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Once Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that a time will dawn when Muslims will follow the Yahood and Nasaara metre by meter, centimetre by centimetre right “into the lizard’s home”. In other words, the emulation of the kuffaar by Muslims will be total. Every evil and filth of the Yahood and nasaara will be regarded as honourable and progressive. We are today living in that predicted age.

Since Muslims look up to the Yahood and Nasaara for guidance, honour and respect, we deem it prudent to reproduce what these ‘masters’ and ‘bosses’ of  the current day Muslims have to say  regarding the brutality and cruelty of the carrion chicken industry which SANHA, MJC, NIHT and the rest of the carrion-halaalizing mafia thugs halaalize solely for the sake of the haraam boodle which they net  in the millions of rands annually.

The following are extracts from a current report which appeared in The Herald, 17 March 2018.

Painful way to your plate Saturday Insight

Animals tortured for the table


“HOLOCAUST on your plate”, is how the Yiddish author Isaac Beshavis Singer (recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1978) described the senseless suffering of nonhuman animals bred, tortured and murdered for our consumption.

Understandably, people and the government were up in arms over the death of 183 humans as a result of the listeriosis strain allegedly discovered in a processed-meat factory in Polokwane, Mpumalanga. (And, also in Rainbow Chicken plant –The Majlis)

But did anyone bother to inquire about the enormous investment in pain, torture and anxiety bringing that bite to your plate?

Horrific farming practices are occurring daily on factory farms throughout the world, including South Africa. It is common practice for chicks to be de-beaked and de-toed without any anaesthetic or pain control. Do we care that piglets are routinely castrated and calves de-budded without any thought or effort regarding pain management?

Cows experience great distress and trauma when their calves are removed before weaning. Most are detained in tiny, inhumane structures where they either cannot turn around (sows) or, in the case of fowls, spread their wings for the duration of their wretched existence.

Is our addiction to meat worth this carnage?

More than 2.5 million animals are slaughtered in South Africa every day. (They are brutally killed  --The Majlis) This includes 19 million broiler chickens killed each week to be served on our plates. It excludes 24 million male chicks (so-called by-products of the industry) finished off “by being ground up alive”. Mammals such as lambs, pigs, and cattle are murdered at the rate of at least 31 000 per day.

This is only in South Africa. In the US, a meat-consuming country perhaps only trumped by China, at least 400 000 animals are slaughtered on a daily basis. These statistics are those collected by Dr Elisa Galgut, lecturer in philosophy at UCT.

I want to ask what our indifference to the immense suffering visited on animals reproduced for our consumption says about our “moral blindness”. (Satanists such as the carrion-cartel have no morality – The Majlis) We are very fast to condemn the practices of unhygienic production of meat since these are too close to home for comfort.

But our indifference to the cruel, heart-rending fate of the nonhuman animals that end up on our plates, are indicative of human animals’ moral monstrosity.   …………………

If we consider that animals are also moral agents capable of experiencing a wide spectrum of emotional and cognitive functions, then our indifference to their treatment (torture, mutilation and high levels of stress and anxiety) is disturbing.

In South Africa, present legislation does not demand animal welfare inspectors to be present at abattoirs, despite a mountain of evidence of cruel, inhumane and horrifying killing practices (noted above).

Even if we discount the arguments of vegetarians that meat consumption is not necessary to sustain human animal life, we cannot ignore the fact that other forms of life on earth are worthy of dignity, caring and compassion. (Only Islam confers dignity, care and compassion to animals—The Majlis)

We know now that the presence of certain peculiar neurological pathways in the brain is necessary for compassion in human animals. And compassion, by definition, encompasses caring in all features of life, including an investment in the well-being of inanimate things and animals.

Said in another way, a caring, compassionate society is possible. ………………….

Our indifference to the plight of the enormous (certainly unnecessary) suffering visited on animals for our palate is striking in an age of human-induced climate change.

Our unsustainable belief in our own superiority vis-a-vis other living beings on this planet, is not only a symptom of our moral blindness, but also a sign of how complacent we are when it comes to our own comforts.

What we eat and our investment in how it came onto our plate, speaks volumes of our situated-ness in this world and on this planet. We are gravely mistaken if we rationalise our “superior” moral agency as allowing us to disregard the well-being of other beings.

If you do eat meat, here are a few tips on how to help ameliorate this situation:

One way to stem this tide of misery is to refuse to spend money on meat that is produced in this horrendous way.

As consumers, do your research and background checks on the conditions under which farm factories reproduce and kill animals.

Another sensible way is to cut down on meat consumption on certain days of the week.

The listeriosis outbreak is a reminder of the fact that the strictly anthropocentric view of our planet and its future is wrong and should be informed by other (more compassionate and inclusive) understandings of life and well-being. (The disease is a mild punishment from Allah Ta’ala. It is a warning for Muslims who have become addicted to ‘gha’aalized’ carrion.—The Majlis)

Crying foul when humans die of meat consumption while ignoring the conditions under which that meat is reproduced and shaped, is nothing but hypocrisy.

l Casper Lötter is a PhD candidate in Social Philosophy in the University of the Free State   (End of report)


Perhaps Muslims who are addicted to carrion chickens and meat, may gain some lesson and understanding from this ‘naseehat’ of their Yahood and Nasaara bosses and leaders whom they are following “right into the lizard’s hole.”

3 Rajab 1439 (21 March 2018)


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