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3 Shawwaal 1432 – 2 September 2011
The under mentioned press report will give you a good insight into the CARRION CHICKEN RACKET. Faeces-filled carrion chickens have also become halaal.

How did the chicken get filled up with faeces? How was it packed and sealed with its belly full of 'halaal' faeces? 'Halaal' faeces is a new, but not surprising, development  in the carrion  chicken enterprise which is halaalized by a conglomeration of shaitaani halaalizing outfits, each one having set itself up as a 'halaal' authority when in reality every one of these illegitimate bodies without exception is an agent of Iblees-in-Chief.

Muslims should not be surprised at the rising tide of diseases in the community.  Diabetes, blood pressure, heart problems, cancer of the liver, cancer of the lungs, cancer of the pancreas, cancer of the skin and many other diseases are the consequences of  years of  devouring haraam, rotten, diseased carrion chickens and carrion meat halaalized by these miserable  haraam 'halaal' outfits whose objective is nothing other than haraam money.

Allah Ta'ala has created Insaan (the Human Being) as a noble species. Consumption of  R I J S (FILTH) i.e. SANHA and MJC certified carrion chicken and carrion meat, has utterly destroyed this attribute of nobility. By devouring SANHA and MJC  haraam carrion, people have sunk to a sub-bestial level. The only known animals which devour carrion – dead, rotten meat – are vultures. When human beings  descend to the level of consuming the rotten halaalized carrion, they sink to a level lower than these vultures. Vultures execute their natural function of consuming carrion. What has constrained Muslims to demean and destroy themselves to sink  to a level lower than  even vultures?

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