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THE FOLLOWING IS a reproduction of a letter written to The Majlis by a U.K. based Human Rights Organization:
We are writing to you regarding this very important matter. Your views are of crucial importance and hope that you will oblige for the sake of Allah and the oppressed Ulama. We are writing regarding Saudi Arabia’s legal system and their treatment and systematic imprisonment of Ulama and practising Muslims.

Saudi Arabia proclaims that it is governed by the “Shariah” and their judgements and rulings are based purely on “Shariah”. It is estimated that currently Saudi Arabia has over 40,000 “security related” prisoners detained in their prisons. These are all Ulama and practicing Muslims imprisoned simply because they are perceived by the Kingdom as a “security threat” or as people who may “disturb the peace”, among whom some are termed “Takfeeris”. Many have disappeared and many languish in Saudi prisons indefinitely without charge or trial. Some have spent several years in prison without knowing what their crime is. Almost all are subjected to brutal torture and inhumane treatment. On rare occasions where a trial is conducted, it is done in secrecy. Sentences vary between death penalties and prolonged prison terms. Often prisoners are not released several years after expiry of their sentences and continue to languish in Saudi prisons indefinitely.

Some of Saudi Arabia’s “security prisons” are also located within the boundaries of the Haramain. The detention facility in Madinah Al Munawwara which holds approximately 1000 detainees is close enough from the Haram Sharif that the Adhan and Salah of Al Masjid Al Nabawi can be heard inside the prison. We have personally visited this facility.
Many non-Muslim Human Rights Organisations have repeatedly highlighted the plight of these Ulama and condemned these injustices. Saudi Arabia has always brushed these criticisms aside and responded to them by suggesting that they (Saudis) govern by the “Shariah” and therefore non-Muslim countries or organisations have no right to criticise their constitution or religious matters. Unfortunately, there are no similar effective Muslim Human Rights Organisations who can counter the Saudi response with Islamic authority based on Qur’an and Hadith. The voices of Non-Muslim organisations are simply dismissed as “anti-Islamic” because they lack this basis.
The Saudi government therefore feel secure from any criticisms of their injustices as these Human Rights Organisations do not have the support of the prominent Ulama around the world. We feel that it is important that Saudi Arabia’s imposturous use of the “Shariah” to disguise their un-Islamic actions is exposed. This is particularly so when their actions are in fact in sharp contrast with the “Shariah” by which they profess to govern. The Saudi government is not only committing injustices in the name of Islam, but also defaming the Shariah, Islam and the Muslims around the world.

Any Ulama-e-Haq in the Arabian Peninsula who speak out are arrested, tortured and are imprisoned indefinitely or are disappeared forever. This has been happening for several decades and the Saudi rulers feel particularly secure due to the silence of our Ulama around the world. They are getting away with their crimes under the guise of being “Custodians of the Holy Mosques” and torch bearers of “Islam” and “Shariah”.
We feel that until scholars from outside Saudi Arabia condemn them for their injustices, these injustices in the name of Islam will continue to occur unabated; the innocent Ulama in Saudi jails will languish in prisons and more and more will be imprisoned. We feel that the silence of our Ulama against the injustices of Saudi Arabia is aiding the Saudi government to carry on with what they are doing and this is tantamount to complicity.
We are in the process of writing to several prominent Muftis and Muslim Organisations around the world to secure their comments and views to support our campaign for the release of innocent Ulama in Saudi prisons. We hope that you will help us in this noble campaign. Allah SWT will Insha-Allah reward you immensely and you will earn the Duaa of the oppressed Ulama in Saudi jails who have no one except Allah to help them.

Over the past few years, Human Rights Watch (Al Karama & Amnesty International have produced comprehensive reports on the injustices practiced in Saudi Arabia. It is sad that we have abandoned the flag of “Human Rights” that our beloved Prophet (Sallalahu Allaihi Wasallam) handed down to his Ummah. We have abandoned it and allowed others to take it.

1.    The legitimacy of arrest on suspicion and the legitimacy of intelligence gathering methods in Saudi Arabia where citizens are employed as informers to gather intelligence and inform on fellow Muslim citizens for money. It is estimated that 1 in 3 is an intelligence agent.
2.    The lawfulness of detention without charge and what ...................

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