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In its pamphlet, captioned: “Cow Urine & Dung in Ayurvedic Medicine”, SANHA, the Carrion Halaalizer, states: “There is a deep-rooted mistaken belief and misconception that Ayurvedic medicines are exclusively of herbal origin. This is far from the truth … One of the greatest Ayurvedic physicians “Charak” has written about the properties of different animals’ meat. That  includes birds, goats, pigs, deer, duck, cow, buffalo, and many more. The use of crab meat to boost one’s lungs, the use of liver of different animals for treating anaemia and even the use of goat’s blood …..
Among the items used by Ayurveda according to SANHA are “ox bile, cow dung, testicles of cat species used in a preparation called “jungbadasater”, stag horns and widespread use of “cow urine”.
After confirming all of this haraam and najaasat  which go into Ayurvedic medicines, SANHA, the carrion halaalizer hypocritically avers: “Is all Ayurvedic medication Haraam? To make lawful (Halaal) and unlawful (Haraam) is the right of Allah Ta’ala alone. SANHA however, presents relevant information to enable the making of an uniformed choice in keeping with one’s religious responsibility and individual accountability.”

Does SANHA believe that Allah Ta’ala will appoint one of its carrion inspectors to become a ‘nabi’ to whom He (Allah Azza Wa Jal) will reveal what has to be proclaimed halaal and haraam? SANHA has spoken utter rubbish, and the motive for such rubbish is ‘damage control’ while at the same time to trade the impression that it is concerned with halaal and haraam issues. With its carrion reputation in tatters, SANHA, using the dung and urine soiled Ayurvedic gimmick, is attempting to project an image of piety to the Muslim community.
Despite the array of filth and haraam ingredients pointed out by SANHA, this carrion purveyor  shamelessly prevaricates regarding the status of  Ayurvedic najis and haraam medicines. Hence, SANHA stupidly says that only Allah Ta’ala  has the right to make Ayurvedic najis medicines haraam. This is the net effect of SANHA’s statement of prevarication.  The reason why SANHA says that it is ‘Allah’s right alone’, is because in the Qur’aan there is no mention of Rainbow and Earlybird carrion chickens nor of the multitude of other haraam items of najis foodstuff halaalized by SANHA. Since Ayurvedic  haraam najaasat is not to be found in the Qur’aan or Hadith, SANHA contends that no one, but Allah alone, can proclaim the filth to be haraam.  This is a convenient, stupid and sinister cover for SANHA’s Rainbow and Earlybird halaalized carrion chickens.

If a haraam product is not mentioned in the Qur’aan or Hadith, it cannot be declared halaal on the basis of SANHA’s stupid and deceptive ‘principle’ of  ‘Allah alone can make halaal and haraam’. The morons of SANHA fail to understand that Allah Ta’ala has deputed  firstly the Ambiya (alayhimus salaam), then their Representatives, the Ulama-e-Haqq to be His Vicegerents on earth to administer His Law. Hence the Qur’aan Majeed declares:
“Verily, I shall be creating a Khalifah on earth.” (Baqarah)

It is thus the obligatory function of Allah’s Vicegerents to proclaim Allah’s Laws, and all  laws of the Shariah  structured on the principles of the Shariah are in fact the Laws which are promulgated by Allah Ta’ala Himself via His Representatives. It is absolutely disgusting that an entity which proclaims itself to be a custodian of the food status of the community would prevaricate and pass the buck on individuals of the community to figure out whether medicines made by an institution utilizing the mass of  haraam ingredients pointed out by the SANHA carrion halaalizer are halaal or haraam.  If a butchery sells pork, SANHA and MJC certified carrion chickens as well as  halaal meat,  the Shariah demands that all the meat of such a butchery be declared HARAAM. But in the conception of the carrion halaalizers such as SANHA and MJC, all the meat cannot be declared haraam despite the swine meat lumped together with ‘halaal’ meat.
How is it possible for  anyone  who has Imaan  to say that the medicines of an entity which utilizes cow urine and cow dung for ‘blessings’ on their products and as ingredients, and also a variety of other najaasat and haraam items, are ‘halaal’? Only a carrion halaaizer like SANHA  will have the  rude audacity to express doubt in the hurmat  of such filth. Does the Carrion Halaalizer expect Allah Ta’ala to appear and announce that Ayurvedic  cowdung, urine, pig, cat testicle and oxbile products, and the ‘famous’ jungbadaster najaasat are haraam?  What is SANHA’s conception of  ‘Allah alone makes halaal and haraam” ? Will Allah be sending another Nabi?

When the Ulama declare a product Haraam or Halaal it is the operation of Allah’s Law – His Shariah. What His Shariah pronounces to be Haraam is what He Alone makes Haraam. SANHA is abortively struggling to detract from its halaalized Rainbow and Earlybird haraam carrion, hence it has forged this deceptive concept of ‘Allah alone makes halaal and haraam.’ By this  statement, SANHA is actually attempting to convey that its Rainbow and Earlybird carrion, and its many other haraam products certified ‘halaal’, are halaal’ because Allah Ta’ala does not expressly mention anywhere that these carrion products are ‘haraam’. Thus, SANHA has cunningly, but stupidly, employed its fraudulent ‘principle’ to refrain from proclaiming cow dung, cow urine, cat testicle, oxbile and pork medicines to be haraam. And, the objective of this despicable attitude of prevarication and deceit is SANHA’s subterfuge to cover its halaalization of Rainbow and Earlybird haraam carrion chickens.
When it is ‘only Allah Who makes halaal and haraam’, what is the reason for asking Muslims to make ‘an informed choice’. Has everyone become a god? When SANHA has denied the right of the Ulama of proclaiming haraam to be haraam, how can this deceitful entity advise the ignorant masses to make ‘an informed choice’ thereby usurping  what SANHA says is only the function of Allah Ta’ala despite the fact that Allah Azza Wa Jal has deputed  the Ulama to make pronouncements on His behalf here on earth?

With the large variety of filth, abominable and haraam ingredients utilized by Ayurvedic institutions, how is it possible to prevaricate in making the HARAAM pronouncement? Even if any particular brands of this type of Hindu medicine is assumed to be free of cow dung, cow urine, cat testicles, etc., etc., then too, it can never be proclaimed halaal. It is however not remote for  the Carrion Halaalizer to certify such filth to be halaal if  the boodle offered is lucrative enough. Just as SANHA today makes  the cow dung, etc. revelations regarding these Hindu medicines, tomorrow the Carrion Halaaizer will be able to dexterously proclaim Ayuverdic, with cat testicles and all to be ‘halaal’, in the same way as it has somersaulted on the Shellac issue which recently it had proclaimed halaal despite its earlier intensive and exhaustive investigations and numerous fatwas having confirmed Shellac to be 1000% (one thousand percent) haraam. Molvies of money – slaves of the dunya – are adept in the manipulation of the principle of Tabdeelul Maahiyat to transform even cat testicles into ‘halaal’. When the money is forthcoming in lucrative amounts, the invocation of this principle shall ensure the presentation of  haraam ‘halaal’ certificates to halaalize just everything even human faeces.


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