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The following letter from a Brother in the U.K. reveals the extent of satanism to which the shaitaani kufr interfaith movement has descended.  Whilst  ‘muslim’ agents of Iblees  support the vile interfaith movement, the kuffaar missionaries have made inroads into the Musaajid with the active connivance of the rotten, munaafiq, murtad ‘maulanas and sheikhs’ who  are embracing with open arms kufr propagation by the kuffaar priests right inside the Musjid. Now read about all the kufr the Brother writes about:

“In the name of interfaith dialogue, our Imaam Saheb turned the House of Allah into the House of Kufr. An internationally renowned Moulana who studied under one of the greatest Ulama of our time, he invited a Christian delegation to our mosque in London.

The Christians distributed in the House of Allah leaflets in English and booklets in Somali. This literature – containing phrases such as Jesus is our Lord – was placed on the shelves on top of the Quraan. Astaghfirullah. The word of Allah was desecrated in the House of Allah in the presence of a Moulana in whose heart Allah had placed the Quran so that he would be among its custodians. As if this was not enough a representative of the Christian community was given an opportunity to address the mixed gathering of Muslims and Christians, men and women, boys and girls.

He said, in the House of Allah, that Jesus is our Lord, that Jesus is our abba, our father, that Allah does not demonstrate love, that God loves us  and he loves us so much that he came down in the form of Jesus and he died for our sins on the cross. I could not believe what I was hearing in the mosque but the speech of kufr upon kufr continued. He also said that the Quran is mixed up and the Quran is ahistorical, unlike the bible. At one point he called on us to join him in reciting verses of the bible. Fortunately, none of us – the Muslim brothers, sisters and children who were present – joined in.

What I have written is just some of the kufr that the Christian representative engaged in. In fact he spoke kufr upon kufr for more than 20 minutes. He also said we should read the bible and we will learn that Jesus died on the cross for us, that Jesus is our salvation. He also spoke of the gospel accounts and referred to Matthew, Paul and Isiah. All in all, a Christian sermon was given in the House of Allah. As church congregations drop, our Imaam, wittingly or unwittingly, gave him an opportunity to do his missionary work in the mosque.

After the Christian spoke, our Moulana stood up to give the rebuttal and to explain Islam. What disappointed me was that while the Christian stuck to the language of the bible (except when he told us that Jesus is our abba) our Imaam Saheb did not stick to the language of the Quraan Majid. He often referred to Allah as God, and spoke of Jesus, Moses and Noah, rather than of Hazrat Isa alaihissalaam, Hazrat Moosa alaihissalaam and Hazrat Nooh alaihissalaam. Finally, I told a few brothers and pious elders who were present that we cannot allow such kufr to take place in the House of Allah. One brother told me that I must change, and that I must stop being militant. An elder said he could not understand what I was objecting to because the event did not take place within the mosque boundary. I told him that's being technical and it is irrelevant. In the final analysis, kufr upon kufr took place in an area that we regard on a day to day basis as being part of the mosque.

The Christian representative uttered his kufr on a musallah, in an area where farz salaah, sunnah salaah, nafil salaah and tilaawat of the Quraan is made five times a day. Sadly, the House of Allah was turned into an inter-faith religious centre where the Bible was read and taught.

Our Imaam said the next inter-faith session will be hosted by the Christians at their place. The Christian representative thanked him for allowing them to attend the sacred place of Islam and said he looked forward to hosting us. May Allah guide us all.”

24 Safar 1439 -14 November 2017


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