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An Association of present-day ‘scholars’ known as ‘Fiqh Council of North America’, has disseminated an article captioned: The Astronomical Calculations: A Fiqhi Discussion. The author of the article is Dr. Z. A. Shah who is a member of this Council of North America.

The objective of the corrupt article is to convince Muslims of the ‘redundancy’ of the 14 century immutable law of sighting the moon for the purposes of Ramadhaan, Eid and the Islamic months in general. Under guise of ‘Fiqh’, the modernist so-called ‘Fiqhi Council’ has committed debauchery in their article, mutilating the Law of the Shariah with distortion, misinterpretation, misrepresentation and downright stupidities unbecoming of men of Knowledge.

The absurdity of their so-called ‘fiqhi discussion’ testifies to the shallowness of their smattering of knowledge of Fiqh and it illustrates their spiritual bankruptcy. With treacherous audacity they advocate abandonment of the Sunnah, and in fact, assign a higher pedestal over and above the Sunnah, to the methods of the “21st century American scientists”.

In the article, Dr. Shah commit intellectual abortion, gruesomely aborting and criminally mutilating the Ahaadith of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) with misinterpretations and concocted ‘principles’. Descending into the dregs of ilhaad (heresay), he casts aspersions on the authenticity of Ahaadith which enjoy the loftiest pedestal of authenticity.



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