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Recently at FEDICS, Sanlam Head Office, ham (real pork, not some artificial / synthetic SANHA type pork), VARK/PORK sandwiches were labelled halaal. As usual, the stock monotonous cover-up response of the MJC carrion halaalizer was that this was due to an ‘error’.

The issue is not whether it was intentional or unintentional, by design or error, The issue is that VARK was labelled halaal, and this ‘error’ has been a recurring phenomenon over the past couple of years. We further venture to say that this evil has come to light in recent years due to some diligence by members of the Muslim community. And, this diligence is the product of the huge controversy pertaining to the carrion cabal’s reckless halaalization of carrion in pursuit of their monetary objectives.

In former years, people were not cognizant of the SANHA and MJC carrion shenanigans, hence the ignorant public accepted that whatever bears a ‘halaal’ label / stamp was halaal. This attitude must have led to numerous Muslims devouring VARK labelled as halaal. Although those who  had consumed pork and carrion on the basis of the devil’s certification, may soothe their conscience by duping themselves with the argument that they were eating what the ‘sheikhs’ and ‘molvis’ were certifying, they should understand that they are just as complicit as the carrion certifiers.

It is not a valid argument in the Shariah to say that the meat products acquired from the kuffaar were consumed on the strength of the ‘halaal’ labels and logos. The intelligence of a Muslim is sufficient to convince him that those who halaalize the meat products of the kuffaar are villains and scoundrels. They are the denizens of Jahannam. They are the agents of Iblees.

Coming back to the ‘halaal’ certified pork of Fedics, the MJC stupidly and flaccidly proffers the flapdoodle explanation:

“The error occurred when a student that served her interim training period in the Halaal department unintentionally labelled a ham and cheese sandwich as halaal without the knowledge of the supervisor.”

What a stupid and laughable explanation to cover up such a massive ‘error’! There is no conundrum and no surprise in errors – genuine errors – occurring in all departments and spheres of life. The complaint is not against the student. Neither is the student blameworthy nor the non-Muslim Fedics. They are non-Muslims and it is not rational to expect them to accord sanctity to Islamic requisites¸ especially with a stupid, indolent, faasiq so-called ‘supervisor’ hanging around to validate the MJC’s claim of ‘supervision’. The fact is that ‘supervision’ of the kuffaar premises where the carrion is certified is a total impossibility. Supervision is a massive myth which only morons will swallow.

Who discovered the ‘error’ of the VARK sandwich? Why did the supervisor who is supposed to monitor the haraam ‘halaal’ department not discover and prevent the ‘error’? How many Muslims have consumed the MJC’s ‘halaal’ VARK of past and present?

After the capital crime was committed, the carrion halaalizing MJC sent an inspector “so as to ensure all halaal procedures are being adhered to.” Another stupid disgorgement of a flapdoodle cover-up attempt. The very fact of the ‘halaal’ label appearing on the VARK sandwich is the evidence for the charge that so-called ‘halaal’ procedures have not been adhered to. If the supervisor is too stupid and too lazy to ensure adherence to these stupid MJC procedures, of what benefit will the occasional pop-in by a faasiq inspector be?

The MJC says that they have been in contact with Fedics who has “profusely apologized”. The apology serves no purpose, and it does not exculpate the carrion halaaizer from the capital sin of halaalizing meat products of the kuffaar.

The very fact that on the same premises VARK is also available, speaks   volumes for the recklessness and kufr of the fussaaq and fujjaar sheikhs and hybrid molvis of the MJC. They are bereft of Imaani conscience. Money has destroyed all vestiges of Imaani conscience. Their craving for the haraam boodle has driven them to insanity. Muslims of healthy Imaan will never commit the gigantic sin of halaaizing kuffaar meat products. They are acting recklessly in total rejection of the Shariah’s demands and commands. Instead of guarding the morals and Imaan of the community, these carrion halaalizers plot the ruin of the Imaan and morals of the masses with their halaalization of haraam carrion.

