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A concerned brother has the following advice/naseehat for the agents of Iblees who halaalize CARRION. His adequate naseehat warrants no comment from us. The Brother states in his letter to the Carrion Cartel:

Respected Ulama and Members of "The Halaal Council of Africa",

Asalaamualaikum Waramatulaahi Wabarakatuhu. 

It is with great sadness that the Muslim community of S. Africa must now put up with another 'so called' halaal body. Plagued by the frequent carrion chicken and meat scandals, MJC, Sanha, Niht, Icsa and The Halaal Foundation of S. Africa's reputation as halaal authorities has been ruined. For decades these entities have fed the Muslim community haraam carrion chickens, meat and even donkey meat and pork sold as halaal as the "Orion" meat scandal and the investigation of The University of Stellenbosch has established. Tens of millions of rands are at stake annually. Therefore these self styled and so called 'halaal' authorities with skulduggery and deception deceive the Muslim community.

There is overwhelming evidence, mountains of evidence, which conclusively proves the haraam racket which these agents of Shaitaan are operating. The system of 'Thabah' at all commercial chicken, meat and beef abattoirs is 100% in conflict with the system of Thabah as laid down by Allah Ta'ala. Why are the present so called halaal bodies and now without fail your new "Halaal Council of Africa", following Shaitaan's system of Thabah? Why are molvies and sheikhs promoting the virtues of consuming haraam carrion? 

The answer is simple, there is no conundrum. All these so called halaal bodies leave no stone unturned in painting a rosy picture of the haraam, devilish, brutal system of killing chickens, sheep and cattle at the kuffaar killing facilities. Their insane halaalization of the kuffaar abattoirs which have in entirety expunged the Shariah's humane, holy system of Thabah is underlined by an evil motive. The millions of rands of haraam money which they earn from the brutal killing of the billions of chickens, sheep and cattle, is the sole determining factor for halaalization carrion. 

So Ulama and members of all the satanic so called halaal bodies and your new halaal body, "The Halaal Council of Africa" must reflect on

Allah Ta'ala's "Athaab". It assumes a variety of forms and is commensurate to the magnitude, notoriety and villainy of the sins of people especially Muslims. The time is not too distant in the future for the "Divine Axe to strike". 

The molvies and sheikhs of this era posing as Ulama are the worst scoundrels who pillage and plunder the morals and the Imaan of the masses. They must reflect on the fate of the Muslim communities of Burma, Palestine, Bosnia, Syria and other places. The South African Muslim community is not a divinely chosen race who will be spared. There are no exemptions for a satanically rebellious community consisting of molvies and sheikhs who trample on the Qur'aan and insult the Shariah and promote their Fisq and Fujoor in the name of Islam. 

Therefore from the evidence please Ulama and members of The Halaal Council of Africa, disband your so called halaal authority and make amends to the Muslim community of S. Africa. All the other so called halaal bodies are sticking to their guns and are continuing to feed the Ummah haraam carrion. As i mentioned earlier millions of rands are at stake. Islam is being sold for the Dunya. They will rue the day when they will appear in the court of Allah Ta'ala. 




1 Rajab 1439 (19 March 2018)


Hijri Date