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Hitherto all available gelatine has been HARAAM despite the flapdoodle attempts of some Molvis to halaalize the carrion gelatine on the basis of the Fiqhi principle of Qalbul Maahiyat, i.e. such a metamorphosis which totally – 100% – transforms a substance, rendering it into a completely new product, e.g. wine transformed into vinegar, and a dead animal, after lying for ages in a saltpan being transformed into salt.

Carrion halaalizers who halaalize  najaasat (filth), maitah (carrion), and who will not hesitate to stoop to legalize even Hindu cow urine on the basis of the Fiqhi principle, if the ‘holy’ urine of the Hindu idolaters is effected with some changes by the addition of some colouring, preservatives and the like and sprinkled with alcoholic perfume, have  applied this Shar’i principle with reckless mutilation and dexterous jahaalat to legalize  haraam gelatine for the sake of the lucrative bait of haraam boodle in the pipeline within their reach for doling out at high cost their haraam scrap certificates for innumerable products containing the haraam gelatine ingredient.

These carrion and riba halaalizers (the so-called ‘islamic’ banks’), who purvey the ignorance and nafsaani lusts of the juhala masses, have been surpassed for villainy by only the ulama-e-soo’ fraternity of ‘scum and trash’ who have paved the pathway  for halaalization of not only carrion and riba, but for a range of  fisq, fujoor, bid’ah and even kufr acts.


The following article explains the many health benefits of Fish Gelatine. This purely fish product, in addition to being Halaal, also has many medicinal properties.


Read on about the amazing health benefits of this superfood. Collagen is a fibrous protein that accounts for 33% of the proteins found in the human body. Ever wondered why our joints start to ache and skin starts to get wrinkles as we age? Our body produces less and less amounts of collagen as time passes by. This, however, is not the only important reason for us to incorporate gelatin in our routine diet. Its significance becomes more apparent when we know that gelatin contains 18 amino acids, half of which are considered essential for our survival; they cannot be generated by our bodies! That is where Fish Gelatin comes in, it is a natural food additive with high nutrition value, fish skin gelatin is on top of the list for being:
- Rich in 18 kinds of amino acid:
- The amino acids present in fish gelatin promotes the growth of hair and nails.
- High in protein 
- Gelatin has been found to keep joints more flexible and reduce athletes’ joint pain as well as ease the pain of arthritis.
- Free of additives and preservatives
- Free of animal diseases

Food and pharmaceutical industries all over the world are witnessing an increasing demand for collagen and gelatin. Mammalian gelatins (bovine), being the most popular and widely used, are subject to major constraints and skepticism among consumers due to socio-cultural and health-related concerns. Fish gelatin (especially from warm-water fish) reportedly possesses similar characteristics to mammalian gelatin and may thus be considered as the best alternative to mammalian gelatin for use in food products.

The best part?
There are no reported cases of health concerns about gelatin, except for some people who are allergic to the animals from which gelatin has been derived.
– water soluble
– odorless and tasteless



Where to get it from?

Unfortunately the availability of Fish Gelatin in the entire South Africa was very limited, until now. Brought to you is the purest grade of fish gelatin to you at a fraction of what you would pay. 
Our gelatin powder is made from Telapia (a warm water fish, which produces a much better quality gelatin compared to cold water fish). It is a Type A gelatin of the highest quality. It is perfect for any recipe that calls for gelatin as well as for clarification. We generally supply between 220 - 250bloom (the gel density), a lower bloom and higher bloom is available according to your requirements. 
Supplied in 50g or 100g packs (for Home Use) or 500g or 1kilogram packs (for Professional Use) at a better price. Delivery anywhere in South Africa. Collection points in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, and Port Elizabeth.

For the Fish gelatine, contact


Afzal,  Cellphone 0722 989 768

Landline    031 207 4959



It will be prudent to warn Brother Afzal of likely depredations by the carrion-halaalizing cartel, especially SANHA. This carrion entity is known to rope into its haraam certificate net new enterprises. It will attempt to sell its haraam ‘halaal’ certificate for the boodle. Beware of this trap. SANHA’s standard form of subtle ‘sabotage’ of an enterprise is its scurrilous refrain: “NOT CERTIFIED BY SANHA” thereby creating the illusion of the product not being halaal. As long as your product contains no haraam ingredient, never look askance at a carrion halaalizer for a shaitaani certificate. Those Muslims who are concerned with halaal and haraam, and who are in search of halaal gelatine and who are abstaining from products containing the halaalized carrion gelatine, will, Insha-Allah, support you. May Allah Ta’ala bestow much barkat in your product and your Rizq. Aameen.

See lab report at end of this article

30 Rajab 1439 (17 April 2018)

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