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Question: What does the Shariah say about a body of sheikhs such as the MJC appointing a female to be on its executive? Is there scope in the Shariah for appointing a woman to an all-male council?


There is nothing surprising when a Carrion Gang consisting of fussaaq and fujjaar appoints a woman to its stupid executive. The MJC characters are real clowns – faasiq/faajir clowns.  These chaps gather firewood in the intense darkness of the night not knowing whether their hands fall on faeces or snakes. They are Juhala of the worst order.


As for the Ruling of the Shariah on appointing a Naaqisul Aql entity to a council, every jaahil Muslim is aware of the strict prohibition except these fussaaq and fujjaar MJC zig-zag characters who appear to be of the class described by the Shariah as Khuntha Mushkiel. That is, of indeterminate sex. Neither their sex nor their breed is known, While it is established and well-known that these miserable Fussaaq are shayaateenul ins, it is not yet known if these specimens of creation are actual jinn shayaateen or not. 

Their evil is so pronounced and so flagrant that presenting Shar’i Daleel for their misconduct and flagrant indulgence in haraam, fisq and fujoor is superfluity’s and an exercise in redundancy because all Muslims understand the haraam villainy in which these pork-halaalizers are grovelling in pursuit of the jeefah (carrion) of the dunya. 

Every Muslim in the street knows that it is haraam to appoint a woman to any post of leadership. But since the MJC council is constituted of the khuntha mushkiel type of miscreants, for them every haraam is a valid permissibility. They are worse than the coons of Cape Town. They are the worst CURSE with which the Western Cape Muslim community has been saddled. After all, they are the reflection of the  type of Muslims who inhabit the Western Cape. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“Your deeds are your rulers”

Leaders and rulers of a community are actually the reflection of the moral condition of the people.

13 Sha’baan 1439 (30 April 2018)

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