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“Fasaad (anarchy/chaos/mayhem) has appeared (rampantly) on the oceans and the land because of the (evil) deeds committed by the hands of people, so that they may taste some of the consequences they have earned. Perhaps (they will heed) and return (to the Path of rectitude).” (Room, Aayat 41)

“Whatever calamity befalls you, it is the consequence of what your hands have earned. And, He (Allah) overlooks (and forgives) much (of your misdeeds).” (As-Shuraa, Aayat 30)

“No calamity befalls except with the permission of Allah.” (At-Taghaabun, Aayat 11)

“....until when the earth displays its splendour, and they (the people) think that they are its masters (of the wealth, plantations, mines, etc.), comes Our Command (of Punishment) during the night or the day, and We transform it (their wealth, etc.) into chaff as if it had not existed yesterday. Thus in this way do We explain Our signs for people who ponder.” (Yunus, Aayat 24)

There has recently been a spate of kidnappings in which very wealthy Muslim businessmen have been taken and held and are being held for exorbitant amounts demanded as ransom by the criminal foreign syndicates operating in the country. The number of robberies on a daily basis no longer is of newsworthy import. It has become a norm in our society. Only when the calamity befalls, does a person realize and understand the horror of it.


The police has hitherto apprehended a number of foreigners who have been operating these syndicates of crime. But this is not our subject of discussion. These syndicates and the robbers are all part of Allah’s Athaab for Muslims. The lifestyle of the Muslim community, especially of the affluent segment, is high treason in terms of the Shariah. Thus, what is happening by way of the affliction of misfortunes and calamities such as kidnappings and robberies are part of the ‘fasaad’ which is mentioned in the Qur’aanic aayat mentioned above. It is also the museebat (calamity) which Muslims are inviting by means of their reckless and flagrant indulgence in fisq and fujoor, and it is also the consequence of failure to discharge obligations, and of the commission of zulm on subordinates, especially employees of the multi-millionaires.


Millions of rands and tens of millions of rands are demanded by the kidnappers for the release of their captives. The police are impotent in such situations, and the relatives are forced to pay the many millions of rands and even millions of dollars demanded by the kidnappers. Refusal is at the peril of the captive being murdered by the ruthless thugs.


When a calamity, especially of this nature where millions of rands have to be forked out to gain the release of the relative, befalls one, the need for introspection is imperative. There has to be sincere and deep soul-searching. It should be remembered that in the Qur’aan Majeed (some aayats have been quoted above), Allah Ta’ala warns us that calamities and misfortunes are the consequence of our own misdeeds. The consequences of our flagrant sin and transgression are fitnah and fasaad, and kidnappings and robberies are samples of this anarchy and chaos which are afflicting the community.


Generally, the wealthy – the millionaires and the billionaires – are extremely indolent and miserly when they have to pay even their Zakaat. There are families in our community who have to pay Zakaat in millions of rands. But, their hearts become constricted when they realize that so many millions will leave their coffers. This is a shaitaani deception which constrains the multi-millionaires to dole out their Fardh Zakaat in bits and pieces, and in this manner the unpaid Zakaat multiplies over the years without being discharged.


For those who fail to fulfil this Fardh obligation, the Qur’aan warns:  “On that Day (when) it (their gold and silver) will be heated in the fire of Jahannam, then their jaws, their sides and their backs will be branded therewith (and it will be said to them): ‘This is what you had hoarded for yourselves, therefore (now) taste what you had hoarded’.”

(Taubah, Aayat 35)

Besides the punishment in the Aakhirat, Allah Ta’ala extracts from these mujrimeen (the criminals) who do not fulfil their Zakaat obligation correctly, millions in other ways which bring great grief to them. Fitnah and Fasaad in the form of calamities, robberies, kidnappings, etc., overtake them.


These extremely wealthy people also display greater regard for such ‘charities’ which according to the Shariah are either haraam or wasteful or ill-conceived. There is one Muslim family which has contributed millions to the kuffaar cricket team of the country. Is this the manner in which to gush down the sewerage drain the Ni’mat and Amaanat of wealth which Allah Ta’ala has bestowed? Just imagine! Whilst millions of Muslim refugees and others are languishing in abject poverty, squalor and starvation, these men of opulence satanically squander millions in kuffaar sport for the sake of filthy name and cheap, stupid fame. They cannot escape Allah’s Apprehension. If they reflect, they will understand the correlation between their shaitaani waste and the calamities which befall them. The relationship between calamity and violation of obligations is not a conundrum for intelligent Muslims.


Furthermore, these wealthy businessmen contribute large amounts to such organizations which dole out to them certificates of appreciation which are then framed and displayed on the office walls of the magnates. Besides this cheap mentality, such ‘charity’ is not valid Sadqah. The motive is riya. It is given for show, and the punishment in the Aakhirat is the Fire of Jahannam besides the worldly punishment which will overtake them.


Another evil of the millionaires and billionaires is to grossly underpay their staff. They are totally unconcerned with the problems and difficulties the workers have in making ends meet. While the rich squander huge amounts on touring, holidaying, mock umrahs and many other unnecessary luxuries, their hearts remain unaffected by the suffering of their workers. In the words of the Qur’aan Majeed, “their hearts are harder than stone.”