These juhala fussaaq should hang their heads in shame for saying that “the community can be assured that all procedures are followed when issuing Halaal certificate and labels to companies.” This blatant falsehood is a shameful commentary of the evil and recklessness of these carrion halaalizers. If ‘all procedures are followed’ as claimed, why do these PORK errors occur frequently. These ‘errors’ are not rare. In the recent past, may such pork ‘errors’ have happened under the aegis of the MJC and SANHA. The Orion Pork scandal is not in the too distant past. It is not obliterated from the memories of the people.

Glaring reality has extracted the following confession from the MJC:

“Unfortunately Halaal inspectors cannot be present at all companies 24/7. It is therefore imperative that companies abide by the rules and regulations of labelling and not give the job of labelling to those who are inexperienced.”


This is an admission of the myth of supervision. Neither is it possible for inspectors to be present at all times at all companies nor is it possible for the so-called ghost fussaaq supervisors to supervise the very premises where they are stationed. If a moron inspector cannot be present 24/7, then why can the so-called supervisor not execute the very same job of ensuring that the so-called ‘halaal procedures’ are stringently adhered to?

Furthermore, only morons will believe and can expect non-Muslims to have the same emotional feelings on halaal-haraam issues as Muslims. When even so-called ‘Muslims’ such as the fussaaq and fujaar of these carrion bodies have no care for the halaal procedures of the Shariah, what should be expected from non-Muslims? Why would non-Muslims exercise care to adhere to ‘halaal’ procedures when no one is watching? Only a mad non-Muslim will diligently and religiously adhere to the ‘halaal’ procedures when there is nothing to debar him from ignoring these requisites of the stupid haraam ‘halaal’ certificates. The non-Muslims who consume pork believe that Muslims who abstain from pork and carrion are stupid. There is no moral and no religious code which non-Muslims have to satisfy for the sake of observing Islamic halaal procedures. Why would their conscience agitate if they intentionally and deliberately violate the stupid ‘halaal’ procedures of the carrion halaalizers? Non-Muslims consume carrion and pork. Therefore in their understanding Muslims are not better than them. From their perspective, their carrion and pork are better and more ‘halaal’ than what the MJC certifies as ‘halaal’.

It is precisely for this reason that according to the Shariah, the word a non-Muslim in matters of halaal and haraam is never valid. It will not be acceptable. Yet, the enforcement of the so-called ‘halaal’ procedures is fully in the control of non-Muslims. The faasiq Muslim supervisor is a stupid clown and stooge acting as a cover-up agent of the carrion halaaizer. The control of the so-called ‘halaal’ department, including the labels and the labelling is in the hands of non-Muslims. Confirming this indisputable fact,  the managress at  “Fedics, Annetjie Van Breuken also apologized for the transgression saying she would safeguard all Halaal stickers under lock and key and this will only be issued by herself including providing on the job training before any student or interim would be allowed to work in the Halaal area.”

Thus it is conspicuously confirmed that the non-Muslim lady is fully in charge and control of the ‘halaal’ stickers and labelling. The supervisor is a moron who walks around like a robot doing his own things.

The ‘transgression’ to which the lady has referred, i.e. labelling HAM as ‘halaal’, is a factual reality. What has led to it? Obviously, non-adherence of the so-called ‘halaal’ procedures. And, this is a regular occurrence which has been proven to happen repeatedly. Furthermore, assuming that the non-Muslim owner / manager will truly exercise caution and ensure that the ‘halaal’ procedures are adhered to, then too the word of non-Muslims in the halaal area is not accepted. Muslims are devouring carrion and even pork on the strength of an assurance given by non-Muslims. Neither is it possible for the MJC to have ubiquitous inspectors at even just one of their thousands of halaalized outlets, nor are the supervisors capable of adequately policing the kuffaar establishments to ensure that the meat products are 100% halaal.

The community is devouring carrion by the ton, and this carrion includes even VARK, and this VARK is halaalized by the MJC and SANHA. No amount of cover-up and flapdoodle explanations will validly vindicate the unforgiveable sin and crime of halaalizing the meat products of non-Muslims.

1 Rabiyul Awwal 1439 - 20 November 2017

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