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“The magazine "Islam way of life" has now become pornographic. Sad part is that these haraam so-called Islamic tabloids are distributed inside and outside our Musaajid.

On page 8 of the Rajab 1439 issue, under the "health zone",
the following appears:

"Male and Female sexuality. Three products which you can obtain from myself, door delivered, is Hard Rock Coffee, Hard Rock Honey, Vigor 1 2 3 capsules at R50 per packet.....All work like in your youth very solidly and allows for at least one hour of solid sexual activity. For females a Hard Rock Mya honey is available. Aim Renewed Balance cream helps balance 10,000 hormones in the body: it provides the effective dosage of natural progesterone and enjoys thousands of happy users. A new product is called Enigma for females which is sprayed onto the vagina and results in a most astounding female climax. It sells for R300.” (End of article in the magazine)

Whilst there are many contact persons listed, the main neuropathic health advisor is Rashid Abbass tel 041 4573794, 082 6306056 and email
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Moulana Saheb, surely these are the sure signs of Qiyaamat.
May Allah Ta'ala keep you with Aafiyah. What advice is there for the trustees and umaams of the Musaajid where this type of pornographic is allowed to be circulated?


The trustees and imams of these Musjids are in fact complicit in the vile crime of allowing the Musjid venue to be used for the distribution of such filth and obscenity. It is absolutely shocking that the Musaajid platforms have degenerated to this obscene level of degradation where the zina artefacts of Shaitaan are openly and shamelessly advertised and distributed. Yet these very trustees and imams will not allow genuine Haqq of Allah Ta’ala – the Qur’aan and Sunnah – to be distributed at the Musaajid if the Haqq tramples on their stinking toes of baatil.

The filthy magazine dubbing itself ‘Islam Way of Life’ is in fact Shaitaan’s Way of Life.  The gross misnomer ‘Islam’ is used to hoodwink the ignorant and the unwary – to entrap them into the web of Iblees. Those who support this haraam paper are all aiding in promoting satanism which is portrayed as ‘islam’.

The sellers and promoters of the zina artefacts of Iblees described in the advert are obscene fussaaq and fujjaar. These filthy, obscene and immoral items are Satanist wares designed to wreck the physical health and utterly destroy whatever little spiritual/Imaani stamina the stupid sexually obsessed Muslims may still have. Users of these filthy and obscene substances must remember that in the long term they will severely suffer the destructive consequences on their health of these satanic artefacts.

It is haraam to use these evil filthy shaitaani substances. How is it possible for Muslims with sound Imaan to degrade themselves to sub-beastly levels by using such filthy immoral items and substances to gratify themselves in ways not befitting even swines? It is unthinkable that Muslims – true Muslims – can stoop to such degraded levels of moral degradation which reduce them to a level where even pigs do not grovel. Not even shayaateen are able to think and fabricate such filth. While evil jinn (shayaateen) specialize in creating fitnah and fasaad in the ranks of mankind, they themselves do not indulge in such acts of sexual perversion as the promoters explain in the filthy advert.

As far as physical needs sex, food, shelter and the like are concerned, the Jinn by virtue of their inherent attribute of kifaayat (contentment) do not invent such obscene and filthy items and substances for their personal use. They are contented with whatever is easily, readily and naturally available to satisfy their necessary physical needs. But human beings under shaitaani inspiration, reduce themselves to sub-shaitaani and sub-swine levels for gratifying their inordinate physical passions.

Whereas the Qur’aan Majeed commands: “Do not approach even near to zina.”, these miserable promoters of the zina artefacts of shaitaan propagate  the  diametric opposite. Thus, by means of their advert and trading in these haraam obscene substances, they are saying: “Indulge in zina.”

10 Jamaadith Thaani 1439 – 26 February 2018


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