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Recently a sheikh from Kuwait has been going around in Lenasia from Masjid to Masjid. He visited our Masjid last night. We were unable to read our Sunnats after the Fardh because we were told to listen to his talk.

In his message, he spoke about the drivel of our smiling faces. He does not understand that whilst our faces maybe smiling, our hearts are bleeding over the suffering of the Muslim Ummah. Look at what those u pigs in India did to Asifa. Look at the suffering millns of Syria and Burma, etc. He never spoke about that or the suffering of the ummah

Do we need someone all the way from Kuwait to come tell us we have madrasahs and Darul Ulooms. Just imagine that he  came  all the way from Kuwait to tell us that we have madrasahs and ulooms and Islam and smiling faces. Don't we already know this?

I believe he is originally from Pakistan and now stays in Kuwait, and is now part of some dawah team. Please comment.


The globe is awash with globe-trotting scholars – scholars for dollars who have no constructive work other than touring on the strength of public funds. They are bogus ‘dawah’ workers. They justify their pleasure trips with the stunt of ‘dawah’. Their pursuit is name, fame and the boodle that goes with it. 

Whilst the Ummah is aflame and blazing in destruction, these scholars, molvis and sheikhs organize merrymaking tours and conferences. Just recently they had a merrymaking ‘ulama’ conference in Turkey where scholars for dollars and fame congregated for a couple of days of eating, merrymaking and talking bunkum, imagining themselves to be the creators of history, and hallucinating that  the  destiny of the Ummah is in their pockets. 

This Pakistani-Kuwaiti sheikh and those who ordered the musallis to commit the haraam act of abandoning the Sunnah Muakkadah Salaat displayed their stark ignorance. Their stupidity did not allow them to understand that it is incumbent to perform the Sunnatul Muakkadah immediately after the Fardh. Their jahaalat impelled them to give preference to the silly talk over the incumbency of the Sunnah Muakkadah Salaat. This factor alone is sufficient to expose his jahaalat. 

At the same time it also exposes the ignorance of the musallis who obeyed the haraam instruction. Do you worship Allah Ta’ala or the moron sheikh and the stupid chaps who issued the haraam instruction? 

These so-called ulama of today do not have the haziest idea of the suffering of the Ummah. Therefore, they can squander millions of dollars of public funds to tour the world ostensibly and deceptively portraying themselves as ambassadors of the Deen whilst they are in pursuit of worldly and nafsaani objectives. They do not have any affinity with the Ummah at large. 

If they had any genuine feeling for the Ummah, they would not have wasted millions on airfares, eating, excreting and merrymaking while millions of the Ummah are languishing in abject and grinding poverty, squalor, ignorance and suffering.  This Kuwaiti fellow is a typical sample of the miserable molvis and sheikhs who tour and congregate and assemble to portray the idea of them being physicians of the Ummah. But in reality they are all morons forgetful of the Day of Reckoning. In fact, they are oblivious of the Lesser Qiyaamat which commences with Maut. They conduct themselves as if they do not believe that they will ever die although Maut hovers constantly over their heads, and the Qabr calls out to then five times a day according to the Hadith. In the words of the Qur’aan: “They are dumb like cattle or worse.”

18 Sha’baan 1439 -5 May 2018


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