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A voice message attributed to Molvi Rashid Moosagie who is holed up in a refugee camp with his family outside Jordan, has been widely circulated by the juhala (morons and ignoramuses). Without caring to ascertain the authenticity of the message, it has been widely circulated. Even Radio Shaitaan has hurriedly grabbed the fake message to further broadcast the fitnah.


The objective of spreading the FAKE message is nothing but FITNAH. It is a pernicious attempt to create grave problems for the family trapped outside Jordan. No one has even bothered or attempted to ascertain the veracity of the message before publicizing it. This reveals the fitnah of all these fitnah-mongers whose aim is nothing other than fabricating fitnah. People of intelligence will first probe to ascertain the authenticity, and even if authenticity is established, then too, they will refer the matter to those of knowledge and experience for guidance. But crude sensationalism regardless of the grave consequences is the hallmark of the fitnah-mongers.


Regarding these fitnah-mongers who spread information which can cause great harm, Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan Majeed:


“And when there comes to them information either of safety or fear, they broadcast it (like these shaitaani radios and other fitnah-mongers) If they had referred it to the Rasool and to those of understanding among them certainly those who have intelligence to understand (the consequences) will know (what you do).”

7 Ramadhaan 1439 – 23 May 2018


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