Ummat. They should do so before they are suddenly snatched by Allah and will be given a  most severe reckoning for having duped and deceived the Muslims of South Africa.


7. Israaf Are the workers not indulging in Israaf (wastage of the wealth, health and time that Almighty. Allah has bestowed the Umma with) by wasting thousands of rands and wastage of time by going to the Raiwind Ijtema and sitting in the bayaans of the faasiqoon whilst being filmed for the tv and youtube entertainment?


There are many other sins that the New World Shoora are presently committing including promoting democracy, deceiving, speaking lies, oppression, stopping Muslims form the path of Allah and from the Houses of Allah etc,. However the purpose of this letter is to enquire whether Muslims are permitted to go to the Rawiind Ijtema given the facts highlighted in this letter.


Rasulula slallahu alaihi wa sallam is reported to have said that we shall be in the next world with whom we love and be with in this world. If the followers of the New World Shooraa are going to honor and revere such faasiqoon, play their cds and bayaans in their homes and cars, and encouraging others to go to Raiwind and listen to the faasiqoon, then will not the followers be with these faasiqoon in the next world? These new recruits will return home  and influence their wives and children to love people like Tariq Jameel and Ahmed Laat and sodomists and fornicators as well as elders who honour faasiqoon.

Like the multiplier effect these newly brainwashed recruits or foot soldiers shall  be guilty of then going door to door and calling here locally,  inviting further recruits for the next  Raiwind Ijtema where faasiqqon are to be honored, the sins tv etc will be committed. To say that we should not worry or concern ourselves with leaders whom we follow is a recipe for misguidance. Almighty Allah commands us to stay away from oppressors. To refrain from the company (and bayans ) of open sinners. To never aid them (by sending new recruits to them and by being followers of them). To never assist in their numbers growing so that they can milk the ummat whilst stealing their Deen and Iman at the same time as well.


8.Tashkeel tashkeel or encouraging other Muslims to go for 4 months and to go in this instance specifically to Raiwind is a part of every Bayan that is given in every in and out ghusht and in every Bayan that a jamaat is out in the path of Allah in. They the followers are actively calling towards faasiqoon, towards faajiroon, towards those who commit kufr, towards honoring these kaafir and faasiqoon. They are guilty of corrupting the beliefs and Imaan of new recruits who may be far from Deen and have little Deeni knowledge.

The foot workers are misleading new followers and recruits towards darkness, towards faasiqoon, towards Raiwind, towards believing that all the sins being committed as mentioned above are part of Deen.


This new recruit who may be coming out of  for the first time in his life  will see pictures and videos of Tareeq Jameel plastered on the streets and shops leading to the markaz of raiwind. This new recruit who may not know much of the sharia will most likely think that this is acceptable in Islam.

The new recruit will sit in the bayans and see people go crazy for the evil mudhil Tareeq Jameel and Ahmed. Laat. The new recruit will come back to his home convinced that the deen as shown by Tareeq Jameel, Ahmed Laat and other open sinners is the true way. Leave alone those who may become influenced after going to Raiwind, today with the likes of Molvi Khatani who extracts a lot of his bayans form the bayans of Tareeq Jameel are influenced by such people by listening to their cds



The masses are blinded and cannot or do not wish to see the following:

1. Their elders whom they follow are open sinners, faasiqoon whom Allah takes an oath never to guide (unless they repent)

2, they have stopped people in the path off Allah thus falling onto the category of oppressors whom Allah TaAlla curses in the Quran

3. They are getting sin whilst thinking that they are getting reward.

4. They are going door to door inviting towards sin without even knowing or wanting to accept, which is the result of the most terrible sin, pride.

5. They have fallen into the Abu Talib syndrome or sin. Where many of them are doubting this New World Shoora but cannot leave them, because "what will the people say" Just as Abu Talib who loved and did so much for his beloved nephew the Nabi and Rasool of Allah salllahau alaihi wa sallam. He knew that his nephew was on haq, He knew that Islam was the only accepted Deen by Allah.. But he preferred to pass away in sin as a kaafir disbeliever,  worrying what will the people say. Today we are experiencing the same  syndrome or sin here in South Africa. The followers are blind followers of their hadhrats. And  many Ulema are under the clutches of people like Ebrahim Salejee (Mufti) who has sided with the faasiqoon and remains silent about all the sins this fellow leaders are committing. This is because the Ulema are paid their salaries in many instances through the control of many madressashas under the control of Ebrahim Salejee (Mufti). Hence they silently go with him and majority, who are amongst the faasiqoon. This is sadly the reality we Muslims in South Africa are facing and are afraid of people like Ebrahim Salejee and their ilk to speak out about. A few leading Ulema misleading the Ummat here.


