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Lamenting the spread of Salafi’ism in South Africa, a Brother writes:

Assalamu Alaykum

Muhtaram Maulana,

There is a current spread of Salafism in SA. What really irks us as Hanafi Muslims is that the Salafis are given lots of show and platforms by the so-called 'our ulama'.

For example, there is an organization of women called MAIDS OF DEEN (they have a website too), they host programmes teaching Salaah to women. However, they teach the women how to read Salaah like men. They use the name of Ml Bham (Jamiat) in support of their activities.

Secondly, Nauman Ali Khan, the Salafi Shia hybrid Mufassir, was also given lots of show by these very same so-called 'our ulama' like Ml Ragie.

Thirdly, when Masajid were called to cancel the programmes of Luhaydan, the Salafi from Riyadh, many Masajid co-operated. However, Ml Bham (Jamiat) took a u-turn and hosted him in Newtown Masjid.

Fourthly, there is well-known sportsman cyclist Maulana from Ermelo, Ml Junaid Jasat, who encourages the women to go out cycling with their husbands who is also pushing the Salafi line in Ermelo. We have been teaching our children the basics of Deen for many years, and now he brings in Salafi Aunties to poison our children's minds. These are very distressing.

I know very well that Ml Bham of Jamiat has 'lots' of proof to back up what he does.

Can Maulana please request him to give us the proofs for attending sports matches, mixing with women, commentating on football matches and so on. I have not found any ayat or hadith to establish these evils.

Jazakallah u Khayran

(End of letter)

The spread of Baatil is a necessary corollary of the Proximity of Qiyaamah. The worst offenders who facilitate the spread of Salafi baatil and baatil of a variety of other hues, are the molvis and the sheikhs. Since they are in this age the “worst of the people under the canopy of the sky”, they have become the Agents of Iblees. 

The Bham character which the Brother mentions in his letter is in fact a notorious Mudhil. This Reverend Abraham Bham masquerading as a Muslim is among the Divine Curses afflicting the South African Muslim community. In fact, he reflects much of the kufr, fisq and fujoor of the Muslim community. He truly represents the fussaaq, fujjaar and munaafiqeen in the South African Muslim community. 

The incremental expansion of all religions of baatil must be expected. We have to live with this filth and evil. Every evil and baatil in the community are being facilitated by molvis and sheikhs, and the sad and lamentable reality is that they all are masquerading as ulama of Deoband when they have no genuine association and allegiance with the Akaabir Ulama of Deoband. These fake and crank deobandis have surpassed even the Barelwi Qabar Pujaaris in spreading dhalaal. 

These mudhilleen molvis and sheikhs are the halaalizers of riba and carrion, fisq and fujoor. They operate the Carrion Cartel and the Haraam banks. They facilitate the spread of Salafi’ism and Shi’ism. They are responsible for the abandonment of Hijaab and for violating Islam’s Prohibition of female emergence. Even the Tabligh Jamaat is complicit in this haraam. They are responsible for the destruction of the morals of the Muslim community. They are the devils who operate the Radios of Shaitaan. There is no wonder why Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) branded them “the worst of people under the canopy of the sky.”

Brother, there is no remedy for these evils.  The situation will only become worse as we approach Qiyaamah. It will be a scenario in which true Muslims will yearn to be underground in their graves. It will be a time when we shall have no option but to practically implement Rasulullah’s advice:

“Leave the affairs of the people.”

14 Sha’baan 1439 (1 May 2018)


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