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A Brother has compiled the following information on Hoblos and has posed valid questions pertaining to the so-called deobandi and tablighi deviates who are today the forerunners in the shaitaani conspiracy of undermining the Deen:

Information on Mr Hoblos: Movie, His Ustaad/Mentor, Salafi Links

Respected 'Ulama, please see the following information on Mr. Hoblos.


Mr. Mohamed Hoblos is a movie actor. The short film 'Last Chance' was released in Australia (October 2016) and the UK (May 2017).


This is not a cheap backyard skit for the internet; The film, with Hoblos as a lead actor, had showings at seven CINEMAS in Britain: Newcastle (Vue Cinema), Middlesbrough (Cineworld Cinemas), Bradford (Cineworld Cinemas), Manchester (Vue Cinema), Leicester (Vue Cinema), Birmingham (Vue Cinema) and London (Vue Cinema).

The movie is 42 minutes long and "feature[s] no musical instruments apart from vocals and percussion."

"Fed up with having no money and jealous of those around him who flaunt it, Ibby takes the fast road to money by selling drugs. His best friend Stuzz and his mom try to dissuade him, until he's finally convinced [by Hoblos] he should get out - but will he get out in time..." (

Perhaps Mr. Hoblos is setting up the ground work for the release of the movie in South Africa next year (2018). Will it be surprising if movie tickets are sold at Musjid Hilaal and at Mountain Rise Musjid? Will it be surprising if the Tabligh Jamaat arrange transport from the Markaz to the movie theater at the Suncoast Casino? (There are FIVE "Halaal-certified" food outlets at the Suncoast Casino.) Will it be surprising if the Deobandi 'Ulama and Tablighi Elders of KZN attend the movie premiere? Will posters and advertising material for the movie be available in the Musjid just as they are for Darul Ihsan soccer tournaments, riba banks and insurance companies? Will it be surprising if watching Mr. Hoblos in the cinema is labeled as a 'valid difference of opinion'? Or will a scholar of the Jamiat KZN erect a TV screen in the Musjid so that Muslims do not have to watch Mr. Hoblos and friends in the cinema?


(One may email Tsogo Sun for a list of the Halaal-certified outlets at the Suncoast Casino. There are SEVEN 'Halaal-certified' outlets at the 'mini-Las Vegas' Sun City holiday and gambling resort in the North West Province. Do the 'Ulama inspectors of SANHA enter these places for their halaal inspections?

The movie cinema at Suncoast is owned by a Moosa family (Avalon Group).


- Graduate of the Sharia Faculty - Al Azahar University, Egypt.

- Bachelors in Engineering - The American University in Cairo, Egypt.

- YouTuber


- Sheikh Omar El-Banna is featured on 'The Reminders Network' YouTube channel along with the Salafis:

Abu Mussab Wajdi Akkari (Neo-Salafi), Mufti Menk (Salafi), Hamza Tzortzis (Modernist Salafi), Yasir Qadhi (Salafi, Ship Crusier), Bilal Phillips (Salafi), Zakir Naik (Salafi), Hussain Yee (Salafi).



(1) Mr. Mohamed Hoblos spoke at the Aston University (Birmingham) with Sheikh Wajid Malik. Sheikh Wajid Malik speaks at the Green Lane Masjid in Birmingham. The Green Lane Masjid is a famous Salafi Musjid in the UK.


(2) Mr. Mohamed Hoblos spoke at the JAMIA MASJID AHLE HADITH (Halifax) with Sheikh Wajid Malik.



(3) Mr. Mohamed Hoblos spoke at a Norway 'Peace Conference' with the Arab Salafi Sheikh Haitham Al-Haddad.

(4) Mr. Mohamed Hoblos spoke at The University of Western Sydney with Wassim Doureihi. Wassim Doureihi is an official spokesman of Hizb ut-Tahrir. Hoblos and Doureihi were the only speakers at the event. Hizb ut-Tahrir is a Salafi outfit and has been operating in the Middle East since 1953. In 2014, Wassim Doureihi failed to condemn the murder of innocents by ISIS when questioned.


It is amusing that Mr. Mohamed Hoblos is being portrayed as a member of Tablighi Jamaat.

(End of the Brother’s letter)



Nothing is surprising anymore. The world is awash with MUDHILLEN whom Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) feared moré than Dajjaal.

Even if these agents of Iblees fornicate right inside the Musjid under ‘deeni’ guise, it will not be surprising. They are all fuel for Jahannam. May Allah Ta’ala save this errant Ummah from the vile, filthy, treacherous molvis and sheikhs who sell and barter away the Deen for the miserable gains of the dunya and the nafs. Hubb-e-Maal (love for money) and Hubb-e-Jah (love for fame) have destroyed them. They are ruined in this dunya and in the Aakhirat.

27 Safar 1439 (17 November 2017)


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