Any person who does speak out about a sin of an Aaalim, a sin that is causing people to go towards jahannum is immediately character assassinated  They protect their buzrooqs and hadhrats at the expense of the laws and sharia of Allah. They fall directly under the ayat Allah mentioned of those christians and jews who took their priests and rabbis as their gods. This is the real jihad of our time, fighting the Uleme soo who are misleading the ummat to hell. And by Allah He WILL assist those who will fight those whom His Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said are from amongst the worst under the canopies of the skies and who should be named so that the ummat be saved from them.


If these Ulema  and their followers were really on haq, they would see the sins of these elders and leaders being committed and openly and happily thank any person who showed them their manifest errors.


9. The Ulema and leaders of the New World Shoora who remain silent, who lead the Ummat towards Aimma Mudhillen and who honor the faasiqoon

Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “He who remains silent about the Haqq is a Dumb Shaitaan.” Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) did not say that he is ‘like’ a dumb shaitaan. Nabi-e-Kareem (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that he is in fact a veritable “DUMB SHAITAAN


The Deputy Secretary of the New World Shoora is a South African Abdul Sammad Chohan who resides in Isipingo Beach KZN, South Africa. He has surrounded himself with Ulema who silently condone all the sins that they are aware of but remain silent. Through their silence and not doing the wajib act of forbidding evil they are complicit in funnelling many unwary and  innocent new Muslim recruits into the hands of the Aimmaa Mudhilleen and to Raiwind Markaz. They are whom Allah refers to as the dumb shaytaans.


On 31st January 2017, A S Chohan issued a letter to the Muslim public.


Of importance in the letter is that A S Chohan stated

"Just as Deen is complete, the work of Daawat is also complete……nothing to add or subtract"

"Our work has always been guided by the Ulama and Mashaaikh from the time of Ml Ilyaas SB (RA)"

“Deen and shariat are above our work. Our work will always be under the shariat. Not above or beyond it. (end of quote)

What is extremely disconcerting is that Abdul Sammad Chohan is well aware of the open sins mentioned above of the Senior World Shoora members who are Ulema and called Hadrats. He is their Deputy Secretary. He states that this work will always be under the shariat. A S Chohan, their Deputy Secretary is blatantly lying. The New World Shoora who he represents are flagrantly and openly breaking the laws of Almighty Allah whilst lying and deceiving the masses at the same time with the aid of the Ulama here in South Africa who are proclaiming that they are on Haq.


"Deen and shariat are above our work. Our work will always be under the shariat."  however they lie in the name of the shariat of Allah

They are allowing tv and photography in the markaz of Raiwind

They are appointing and honoring people like Tariq Jameel, Ahmed Laat and Farouk Bangalore who have all committed many open sins and continue to do so.

They are honoring a confirmed homosexual fornicator and sodmomist who has done these deeds on the properties of the House of Almighty Allah in numerous continents.

They are promoting democracy and majority vote. (This shall be shown in more detail in a separate letter Insha Allah.

They are not only keeping quiet about the sins of those they are honoring but they are spreading falsehood to the Ummat by saying that they are on haq. Can all of this be regarded as Haq?

Is the statement above therefore not totally false, deceptive and misleading to the Ummat?


Their Ulema who they consult with in KZN is presently being led by Ebrahim Salejee (Mufti) and his relatives of the Salejee Ulema from Isipingo Beach and Sueliman Khatani (markaz KZN Imam) who has for long being honouring faasiqoon at the markaz despite being warned and told by many to stop this. . In Gauteng Mufti Bhhola and Molvi Nzaeer (Gauteng Markaz) are all well aware of the open sins of their friends, leaders and companions. Their ameer Dadahbhoy is in fact a very close friend to the fornicator and to Ahmed Laat the TV photography halaalizer. He too is aware of all the wrongs of their leaders. And not only are they remaining quiet as dumb shayateen whilst the Haq is being trampled but they are aiding in deceiving the Ummat by honoring these open sinners. They call towards them, they are inviting the Ummat to go to the Raiwind markaz to listen to them, and they invite these and other faasiqoon to the marakiz here in South Africa.


