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Q. A lot of women are saying they were groped and sexually assaulted by men during Hajj and Taawaf.  Their bottoms and breasts were grabbed and so on, including my mother. What is the solution to this? Can the hajj be segregated? What should the punishment of such a man be? I’ve heard it’s been done by Saudi guards as well. This has really disturbed me a lot. Wallaahul Must-aan!

A. Yes, only Allah is the Musta-aan. Only Allah Ta’ala can help the Ummah in this rotten, satanic state which prevails even right at Baitullah Shareef. The only available solution for the shocking filth taking place in the Holy precincts is to refrain from going for Nafl Hajj and Umrah. In the present scenario it is HARAAM to go for Nafl Hajj and Umrah There is nothing one can do to curb this filth and fitnah because the Najdi Saudi regime is kuffaar, and these miserable villains are allowing all this corruption to happen.

Only the authorities can segregate the men and women.

But they will not do so since they are not even Muslims.

It is incumbent to stay away from even the Holy Cities. Only those on whom Hajj is Fardh should go. It will not be permissible for a woman to make Tawaaf without her male mahram.

Zindeeq morons who have lost their Imaan always present intermingling of men and women in Musjidul Haraam as ‘daleel’ (stupid proof) for claiming permissibility. Their moronic argument is that if it is not permissible for women to attend Musjids as the Ulama-e-Haqq propagate, then women would not have been allowed to make tawaaf with men. According to these morons whatever happens in the Haram is proof of the Shariah. By the same token they now say that the zina groping as mentioned in the question is permissible because it happens in the Haram. Their brains are corrupted by shaitaani manipulation. Zina-groping is now a new ‘daleel’ in the armoury of stupidity of the morons.  Henceforth groping women in the Musaajid will be permissible according to the morons because this takes place in the Haram.

Many women are now exposing the zina harassment to which they had been subjected to by swines in the Haram Shareef right in front of the Ka’bah Shareef and whilst waiting to kiss Hajr-e-Aswad. There can be no worse pigs than these evil scoundrels.

Those who perpetrate the heinous acts of zina right in front of Baitullah Shareef are worse than pigs. These swines cannever be Muslims. It does not occur to them that it is quite possible for Allah Azza Wa Jal to physically transfigure and transform them into pigs and apes or into stone. In bygone times a man and a woman had been transformed into rocks for having committed zina in Baitullah. The mushrikeen then made deities of these zina idols and worshipped them.

Those who perpetrate such filth in the Haram, if they are not physically transfigured, they should know that at least their hearts have been transmogrified into pigs and apes.

In these circumstances it is HARAAM for women to go to Makkah for Umrah or Nafl Hajj. Only such husbands who are DAYYOOTH can be comfortable with the acts zina to which their womenfolk are subjected. There are utterly shameless and without a semblance of honour (ghairat).

26 Jamaadil Awwal 1439 - 13 February 2018


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