It is necessary for the opulent ones to understand that their obligation does not end with payment of Zakaat. It is also Waajib upon them to contribute constructively to the various Sadqah projects of the Deen.  While they do make such contributions, it is not at all commensurate with the wealth Allah Ta’ala has granted them.


It is the duty of the wealthy to seek out the poor and destitute, the widows and orphans in the community and elsewhere and to ensure that they are made comfortable. It is their Waajib obligation to fully support such women who are forced by circumstances to work outside the home. It is not sufficient to dole out some Zakaat and Fitrah to them.  Arrangements should be made to enable them to abandon working in the evil, haraam outside environment where their Hijaab is rudely violated by fussaaq and fujjaar, including their own employers. Food hampers during Ramadhaan is not the solution for this problem. The solution is for the multi-millionaires to spend correctly and generously in the Path of Allah Ta’ala. Occasional hand outs are not the solution. Allah Ta’ala has ordained for us the institution of Zakaat and Sadqah which, if implemented correctly will provide the solution for the suffering of the poor and destitute.


Then comes the evil of fornication which is rife in the business sector, especially with the wealthy. Zina with female staff is a rampant disease. Daily these businessmen commit zina of the variety of forms mentioned by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). If a Molvi has to sit in a room alone with a female teaching her the Qur’aan Shareef¸ it will be a scandal in the town. But when these wealthy businessmen sit in their offices alone with kuffaar female representatives dressed scantily or with their female receptionists, etc., then it is acceptable practice in the name of business. They are dwelling in shaitaani deception.


The ni’mat of wealth is also squandered in haraam wedding receptions and other merrymaking functions. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) informed Hadhrat Umar (Radhiyallahu anhu) that on the Day of Qiyaamah there will be questioning for even the dates one consumes. What can now be inferred from the huge amounts which are wasted in haraam functions and in acts of gross transgression, riya and takabbur? Allah Ta’ala, warning us, says: “Most certainly, on that Day will you be questioned about the bounties.”


In most Muslim cash and carries, pictures of people and animals have become acceptable business practice. Large advertising posters, etc. are displayed all over the stores. Added to this evil is loud music to satanically influence people. But let them be assured that none of these haraam stunts will increase their Rizq. On the contrary, all the barkat is shorn, and in the wake of such evil sin and transgression come the calamities which are incomprehensible to those afflicted with these misfortunes invited by themselves with their flagrant sins of fisq and fujoor.


Of grave importance and cause for the Wrath of Allah Azza Wa Jal is the flagrant indulgence in Riba for which Allah Ta’ala has declared war in the Qur’aan. But, the degree of shaitaani desensitization has made the brains and hearts of these business-people impervious. They have accepted Riba to be an acceptable trade practice. They delude themselves with the deception that they will not be able to acquire their Rizq without indulgence in Riba. This attitude is a display of the atheism hidden deep in their hearts. They are implying that Allah’s promise of Rizq is, Nauthubillaah, not true.


In fact, all of these millionaires, multi-millionaires and billionaires are not pursuing their Rizq. They are goaded on by satanic greed to accumulate and hoard such wealth which will not be able to be depleted by even their great grandchildren. But Allah Ta’ala has His Own ways of extracting and depleting wealth acquired in haraam ways. He afflicts us with such calamities which devour the ill-gotten wealth. Of what benefit are all the millions and hundreds of millions of rands when brothers, sisters, mothers and children are undergoing great suffering all over the earth? This greed, according to the Qur’aan Majeed, will be quenched only by the sand of the grave.



When a calamity befalls, then reflect and engage in soul-searching on the following issues:


  • Did I pay my Zakaat fully?
  • Is any of my Zakaat of previous years lying undischarged in my coffers?
  • Are my Lillaah contributions commensurate to my hoards of money?
  • How do I pay my staff? Are they able to comfortably make ends meet with the wages I pay them?
  • My indulgence in zina- actual fornication with my female staff – with my eyes, ears, limbs, mind and heart?
  • My indulgence in Riba?
  • The oppression I commit on my staff when I do not consider their human frailties of tiredness, sickness, worry, etc.?
  • My squandering of wealth on haraam expenditure – mock umrahs, wedding receptions, kuffaar sport, etc., etc.?
  • Did I forget or ignore any of my needy relatives?
  • Am I on bad terms with my relatives or other Muslims purely on worldly or nafsaani grounds?
  • What are the haraam acts in my business which invite the Wrath of Allah?
  • Is my Sadqah motivated by riya (show)? Why do I desire a certificate of appreciation for display in my office for the so-call sadqah I have doled out to a kaafir body or to an unworthy organization such as the NNB jamiat for example?


Remember that when the actual Athaab in the form of calamities strikes, then only dua and ta’weez will not avail. The rot, sin and transgression which have crossed the limits which Allah Ta’ala has allowed, have to be attended to and eliminated. May Allah Ta’ala guide and protect you.

10 Sha’baan 1439 (27 April 2018)


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