Whilst the New World Shoora Deputy Secretary AS Chohan boldly pronounces:

"Our work has always been guided by the Ulama and Mashaaikh from the time of Ml Ilyaas SB (RA)”

Which Ulema? Dumb Shayateen who nod and wick silenlty whislt their accomplices are sinning openly?

Which Ulema? Those who transgress the laws of Allah openly?

They choose to be  under the guidance of these Ulama?


10. Consuming of Haraam food

If any person shall be going out for jamaat for 4 months and to Raiwind the place they leave from is either the markaz of Durban Musjid Hilaal (where faasiqoon are honoured) or the Johannesburg Markaz. In both these marakiz it has been confirmed that they knowingly and willingly feed those in the path of Almighty Allah stunned meat. Food which the Ulema e Haq have repeatedly stated is haraam.  Bhoola (Mufti) their leader of the Markaz Johannesburg when confronted with this  feeding the guests of Allah with haraam food a few years ago, brushed it off and said there is nothing wrong with this stunned meat. So if a person shall be going  to the raiwind Ijtema shortly they will first be nourished with this haraam meat before setting off on their journey. Please correct me if I am wrong, but have they not consumed haraam food? And at the least such impure food and such food that has been reared under oppression that the effects of oppression will render their duas and ibadat ineffective? Or does this filthy impure food  prepare them for what awaits them in Raiwind…the lectures of the faasiqoon with the tv and other cameras waiting to film their next “Islamic” movie.


And their Ulema (and followers) claim that they are on Haq!!


11. These are the Ulema and leaders in this work in South Africa who are encouraging the Muslims to go to Raiwind.


An extremely serious matter is that their elders state that the Usool or guideline in the work of Tabligh is that a person should go out in the path of Almighty Allah with their OWN  money. They state that the world’s problems and the problems of the Ummat in particular is one of incorrect yaqeen or conviction. In looking at the creation instead of the Creator. In maal or things instead of amaal or actions. This is indeed very inspiring to hear. So you imagine the leaders will be the epitome of what they guide the new recruits about.


They  preach further that one day in the path of Allah with one’s own wealth is better than a year in the path of Allah with the wealth of others.


Alas it has been exposed recently that the vast majority of these New World Shoora elders and here in South Africa in particular live off the dole or charity of others. The Deputy Secretary of the World Shoora as well. They go out in the path off Allah with the money and charity of others, in conflict of what they preach to their mass followers. One of their most senior members in this country even lives off charity and begging whilst at home and not in the path of Allah. This he has been doing for the past 50 years. He has no shame to ask of people. How can they state the guideline is to go out with one’s own wealth whist they seek sponsors to live at home and travel in the path of Allah. Not forgetting that they always make sure that they always expect the best of accommodation and food wherever and whenever they travel and at the Ijtemas.  Whilst those poor souls who had been moved by their orator’s bayaans, those poor souls who pay to go out in the path of Allah with their own funds live a discriminatory life whilst out in the path of Allah or at the Ijtemas. In rain sodden tents, doing car duty, climbing mountains and living a much harder life in the path of Allah. Whilst their leaders goad them on there is much reward for what you are doing. Is this not  hypocrisy? Is this the Islam of Our beloved Rasulullah Sallallahu alayh wa sallam?!  And they claim that they are on Haq?!


To the extent that even the Ijtema in KZN is annually run by two people who collect funds (secretly and very discreetly)  never giving an account to the public of how much money came in and what is left. One of these two people is the same elder  leader who begs from others for his provision and sustenance. Yet the Tabligh group members of their World Shoora state that one of the reasons of going in the path of Allah is to correct our incorrect YAQEEN . And to put our reliance totally on our  Creator.  Is this not  hypocritical  to say from these elders? When will the leaders yaqeen ever be corrected if they live of sponging and asking from the creation?


Similarly there are others who have been made deputies or fasals in KZN and Gauteng who are living off the charity of others by  stretching  out their hands to do this work. Whilst these deputies and fasals give weekly hidayat lectures stating that one should correct their yaqeen! And turn to Allah the Creator instead of the creation whom these fasals instead look to. There is much proof of many of these instances, with names that could be mentioned. Such hypocrisy and mass deception of the Ummat!


