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QUESTION by a Parent

The  Islamic school that my son attends is hosting a Durood Recitation competition and prizes will be awarded to the pupil and class that recites the most durood. I must admit that I have my reservations regarding such a competition, as I feel that it in actual fact takes away from the true essence of Durood and also sets a corrupt trend in the minds of the kids that are party to this. I would appreciate your input and advice in this matter.


A ‘durood’ competition aggravated by doling out prizes to those who recite the most durood is indeed a kufr mockery of this important act of Ibaadat. The purpose of Ibaadat is never to acquire prizes or to vie with others in reciting a greater number of the Tasbeeh or Durod. This is a form of shirk.

The school is deviate and under the spell of shaitaan. It   promotes riya in the pupils and reduces drastically the significance and seriousness of Durood Shareef and ibaadat in general. It is the duty of the parents to object and to apply pressure to have this satanic competition abandoned.

Parents should not allow their children to participate in this act of shirk. Ibaadat is for only Allah Azza Wa Jal. But in this type of shaiyaani competition, the ibaadat is for the attainment of nafsaani objectives, hence it enters the confines of shirk. There is no thawaab for this type of mock ‘durood’. On the contrary, it is a grievous sin for it makes a mockery of Durood Shareef and the mockery is aggravated with shirk.

These so-called ‘islamic’ schools cause greater harm to the Imaan and Akhlaaq of Muslim pupils than even the kuffaar schools. When an act of Ibaadat or any tenet  or institution of the Deen is  made a mockery in a so-called ‘islamic’ school, the  pupils will accept the mockery and the  villainous attitude which motivates such shaitaaniyat, to be valid, acceptable and  worthy of emulation. In this manner these schools subtly erodes the Imaan of the pupils.

12 Jamaadith Thaani 1439 - 28 February 2018


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