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The Majlis Volume 24 Number 08

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Allah is the Creator of sickness and of its cure. (Hadith)

The First and Primary Cause of all things and occurrences is Allah Ta’ala. The intervening  ways, means and media are the creations to which  the effects are attributed. Sickness too is created by Allah Ta’ala.

For  the vast majority of people, the sickness is a mild form of  punishment (mild in relation to the punishment in the Aakhirat) for the numerous sins which are flagrantly, persistently and recklessly perpetrated. However, at the same time Allah Ta’ala creates an intermediary to which the sickness is attributed.

Q & A

Q. A worker was hired to transport some goods. Along the way some goods were stolen. Can the owner hold him liable and deduct from his wages/fees?

A.   Only if the transporter /carrier was negligent may the owner of the stolen / lost goods hold him liable. The goods in the custody of the transporter is Amaanat. He cannot be held liable for any loss of the goods if he was not negligent.

Q. I work in a fish stall. The owner deceives people by telling them that the fish is fresh whereas it is frozen. Is my job halaal?

A. It is permissible to work in the fish stall as long as you, yourself do not deceive the people. You may not deceive them by saying that the frozen fish is ‘fresh’ fish. If you are required to deceive, then it will not be permissible to work there.

Q. Does breast-feeding break wudhu?

A. Breast-feeding a child does not break wudhu.


Q. After Fajr and Asr, to which direction should the Imaam turn?

A. After Fajr and Asr Fardh Salaat, the Imaam should turn to the right or the left or face the musallis.


The Majlis Vol 24 No 08

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