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The following letter from a Brother, adds more light to the bitcoin/crypto currency which in reality is a ghost ‘currency’. It is a massive, satanic gambling operation:

Personally i got involved in the crypto currency market for a week now. I used majority of my funds in my bank account to purchase a certain currency at a low price which my friends assured me the value will double in 48 hours due to the ceo announcing huge partnerships with nasdaq 500 companies. 24 hours after purchasing the currency online my profits were at 50%.

Out of greed I did not sell rather I held the coin hoping for it to increase by another 50%. After 48 hours the announcement postponed for 2 days later and the price dropped 20% than what I originally paid. In this period I researched the company and what it invests the money in and found out that it plans on launching online betting and gambling platforms that are Decentralized (untraceable by government) out of fear of Allah I sold my coins at a loss although I knew I could double my money in 50 hours. During the 1 week period that I started trading I slept for 3 hours per day and was in a constant fikr and worry about the markets and what I could be missing out on. After some muraqaba i have concluded this form of 'trading' is no different to gambling. It's like entering a casino or betting on a game and hoping you'll win. There is no guarantee that you will gain a profit. Another Muslim friend invested in another currency that was used to control the wine trade, Alhumdulillah he got out of it. This whole crypto game is a huge gamble and our Muslims need to be taught about its dangers.

(End of letter)

The crypto currency scam is a huge Yahudi conspiracy. It is outright gambling. It is a ghost ‘currency’ which has no reality. It is devoid of reality. It operates just like gambling. It creates gambling lust in the blood of those who gamble with this ghost currency. With your real money, you buy ghost currency.  Investors in this satanic stupidity will learn the hard way when the soap bubble bursts and when they find themselves having to suffer huge losses.

There is no maal (tangible commodity) involved.  It is not a viable form of trade in terms of the Shariah. It is a massive gambling conspiracy which consists of Haraam compounded with Haraam.

Be contented with the Rizq Allah Ta’ala has pre-ordained for you. Rizq is fixed. It will neither increase nor decrease. Do not allow shaitaaniyat and nafsaaniyat to cultivate loss for you – loss in this dunya and loss in the Aakhirat. Greed is a disastrous evil. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“Rizq is sealed (pre-ordained and fixed), and the avaricious one (the greedy one) is deprived.”

21 Rabiyuth Thaani 1438 (9 January 2018)


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