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Mortal fear for contracting the listeriosis disease has driven the country’s carrion-devourers into a panic mode. Tens of thousands of people, non-Muslims and Muslims, have abandoned consuming Rainbow chickens and products. Now without hesitation Muslims are abandoning Rainbow products even though the government has as yet not added the diseased, rotten chickens to its list of banned disease-causing filth and muck which people devour with satanic relish. They are now paying a ‘small’ price for their beastly gluttony – for their gluttonous eating of rotten, diseased chickens, carrion meat and all the poisons with which these products are laced.

Explaining the panic, The Herald reports:

SUPERMARKETS across South Africa raced yesterday to withdraw processed meat products made at a factory found to be the origin of the world’s worst-ever listeriosis outbreak.

Mozambique and Namibia announced an immediate ban on processed meat imports from South Africa, while Malawi urged shops to remove the products from their shelves and Zambia later widened its ban to include dairy products, vegetables and fruit.

In Port Elizabeth, and elsewhere in the country, a frenzied clearing and cleaning of fridge shelves was under way, with shoppers queuing at stores and depots to return bags of items linked to the food-borne disease and demand refunds.

On Sunday, Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi took the unprecedented step of advising people to avoid eating all processed meat products sold as “ready to eat” after announcing Enterprise Foods as the outbreak’s source.

The Department of Health ordered retailers to recall affected products immediately.”

In its own way and terminology the kuffaar government has declared Rainbow and Enterprise products ‘haraam’. Everyone immediately responded: ‘We believe and we accept!” Without the least furore and without the Carrion Cartel of haraam halaalizers issuing denials and attempts to vindicate the carrion industry, all the people are accepting the ‘hurmat’ proclamation of the kuffaar government.

SANHA should now make haste and send a stupid molvi group of clowns for an arranged inspection of the Rainbow carrion plant with the objective of vindicating and exculpating the company of the charges made by the kuffaar experts. When the Ulama-e-Haqq had branded Rainbow haraam on the basis of irrefutable evidence, SANHA was swift with its troupe of molvi clowns to deny the pronouncement and to defend the kaafir Rainbow carrion-chicken killing facility.

However, when Allah’s Shariat proclaims shaitaan’s food to be Haraam for Muslims, then the first deniers and defenders of Iblees are the Carrion Mafia cartel – SANHA, MJC, NIHT & Co. They fear the worldly affliction of disease confirmed by the kuffaar while they have no fear for Allah’s Athaab of Jahannam. That is because by nature they are atheists. Born in Muslim homes nowadays does not necessarily ensure the safety of Imaan. Imaan is destroyed by the kuffaar secular educational upbringing and the western style of immoral life. So while most born Muslims in this era proclaim themselves to be Muslims, at heart they are kuffaar, hence they will readily accept kuffaar proclamations and obediently submit. But, their hidden kufr induces them to vociferously and vehemently deny Allah’s Ahkaam which conflict with their inordinate nafsaani lusts and desires.

Those who still have some intelligence should understand that the entire broiler chicken industry is a rotten, devilish, diseased enterprise. From beginning to end, the broiler-chicken industry is bedevilled with filth, disease, brutality and inhumanity. Therefore, even of a broiler chicken is slaughtered in your presence 100% halaal, never eat it. It is diseased. It causes cancer, heart problems and a plethora of other ailments.

While non-Muslims all over the world have become alert to this satanic industry, Muslims continue with their addiction to the food of shaitaan – the haraam, rotten diseased carrion which SANHA, MJC, NIHT & Co. halaalize. This Mafia carrion cartel is driven insanely by the lust for monetary gain. Money is their only concern. They sell their Imaan for the haraam boodle.

Abstain from all broiler chickens and meat, and chicken and meat products, halaalized by SANHA, MJC, NIHT & Co. All of these products are laced with chemical poisons and the flesh of the broiler chickens and the hormone-fed animals is rotten and diseased, and causes grave diseases. This has been established by experts in this field.

21 Jamaadith Thaani 1439 (9 March 2018)


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