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A Brother from some foreign country writes:

A lot of my Muslim friends from good family backgrounds get grabbed by the Salafi masjid right next to the university. They have invited me to these winter retreats held by the mosque where boys and girls stay over for a night. The girls sleep upstairs and the boys sleep downstairs. I understand these are wrong but don’t know how to convince my friends to stay away from such gatherings. They have tables, desks, projectors, laptops and you name it. These so called ustads don’t even cover their hair during Salah and that encourages the students to do the same. Some even go on to deny that covering of the hair in Salah is not important and is a cultural thing. I have seen people wearing flat caps that are usually worn by the rappers and singers for Salah but won’t wear a topi. The people in this mosque, including the imams walk into puddles of filthy water  in the wudhu facilities with their socks on. Wudhu facilities and toilets are not separate like in South Africa, and people often walk out with their dirty slippers straight into the wudhu areas. When I go to pray in this mosque, my heart is never at peace. Sadly my friends from uni, originally from strict Hanafi backgrounds, have started wiping over normal socks in University and pay no regards to sunnah attire and say the sunnah attire is a cultural thing and there is no sunnah dress. Can you advise me please?

(End of letter)

Neither are these lewd university students ‘grabbed’ by the deviant modernist so-called ‘salafis’ nor are they from “good family backgrounds.”

Something is “good” only if it is good in terms of Islamic tenets and Islamic spirit/ethos. The louts are not ‘grabbed’. They are all adults who go of their own free will. They derive satanic delight from zina treats, hence their presence in such shaitaani surroundings.

The basic problem is not the louts in the western brothel deceptively dubbed ‘university’. The problem lies in the homes of these louts who sleep in a zina environment at the brothel.  The zina-sleeping facility organized by the satanic salafis under ‘deeni’ guise is an extension of the zina-sleeping facilities at university.

For   a group of lewd, immoral girls to sleep in the same building with lewd immoral university male louts is the norm. The external facade of the ‘deen’ in the form of deceptive “night prayer” and stupid so-called ‘tafseer’ are shaitaani snares. It is the materialization of Rasulullah’s prediction: “The dunya (worldly/nafsaani objectives) will be pursued with acts of the Deen.” So all this immorality, fisq and fujoor that are transpiring are Signs of Qiyaamah.

The parents of these university louts are actually kuffaar.  However, their kufr is so deeply embedded in their hearts that they themselves fail to  realize the calamity within themselves.  This type of kaafir is termed Zindeeq in the terminology of the Shariah. All these parents who send their children especially daughters, to the brothel which is disguised as an educational institution, as well as the male and female louts are all Zanaadaqah (Zindeeqs –Kuffaar).

Their “night prayer” and their “tafseer” lessons are the deceptions employed by teachers and ‘imaams’ who are actually devils described in the Hadith as “human shaitaan” or “Shayaateen in human bodies”. Even those who recite the Qur’aan Majeed at these zina gatherings and “winter retreats” are real shayaateen. Among the Signs of Qiyaamah are devils reciting Qiraa’t and giving discourses in the Musjids.  The imaams, molvis, sheikhs and the audience – all of them will be kuffaar. Stating this reality, Hadhrat Abdullah Ibn Amr (Radhiyallahu anhu) said:

“There will dawn an age when the people will gather in their Musaajid and perform Salaat while not a single one will be a Mu’min.”

All of these followers and devotees of Iblees will  be professed ‘Muslims’, but  in their hearts they will be kuffaar, either munaafiqs or zindeeqs. Thus, The Hadith states that Not a single one of them will be a Mu’min’. Their hearts will be utterly bereft of Imaan.

Brother, the acts of mock tahaarat and mock salaat, etc.  to which you have referred are inconsequential paraphernalia. Of primary importance is the kufr embedded in their hearts. When the hearts of these louts are devoid of Imaan, then their outward display of Tahaarat and Salaat are features of the devilish pantomime show  designed to fool  morons.

Parading bare-headed in the context of the greater villainy of kufr and perpetration of flagrant acts of zina, is an act of extreme insignificance. Islamic culture –the Sunnah – cannot be expected from Zindeeqs and Munaafiqs.  Whilst the external facade of Sunnah – attire, etc. –  is  beloved to true Mu’mineen, these acts are abhorrent to the zindeeqs and munaafiqs masquerading as Muslims. And, all of these university louts including their parents who have cast their children into the cauldron of fisq, fujoor and kufr, are kuffaar of the ZINDEEQ category. It is only a zindeeq who can allow his child to be destroyed in a kuffaar educational brothel. They are all losers as mentioned by Allah Ta’ala in the Qur’aan Majeed:

“They are losers in the dunya and in the Aakhirat.  Indeed it is a (massive) conspicuous loss.”

26 Rabiyuth Thaani 1439 (15 January 2018)


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