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12 Rabiyul Awwal 1439
1 December 2017


A KUFFAAR court’s favourable ruling has given the Kilaab (DOGS) and Humur (DONKEYS) of BOGUS ‘uucsa’ cause for considerable puerile gloating. The decision of a kuffaar court has been elevated to the level of Wahi by BOGUS ‘uucsa’ who falsely and fraudulently claims to represent the Ulama and the Muslim community of South Africa when in reality they represent only Kilaab and Humur of their ilk.


In terms of the Shariah, these BOGUS characters have not gained an iota of the much-proclaimed ‘victory’. These Kilaab and Humur who hastened to the kuffaar court to seek aid and support for their haraam activities are the forerunners in the wave of nifaaq, fisq, fujoor, bid’ah and kufr which is destroying the Muslim community. They have halaalized the worst acts of evil such as riba, carrion, fisq and fujoor – all in the name of the Deen.


The villainy of these BOGUS characters in terms of the Qur’aan and Sunnah is so conspicuous that even the kaafir High Court judge was constrained to comment:

“This grouping (i.e. BOGUS ‘uucsa’) took the view that the time was propitious to advocate for the adaptation of certain aspects of Islamic secular tradition by secular legislation. This would inevitably mean that secular constitutional outcomes would prevail in certain spheres over those outcomes which had previously been produced.” (Words in brackets, ours)


When even the judge of the kuffaar court had understood the kufr ideology of the BOGUS ‘uucsa’ character, then Muslims should be in no doubt of the sinister agenda which these Kilaab and Humur present in satanically adorned words to beguile and mislead the unwary and ignorant, Regarding the shaitaani statements of deception of these Frauds who masquerade as ‘ulama’ and who fraudulently claim to represent the Ulama and the Muslim community of South Africa, the Qur’aan Majeed states:

“Thus, have We made for every Nabi such enemies who are Shayaateen (devils) from mankind and jinnkind. They mutually whisper to one  other zukhrufal qawl (satanically adorned  words of deception) for deceiving........”

(Al-An’aam, Aayat 112)


It is imperative for the Muslim community to understand the following TRUTHS:

(1) There are two UUCSA entities. The one is GENUINE UUCSA, and the other is BOGUS ‘uucsa’.

(2) BOGUS ‘uucsa’ consists of morons, deceits and frauds who masquerade as ‘ulama’. They are also termed the fraternity of ulama-e-soo’ (evil scholars for dollars).

(3) BOGUS ‘uucsa’ consists of a cartel of BOGUS molvi groupings. They are:

(a) The NNB (NO NAME BRAND) jamiat of Fordsburg masquerading as ‘jamiatul ulama south africa’.

(b) The MJC. This is primarily a carrion-halaalizing cartel. Some of its ‘shaikhs’ are even non-Muslims. They are supporters of the Shiahs and of almost all haraam activities.

(c)  Two BOGUS ‘ulama’ councils in Port Elizabeth consisting of real juvenile morons.

(d)  Jamiatul Ulama KZN. This is a fence-sitting body of inexperienced youngster molvis who do not know which way they are plodding, whether forwards or backwards. They woo a variety of forces on opposite sides of the fence. It is a body which has fallen by the wayside.

(e) Two Barelwi Qabar Pujaari molvi groupings. The primary function of these characters is GRAVE-WORSHIP.

From this list of morons and boguses, it should be understood that the motley mess of characters are morally, spiritually and academically barren and bankrupt.

(4) BOGUS ‘uucsa’ is the shaitaan who had initiated the kuffaar court proceedings.

(5) A kuffaar court decree has absolutely no Islamic validity. The court’s verdict makes absolutely no difference to the Haqq. GENUINE UUCSA remains the GENUINE organization representing Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). It is this GROUP of the Haqq that carries aloft the Banner of Islam in this country.

(6) GENUINE UUCSA does not and will not, Insha-Allah, compromise with the Kilaab and Humur of BOGUS ‘uucsa’.

(7) As far as the Ummah is concerned, BOGUS ‘uucsa’ remains BOGUS, and so shall it remain BOGUS until the Day of Qiyaamah where its BOGUS status will, Insha-Allah, be advertised most conspicuously.

(8) To the WILD DONKEYS of jahaalat, fisq, fujoor, bid’ah and kufr, fleeing from the LION of Haqq, we say:

“Salaam on those who follow the Hudaa of Allah Ta’ala.”

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