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Q. Is it permissible to study at a co-ed university? Please comment on the following fatwa issued by a darul ifta.


“That said, now the question comes: is it not permissible for a Muslim to study in a coeducation institute under any circumstances? Well, the answer to this is as follows:

If one has no alternatives but to study in a coeducation institute and he is certain that he has the firmness and steadiness to stay away from haraam acts in such a place and he fully understands the teachings of Islam regarding interacting with the opposite gender and is also aware of the dangers of studying at such a place, then only will it be permissible for him to study at such a place. He should, however, at all times be firm and particular about the teachings of Islam and he should be constantly aware and vigilant lest Shaitaan tricks and misleads him. He should also constantly read books and ahaadith on the topic of haraam relationship with a woman. Constant dua to Allah Ta’ala for protection from being misled by Shaitan is also a must.

The above answers your questions from one to four.

You should keep your gaze away from her. If there is a need for conversation, keep the conversation formal, restrained, restricted to the topic and limited to the extent of need. In the case of a female interviewer (or any other female), do not be alone with her in a room. Keep someone you know present in the room. To have a female as a partner in a project is a very bad idea, as doing a project will require constant interaction with her. Therefore, avoid this and insist on working with a male partner. “  (End of the baatil fatwa)

COMMENT of the Brother who posed the question

“My question is if it is allowed to attend a university for 4-5 years in a mixed environment just for the sake of earning money then why is it haraam to attend a mixed weddings for one or two hours to keep relatives happy. Is imaginary money more important or is sila e rehmi (maintenance of family ties) more important? but these mufits will never give the fatwa of attending mixed marriages being halal because of the stigma attached to weddings inside the mufti circles while universities, tv, pictures etc. are being made halal by majority of the muftis and they don't raise an eye, nor the people and the world. In short, allowing mixed marriages is still considered "taboo" by majority of the conventional muftis and ulama but attending universities etc. is not so "Razi rahay Rahman to Khush rahay shaytaan bhi".  (Allah Ta’ala and shaitaan cannot be pleased together. By accepting universities, television. Pictography and the like, the morons labour under the misconception of pleasing Allah Ta’ala with their fatwas jawaaz. Meanwhile, shaitaan is extremely happy with this attitude of the maajin muftis.—The Majlis)


The response given by the Mufti regarding attending a co-ed university is absolutely baatil. The stupidity disgorged is not a fatwa. It is pure baatil and shaitaaniyat based on nafsaaniyat. That a Mufti grants a free licence to a male or a female to cast himself/herself into a satanic cauldron of vice and immorality, in fact a hell of kufr  such as a co-ed university which in fact is akin to a brothel, is mind  boggling from the Islamic perspective.

While the Qur’aan Majeed commands: “Do not approach even near to zina.”, the advice proffered in the Darul Ifta’s letter amounts to an abrogation of this Nass-e-Qat’i. In addition, the putrid and baatil advice is in glaring and violent contradiction of numerous Ahaadith, Qur’aanic Aayaat and the Shar’i concept of Hijaab. Every rule in the Book of Hijaab is violated in the university cauldron of fisq, fujoor and kufr.

It is either mental derangement or nafsaani perversion which leads a man to believe that a boy or a girl can maintain purity of the eyes, of the mind, of the heart and of the body when they co-exist for several years in an environment of moral filth, sexual perversion, drugs, kufr – an environment where the emphasis is breaking the fetters of Islamic morality and Islamic Belief. The one who had proffered the stupid shaitaani and nafsaani advice cannot be a mufti.  He in entirety lacks the qualifications of a mufti.

The postulation of   ‘alternatives’ presented by the advisor, is totally baatil. Pork – a little pork – may be consumed only on the verge of death if absolutely no halaal food is available. In the case of attending an evil haraam university, there is no Shar’i Dhuroorat to compel one to cast oneself into the cauldron of fisq, fujoor and kufr.  There is therefore no validity in the ‘alternative’ hallucination relative to university education. When a woman is not allowed in the Musjid for Salaat despite the initial permissibility, and despite all Shar’i precautions adopted, and despite the pure and holy environment of the Musjid, then by what stretch of Imaani logic will it ever be permissible to fling oneself into the cauldron of fisq, fujoor and kufr? When one is not compelled to study in an evil and immoral university, what hallucination is it to bring forward the argument of ‘alternatives’? There is no compulsion to attend a university, neither from the Shariah nor from the kuffaar authorities. A person commits Imaani suicide of his/her own free will by entering the cauldron of fisq, fujoor and kufr.

The ‘firmness’ and ‘steadfastness’ the advisor mentions is stupid hallucination.  At university one burns right inside the fire.  Abstention from haraam is impossible. Even a sensible kaafir will laugh at the suggestions of this mufti who has offered absolute bunkum advice for granting permissibility for a person to plunge himself into a den of vice and immorality.

Your comments and understanding on the issue are entirely valid.

6 Jamaadil Awwal 1439 (24 January 2018)


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