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A Concerned Brother from Stanger writes:

I'm from Stanger (natal). I've got a few questions & concerns that I would like to put forward to The Majlisul Ulema SA regarding a serious incident that took place on the 16 March 2018. It was Friday that this dreadful incident occurred & sadly of all places it was in the main central musjid, which is the Stanger Jamia Musjid.

Let me begin by saying that the Stanger Jamia Musjid is regarded a "Deobandi" Musjid. Now, with that being said, obviously in any deobandi musjid, no one would imagine or allow a Barelwi Biddati SHIA Sympathising character being allowed to give any Islamic  TALK on the mimbar.

But that was not the case in our so called "deobandi" musjid. A Shaytani Molvi, who unfortunately happens to OPENLY indulge IN BIDHA UPON BIDAH, FISQ & FUJOOR &  is an OPEN sympathiser of the shia kuffaar,was given the podium this Jumah, which was really really sad. How can Ulema allow this covert munaafiq , Molvi Vanker of Umhlanger to give a talk? Everyone know all the wrongs he does!!! Even people professing to be Ulema!!!!!!

What was even sadder was when Molana Rashid Moosajie the musjid's imaam stood up after the talk to give an announcement for a programme after Maghrib Or Eisha about a programme about the Ulema of deoband by Maulana ilyas Patel, THEN HE praised this Shaitanul Ins (Human Devil) Vanker Character and Called him a man linked to deoband and had the nerve to actually make dua for a man who is an enemy of the deen. Can't Ulema see through this Vanker Character? or do they refuse to see?

So many Seniors of Tabligh and well respected Ulema of our town were present in the Jumah Talk, and all they had to say was very good talk. Are they blind or what? Why don't they do anything?  PLEASE COMMENT

My Questions

Vanker Leads Jumah Salaah !!!!!!

1. In the sharia, Salaah even behind a faasiq is valid.  But, what about the Salaah behind a Shia Sympathising agent of iblees. People professing to be Muslims and happen to support the shias who openly Hate & Curse the sahaabh are Munafiqeen isn't it so?  So what can be said about Salaah behind these kinds of Shayateen?

After reading my Jumah Salaah behind him I realised that I must repeat my salaah, so I repeated it. Have I done correctly?

Also what is the status of the Salaahs of the Musellies,should they repeat it?

2. Please comment.

Wslm, A Muselli That Is concerned
(End of letter)


The Brother has commented adequately. In the past we have also highlighted the evil of the mudhilleen. It is not permissible to permit the likes of the Vanker mudhil to give a bayaan in the Musjid or to lead the Salaat.

In view of his blatant Shia-leanings and being in bed with bid’atis such as the hybrid Shiah-Barelwi, Ninowy, it is best for those who had the misfortune of performing Salaat behind him to repeat the Salaat. In this case, they have to make Qadha of Zuhr Salaat.

It appears that the Stanger Musjid is becoming incrementally notorious for anti-Shariah activities.

29 Jamaadith Thaani 1439 (17 March 2018)


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