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The ‘halaal’ certified Haraam carrion chickens which Muslims are consuming undergo the extremely dangerous satanic process of chlorine treatment. About chlorinated chickens and hormone-fed beef which is also halaalized carrion in South Africa, the latest information published in British media states:

“Chlorinated chickens, hormone-fed beef and bacon produced with additives strong enough to cripple pigs have been listed by British campaigners as three of the top 10 food safety risks posed by a  free-trade deal with the U.S.

American use of the pork additive ractopamine alongside the more publicised practices of washing chickens in chlorine and feeding cattle growth hormone are highlighted in a report by the Soil Association as chief among concerns about a post Brexit-era.

Some of the key differences between U.K. and U.S production – hormone-treated  beef, GM crops  and chlorinated  chicken – are becoming  increasingly  understood by British consumers. .......

Ractopamine, which can add three kilos of extra meat to a pig, is banned by almost every country except the US.  .........It has been found to cause disability in animals including trembling,  broken bones and an  inability to walk according to the  Soil Association.  ........

They have been spooked by a London visit by Donald Trump’s most senior business representative, who warned that any post-Brexet deal with Washington would hinge on the UK scrapping rules set by Brussels, including regulations governing imports of  chlorinated chicken.”

The satanic practice of washing carrion chickens with chlorine is standard in South Africa, These are the diseased chickens which SANHA, MJC and other Agents of Iblees certify as ‘halaal’. The carrion-addicted Muslim community is shockingly oblivious of the danger these chlorinated chickens pose to health. The extremely dangerous effects to health aggravate the Shariah’s ruling. According to the Shariah, these diseased artificial chickens are haraam from the very beginning. The entire slaughter system is haraam. The chickens are brutally killed in haraam ways which render the chickens 100% HARAAM.

The satanic practice of chlorinating the carrion chickens adds to, and aggravates the HURMAT of the carrion chickens which perhaps the devils (shayaateen) too will not consume. The abstention of devils from consuming these chickens is not the effect of it being carrion, for carrion is the staple food of shayaateen. However, the poisonous chlorine factor will most probably deter even the shayaateen from eating these chickens to which Muslims have become addicted – addicted by the Agents of Iblees with their haraam ‘halaal’ certificates and haraam ‘halaal’ logos.

It is most lamentable that the kuffaar of Europe and the U.K. are increasingly understanding the dangers of these chlorinated carrion chickens from which they are abstaining. The governments of Europe are showing great concern over the dangers which carrion chlorinated chickens pose, hence they have outlawed this satanic practice which Muslims condone. Muslims are recklessly ignoring the Shariah as well as the danger they are subjecting their health to.  The sharp rise in diseases in our community, especially cancer, heart problems and diabetes, should not be surprising. These diseases are mild punishments of Allah Ta’ala for people who have sunk lower than even dogs and devils in crass bestiality and disobedience.

At least it is expected of human beings, to be concerned with their physical health even if they recklessly trample on the Commands of Allah Ta’ala.  But the attitude of the carrion-addicts indicates an almost total elimination of Imaan, hence no amount of Naseehat avails. “Upon us is only to deliver the Clear Message (of Allah Ta’ala).” --- Qur’aan

4 Jamaadil Awwal 1439 - 22 January 2018


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