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A Student of the Deen from the U.K. writes: 


Below is a fatwa by a student of Mufti Taqi & Mufti Rafi Usmani. Am I correct in thinking the Mufti has devalued Jum’ah Salah to such an extent that he considers secular education to be superior.

Surely, the fatwa should be Jum’ah Salah is Fardh and secular education is not a necessity and therefore Jum’ah Salah must be attended. (Assuming that the kuffaar carrion education is a necessity, then too Jumuah Salaat cannot be made subservient to it.  – The Majlis). A small sacrifice in this life will preclude horrendous punishment in the hereafter.

Question posed to the Mufti: 

AssalamWalaikum. Let me start off my question with some context. I am a high school student in the US so I have class on Friday, I do not drive, do not have any means whatsoever to go to congregation. Is it acceptable that I have absolutely no options for my jummah prayer except excusing myself from class and praying in a quiet private place, or do I need to continue to find a way to do Jummah, because as someone who does not drive, with parents who work full time, no masjid nearby, nor any means in terms of public transport to get to the masjid, I find this very discomforting with a sense of guilt.

(Do not smother and extinguish that holy sense of guilt. Your guilt is a warning sign ignited by your Imaan. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Sin is that which agitates your conscience.” Don’t allow the stupid ‘fatwa’ of the moron ‘mufti’ to ruin your Aakhirat. Your only option is to go to the Musjid for Jumuah. If you cannot find the means to go to the Musjid for Jumuah Salaat, then absent yourself from school on Fridays. This is your only option. – The Majlis)

So yeah that is my question. Is it ok given my situation as a male 18-year-old who has no means to go to the masjid on Friday to miss the Friday prayer in the mosque?



Dear brother Seeran

Assalam u Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah,

“First of all I would like to make Dua for you that Allah may increase you in beneficial knowledge and grant you further strength in your faith and practice and make the practice of faith easier for you.

You are certainly faced with a great challenge regarding the practice of Friday prayer. All the reasons that you have mentioned in your question understandably make it very difficult for you to attend Friday prayer at the Mosque. My first advice for you is to never stop trying to make it happen. You should continue to look for ways to perform your Friday prayer at the Mosque near you or if there are some Muslim students at your school then you may conduct your own Friday prayer at the school in congregation. (This advice is putrid and stupid. It negates the imperative importance of Jumuah Salaat. – The Majlis) There are only two things that are required for Friday prayer to be considered valid: 1) 3 or more attendees 2) Arabic sermon followed by Friday prayer. (This is applicable only when there is no valid Jumuah in a Musjid taking place. It may not be invoked to minimize or negate the importance and imperative need to attend Jumuah Salaat in a Musjid where there is a Muslim community—The Majlis)

If none of these two options are available to you then you may offer Zuhr prayer instead at your school when the time starts. (This is not permissible when the option of attending Jumuah is available – The Majlis)

And Allah knows best.   Mufti Ikramul Haq

Fatwa Center of America

(End of letter)



The advice given by this moron so-called mufti is absolutely putrid and baatil. But since Islam has become an almost total stranger to even molvis and muftis of this era, they treat it like a past-time hobby to adopt and discard at will and fancy. We are living in an era about which Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:


“Islam began forlorn. Soon will it return to its forlorn state as it was when it began. Therefore glad tidings for the Ghuraba (the Forlorn Ones).”


Those who endeavour to practise the Sunnah are forlorn and scorned in this era which is on the confines of Qiyaamah. When even a mufti is capable of disgorging such utter trash and baatil as his baseless advice to the secular student, then one can understand the significance of the prediction of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) stated in the aforementioned Hadith.


How can it ever be permissible and condonable to abandon the Fardh Salaat of Jumuah for the carrion secular education of the carrion world? Is this maajin mufti so ignorant of the vital importance of Salaat in general and of Jumuah in particular? Does this jaahil not know that Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) had said that the dividing line between Imaan and kufr is abandonment of Salaat?


Abandoning three Jumuah Salaat in succession delivers a man to the brink of kufr.


It is absolutely haraam to make Jumuah Salaat subservient to kuffaar secular education. It is Waajib for the student of secular education to abandon the school if it interferes with Jumuah or any other Fardh Salaat. It is NEVER permissible to abandon a single Fardh Salaat or to allow a single Fardh Salaat to become Qadha for the sake of kuffaar secular education or for even Qur’aanic Knowledge.


The world today is awash with moron ‘muftis’ prowling like shayaateen. In fact they are shayaateenul ins (human devils) who pillage and plunder the Imaan and Aklaaq of the ignorant masses.


This world is the arena of conflict – conflict between the Deen and the dunya. Allah Ta’ala has sent us into this transitory earthly abode to undergo trials and to emerge successfully from this arena of conflict. Whenever there is a conflict between the Shariah and our worldly demands, it does not befit the Muslim to cast aside the commands of the Deen. It is Waajib to discard the worldly demand regardless of how beneficial, lucrative and appealing it may be. When the Muslim gives preference to the dunya in this conflict, he loses the battle against the nafs and becomes the camp-follower of shaitaan. This is precisely what the stupid, tuppence ‘mufti’ maajin has advised the student to do. In effect he advised the student to abandon Imaan for the sake of this worldly jaafah (carrion).


The haraam advice proffered to a jaahil student will have the effect of not only minimizing the absolute importance of Jumuah Salaat, but negate its importance. Jumuah will become like an optional or nafl act for this student. He has been given the baatil understanding that Zuhr Salaat is an adequate substitute for Jumuah Salaat. But, Zuhr is never an acceptable and an adequate substitute for Jumuah Salaat for those on whom Jumuah is Fardh. Zuhr becomes a valid substitute for those on whom Jumuah is not Fardh.


Those who abstain from Jumuah despite it being Fardh on them are constantly under Divine Curse. They destroy their Aakhirat for the carrion of this world.


Preference to kuffaar secular education over the Fardh Jumuah Salaat places one within the scope of the following Qur’aanic strictures:

“They (for whom there is the severest punishment) are those who purchase this worldly life in exchange for the Aakhuirat. Therefore the punishment shall not be lightened for them nor shall they be helped.” (Baqarah, Aayat 86)

“That (secular education, wealth and the like) are provisions of this worldly life. And by Allah is the Beautiful Return.” (Aal-e-Imraan, Aayat 14)

“The life of this world is nothing but things of deception.” (Aal-e-Imraan, Aayat 185)

“You intend the things of the world whilst Allah intends (for you) the Aakhirah.” (Al-Anfaal, Aayat 67)

“What are you pleased with this dunya to the Aakhirat?” (i.e. you prefer  this seculat kuffaar  pursuits over the Shariah). (At-Taubah, Aayat 38)

“For them there is a great punishment. That is because they preferred this worldly life over the Aakhirat. (An-Nahl, Aayat 107)

The Qur’aan Majeed is replete with Aayaat castigating the preference and love for the dunya over the Aakhirah. Jumuah Salaat is one facet of the Aakhirat, and secular education is a facet of this dunya. The moron mufti has advised the ignorant student to act in total conflict with the Qur’aan, and in so doing ruin his Aakhirat.

17 Sha’baan 1439 (4 May 2018)


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