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Cast in a dilemma by the factions of the Tabligh Jamaat, a Concerned Tablighi Brother writes: 


From what I know, The Majilis advises people not to get involved in the current leadership conflict of the Tablighi Jamaat by neither supporting the Nizamuddin (Ml. Saad) group nor the Raiwind (Aalmi Shura) group. Rather, you advise us to work within the six points. 

However, what should we do when there is no option but to indirectly pick a side? What I mean by this is that there are two shab-e-guzaris going on in some countries (one by the Nizamuddin group and one by the Raiwind group). There is no third shab-e-guzari. Which shab-e-guzari should be partake in? 

Also when you want to go in Jamaat (e.g. 40 days), you have to either go through the Markaz of the Nizamuddin group or the Markaz of the Raiwind group in our local country. Through which group should we go in jamaat? Our local Ulama advise us to go through the Aalmi Shura group.   Jazakallah”  (End of letter)



We understand the dilemma which you and numerous others are experiencing regarding the fitnah prevailing in the Tabligh Jamaat. 

The best course is to abstain from participation in both factions. Do not side with any group. There is no Shar’i incumbency to join any one of the two mutually hostile factions. Both groups lack Ikhlaas, and without sincerity besides there being no barkat in the work, the Wrath of Allah Ta’ala settles on them. The haraam power struggle is not restricted to the leadership at the top. It has permeated right down to the rank and file juhala, hence the enormous enmity and hostility on the ground. 

The one faction is out to surpass the other one in numbers and external displays of ‘power’.  They have descended into the gutters of evil, nafsaaniyat and shaitaaniyat. They utilize vulgar language, real four-letter sewerage language common to drunken louts and hooligans, for each other. They have even adopted violence. They kick each other out of the Musaajid, and thereby prevent from the propagation of the Deen. 

Just imagine the villainy of the Raiwand faction here in South Africa. The junior molvis of Ta’leemuddeen Madrasah (Isipingo Beach) and Hilaal Musjid, having hijacked the one faction of the Tabligh Jamaat, have shamelessly, without a vestige of khauf for Allah Ta’ala, kicked out Mauana Tootla and banned him and his group from all the Musaajid under their so-called ‘control’. These shameless fussaaq molvis did not even attempt to utilize their brains to understand the notorious villainy which they are perpetrating in the name of the Deen. 

Maulana Tootla is over 80 years old. He is the most senior Tablighi in South Africa. He has devoted his life to the Tabligh Jamaat. He was appointed to the Shura for South Africa by the Hadhrat of the Tabligh Jamaat, Maulana Inaamul Hasan (Rahmatullah alayh). They banned him and his faction on the basis of the notorious LIE that they cause disturbances in the Musaajid. This is a blatant lie for which they will be hauled over hot coals on the Day of Qiyaamah. It is indeed an ugly LIE disgorged by molvis who portray themselves as people of Tasawwuf. They are fakes and bogus ‘sufis’. 

Just as the members of the one faction are ill-disposed and speak ill of the other faction, so does the other faction regarding its adversaries. But hitherto they have been indulging in their gheebat and buhtaan outside the Musaajid. None of them give bayaans on their mutual hooliganism. At least in the Musaajid they stick to the six point albeit with ghulu’. 

There is too much hatred and filth in the hearts of these chaps who project the image of pious muballigheen. They are devoid of Ikhlaas, hence their hearts are consumed by the fire of animosity, and they have daggers in their hearts for their adversaries. 

Brother, it is spiritually detrimental to join any of the factions at this stage. Stay at home and engage in ibaadat. Joining any one of the factions is like joining a street gang of hoodlums. When molvis who operate Darul Ulooms, such as the Isipingo fellows, have degenerated to the current corrupt level where they are justifying their shaitaaniyat in the name of the Deen, then what do you expect of the rank and file juhala who think they are big buzroogs after having joined the Jamaat for a stint of stunts. 

If the leadership does not come to its senses, then the hatred and shaitaaniyat will only escalate and the Tabligh Jamaat will descend into the gutters to become another one of the 72 deviant sects mentioned in the Hadith. 

If a sufficient number of sincere Tablighis who are neutral withdraw from Tabligh Jamaat activity without siding with any faction, then perhaps the leaders who are currently under the spell of Iblees may come to their senses. May Allah Ta’ala guide them and keep us all steadfast on the Haqq.

2 Ramadhaan 1439 -18 May 2018


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