The Ulema in South Africa, the World Shoora elders and leaders are making friends with people who are openly sinning. And honoring them. Leading the Muslim ummat towards them. To their bayaans and Ijtemas.  People like Molvi Laat, Tariq Jameel and others. These faasiqoon who are opposing Allah and trying to change the Deen of Allah.


Whilst Almighty Allah says


Allah TaAlla says (interpretation of the meaning): “You will not find any people who believe in Allaah and the Last Day, making friendship with those who oppose Allaah and His Messenger…” [al-Mujaadilah 58:22]


Allah TaAlla says (interpretation of the meaning): “And incline not towards those who do wrong, lest the Fire should touch you…” Hood 11:1

In conclusion will Muhtarram Moulana Saab urgently give a fatwa whether it is permissible to go to Raiwnd, to their Ijtema and to call towards raiwind and their leaders. It is requested that this letter be published either edited, with additions or deletions or as is.


I request your much needed duas for my protection, guidance and mercy of Almighty Allah and that He forgive this sinner completely before maut. And for my family.


In conclusion Muhtarram Moulana Saab I am not involved in either the Nizaamudeen faction or this World Shoora group.

I have no bias towards any one group but simply that this sinner, his family and progeny and our Ummat be saved from the fitnaa which this sinner has observed in this World Shoora people.

(End of the Brother’s letter)


(1) In Several past articles we had explained why Tariq Jamil is person’a non grata in terms of the Shariah. He is a faasiq and a mudhil (one who misleads Muslims). He had also expressed evil beliefs. It is therefore lamentable that the Tabligh Jamaat utilizes this person at its Ijtimas.

It is quite clear that the purpose for employing this character to deliver bayaans is to draw the crowds with this his glib tongue and his adorned speeches. A grave shaitaani disease which is affecting the Tabligh Jamaat is to employ even haraam means for the attainment of Deeni objectives. This is a shaitaani idea. Haraam means may not be used for the acquisition of the objectives of the Deen. Allowing a faasiq-mudhil to deliver the bayaan is a haraam act of honouring a faasiq.

(2) Besides the sin of honouring the faasiq, the greater danger is the dhalaalah (deviation) of this man. When a mudhil is honoured and allowed to lecture to Muslims, the masses will most certainly understand that the person is ‘halaal’; that he is a qualified Deeni guide and may be followed. Thus, the Tabligh Jamaat becomes a sponsor of baatil and dhalaal by permitting Tariq Jamil the platform at its Ijtima’.

(3) The other molvis and jamaat workers who will be lecturing at the bayaan are also fussaaq and mudhilleen. Their free indulgence in photography and videoing and their acceptance of these haraam institutions render them confirmed fussaaq and mudhilleen.

The curses of picture-making, videoing and television are diseases which have become intensely prevalent in all circles and at all levels of Muslim society. The evil and villainy of these shaitaani practices are no longer understood nor accepted. Even the Ulama are the victims of this satanism. Instead of   standing up in defence of the Deen, the Ulama not only condone the evil practices, but actually promote them with their silence, baseless interpretation and practical indulgence.

(4) Added to the aforementioned evils, is the current miserable and heart-rending plight of the Ummah globally. Millions of Muslims are languishing in miserable conditions of suffering. The plight of the Syrian and Rohingya refugees is still in the limelight. In the face of all this suffering of the Ummah, Muslims will be squandering millions of rands for a three day merrymaking outing at Raiwand.

Like Madrasah jalsahs, Tablighi Jamaat ijtimas of the scale planned for Raiwand have outlived their utility. These gatherings and functions are now   merrymaking functions where the salient feature is Israaf –squandering   Allah’s bounties of wealth, food and time.

Undertaking expensive and wasteful journeys for the sake of the three-day Raiwand Ijtima is NOT PERMISSIBLE.  Even the journey itself is bedevilled by a host of haraam factors which are committed for attending a function which has no Sunnah basis.  In fact, due to the evils attending the Ijtoma, as explained above, the journey to Raiwand and participation in the gathering  where Fussaaq will be  the ‘guides’ is not permissible.

Intelligence and the demand of Imaan demand that the money be diverted to alleviate the pitiable suffering of the millions of Muslims scattered all over the world. Rasulullah (Sallallahun alayhi wasallam) said:

“The Muslimoon are like one man. If the eye pains the whole body is affected. If the head pains, the whole body is affected.”

11 Safar 1439 – 1 November 2017


Hijri Date

Moon Phase