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The following is a verbatim reproduction of a sincere Brother from Pakistan:

One believes that the current troubles faced by the Tabligh Jamaat are due to bud-dua made against the movement by those that have experienced oppression from Jamaat saathis at some point in the lives. The prayers of the oppressed are accepted. There are numerous examples of situations all over the world, where when or if somebody does not do Tabligh in the Tablighi-Jamaat way or are not part of the movement directly they are sometimes oppressed by workers of the Tabligh-jamaat.

This oppression is not always apparent and sometimes it is even invisible by using body language, verbal language techniques to induce anxiety as a way of implementing foul play or discrimination against others. The younger ones have a habit of making fun of others and suppressing people that may take a different approach towards other than their own. If the Tablighi-Jamaat movement realises this and encourages it's separate groups all over the world in every single Masaajid they operate within, to ask for forgiveness from the masses, when Tabligh-Jamaat workers may have caused injury to anyone; then there may be hope of a turnaround and unity and strength within the movement could develop once again insha'Allah. 

And Allah knows Best.


(End of the Brother’s Naseehat)


The primary cause for the ruin of the Tabligh Jamaat is its haraam GHULU’. There does not appear hope for the reformation of the Tabligh Jamaat. The evidence is the digging in of the two opposing hostile factions. The lamentable degree of mutual hatred testifies for the lack of Ikhlaas. We can now make only Dua that Allah Ta’ala grants them hidaayat.  He repeatedly says in the Qur’aan Majeed:

“Allah guides whomever He wills, and He misleads whomever He wills.”

29 Rajab 1439 (16 April 2018)


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