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Concerned and agitated Muslims from the Stanger Muslim community have the  following  valid  complaint regarding the halaalization by SANHA of carrion pizza’s in their  town. The Brothers state:

“Kaafir Owned & Run Restaurant Gets Carrion Cartel Sanha's Halaal Certification In Stanger - natal-

We, as a few senior concerned community members of stanger have got together and we jointly put forward our concerns to the Majlis.

This is a matter of GRAVE CONCERN!!! It concerns not only us,  Rather,we would to like a to make it VERY clear, it CONCERNS EVERY muslim brother and sister in our town, Stanger!!!

We would like to point out first before we begin is that there are no words to express our shock, disgust and disappointment!

In Stanger a certain Romans Pizza Restaurant had opened.  The person who owns the Stanger Restaurant is a through and through KAFIR!!!!

Out of the blue SANHA came on the scene and CERTIFIED A KAAFIR OWNED RESTAURANT as Halaal!!!!  - ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING !!!!! NO WORDS TO EXPLAIN!!!!!!  - ASTAGFIRULLA!!!!!

What was even more shocking is when our Imaam of our main Jamia Musjid, Maulana Rasheed Moosajie also comes on the scenes.  He is supposedly suppose to be Alim !!!!!! What kind of Alim is he?

Maulana Rasheed Moosajie is a Halaal "policeman" makes a few stops now and there to make sure everything is halaal!!!!(His Fatwa Is That It's Halaal)
We had to even ask ourselves if this was a joke. This halaal Haraam is taken very lightly partly to some Ulema on the wrong like our brother Rasheed Moosajie, to blame.

We would not like to say this but due to this strained circumstances we have to make it clear. OUR WHOLE MUSLIM COMMUNITY IS DEVOURING HALAAL CERTIFIED CARRION!!!!

We would like the Majlis to comment on the above also we have a few questions that we would like to have answered.

Question 1. What is the status of the Restaurant, mind you its kaafir owned and run. Can Muslims buy Pizza from them.?

Question 2. Can you please comment on what Imam Saheb did. Was it correct? Or Is there difference of opinion?

Question 3 . Whats the status of a maulana who besides devoring carrion with relish, gives fataawah of its permissability?

Question 4 .What is the status of salaah behind him?

Question 5. Should imaam Saheb be given the boot?”

(End of letter)

It is not necessary to be an Aalim to understand the villainy of halaalizing meat products of kuffaar outlets. The supposed ‘supervision’ and ‘inspection’ by the imam are bunkum hallucination and misleading. It is impossible to validly supervise kuffaar premises where the haraam meat products are halaalized by a haraam certificate  sold by SANHA or any other villain from the Carrion Cartel. 

The imam is a faasiq. Whilst Salaat behind him is valid, those who appoint him are sinful. It is not permissible to appoint a faasiq to lead the Salaat. 

Since the imam has overstepped the bounds of his position as imam, he should be warned to desist. If he refuses and persists to engage in carrion-halaalizing, he should be dismissed. 

It is not permissible for Muslims to eat any of the products of any kaafir restaurant, not even the vegetable foods. 

The wholesale halaalizing of carrion, riba and other haraam acts is among the signs of Qiyaamah. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that in the era in close proximity to Qiyaamah people will not be concerned about haraam and halaal. As long as the boodle comes, and the demands of lust can be satisfied, everything will be fine and ‘halaal’. 

This is the scenario prevailing today. Wholesale halaalization of haraam has become an accepted norm to even those who profess to be ‘ulama’.

7 Sha’baan 1439 (24 April 2018)


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