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Among the Signs of the proximity of Qiyaamah, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) had mentioned that a time will dawn when some people indulging in liquor, music and dancing will be transformed into APES and PIGS. And this means physical disfiguration and transformation into monkeys and swines. 

In that era music will be so widely and intensely prevalent that the streets will reverberate with the voice of shaitaan (i.e. music). 

The evil of music has today become so rampant and Muslims have become so insensitive and their Imaan so desensitized that every vestige of Imaani inhibition for haraam in general and for even such a great evil and sin as music has bee n eliminated. 

The stage has yet to be reached when some of these vile people of music will be physically transformed into apes and pigs at the command of Allah Azza Wa Jal. 

It is shockingly lamentable that the haraam voice of shaitaan – music – is now a frequent disturbance right inside the Musaajid via the evil cellphones which have been transformed into tools of shaitaan. In the very midst of Salaat these evil devices proclaim their voices of shaitaan with musical ringtones. These miscreants in addition to destroying their own Salaat, wreck the peace of mind and concentration of the entire Jamaat, and at the same time pollute the holy Musjid atmosphere with shaitaan’s voice. This is a clear indication that their hearts have already been disfigured. Their hearts have become the hearts of PIGS. 

The one who has a cellphone with musical ringtones should reflect when he hears the voice of the devil on his phone. He should understand that his heart has become the heart of a pig, and this is the prelude for the literal manifestation of the Hadith. That is, physical transformation of faces into the faces of apes and pigs as warned by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). 

It is haraam to have a cellphone with musical ringtones. Even whilst the cellphone is switched off, it is a major sin to keep such a satanic device in one’s pocket even outside the Musjid. The evil of the sin is compounded when the spiritual filth is brought inside the Musjid. Then there are no words for adequate condemnation of such an evil person who allows the satanic musical ringtones to play inside the Musjid. Forgetting to switch the phone off is never a valid excuse. Firstly, it is haraam to have such a phone ringtone. Secondly, it is a greater haraam to bring it inside the Musjid. Thirdly, the forgetfulness according to the Qur’aan is by shaitaan who lulls the man with the pig’s heart into forgetfulness. There is simply no valid excuse. 

Those who enter the Musaajid with these evil satanic devices should ponder and reflect. They must look into their hearts and they will not fail to discern that their hearts have been transformed into the hearts of pigs, hence they think and reason like pigs. Thus, they are bereft of the slightest vestige of shame for ruining their own Salaat with the satanic ringtones, and disturbing the entire Musjid with this evil sautus shaitaan (voice of the devil).

Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“Some people of this Ummah will past the night in eating, drinking, amusement and futility. In the morning they will find themselves disfigured into apes and pigs.”

1 Ramadhaan 1439 (17 May 2018)


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