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From the U.S.A. a Concerned Brother writes:

Assalamu alaikum

Dear Respected Maulana 

In the recent article regarding tablighi jamaat you advised against it presently and honestly to find jamaat without excesses is very difficult and close to impossible. You also advised me:

Ilm should not be learnt from the type of personnel you have described. Besides there being no barkat, the student of such teachers will also adopt a lackadaisical attitude towards the Deen. In fact they will regard the Deen as a hobby.

At our send we see graduates from azadville and zakariyaa and Mufti Ibrahim Desai who come back and take the deen as a hobby and confuse layman like us.  It seems that all the places of ilm without exception do not take Deen seriously. We have Mufti Nana from S.A who pushes Sanha certifications in the US.Video and picture maulanas. Delaying iftar is a regular occurrence here. I know of brothers who if there money is late (for legitimate reasons), their children are hounded by the ustaads. There are places where the student has been kicked out due to the father not being able to afford the fees. Ustaads have fancy cars, cell phones and are involved in other futility.The list seems to getting worse of all the problems in these places. We are concerned as to how can our children benefit even academically by going to these places. The students speak as loud as anyone else about cell phones, video games etc. The shabguzeri seems like a merrymaking function. The arrogance of these youngsters that come back from south africa and england makes one wonder what did they learn. You mentioned that they even criticize Haikumul Ummat (rahmathullalayhi)! 

1. In the past you advised to find an ustaad and learn underneath him.

. What is your advice regarding learning from tablighi madrasas. As laymen - we do not see a difference in any of these places.  Is the aforementioned advice for all tablighi madrasas? It seems that they have made it a business throughout the world.

2. It is quite depressing when I see the ustaads essentially playing games. Astagfirullah! You mentioned in the past about Hazrat Maulana Maseehuallah Khan (rahmathullah Alayh) weeping many years ago regarding the Ummah. We(laymen) are depressed about these ulama and the ummah in general. HOw do you advise us to think about the dismal state of the ummah.

(End of letter) – Letter reproduced verbatim


Muslims who are concerned with the original Deen and observing the Sunnah find themselves in a cesspool of spiritual ignominy and misery created by the ulama-e-soo’. What the brother has described is no secret. This shaitaani scenario prevails everywhere. The Deen is a hobby, a side-line issue and a commodity to trade for the miserable jeefah (carrion) of the dunya.

The Brother has mentioned some of our local Madaaris. The Ulama at these Madaaris should take note and emphasize more on Islaah of the nafs. In fact, this is the primary objective for the acquisition of Ilm of the Deen. If this objective is ignored, the knowledge becomes a terrible calamity with evil consequences – consequences which are today conspicuously manifest in the Ummah – consequences which emanate as sewerage effluvium from the corruption of the ulama-e-soo’.

There is extremely little choice the masses have regarding the pursuit of Ilm. They just have to accept whatever Deeni knowledge they are able to acquire from even the miscreant ustaadhs if pious Ustaadhs are not available. If one can afford, the best course is to employ a molvi to teach at home. The moral character of children is today ruined in the Madaaris by corrupt students and corrupt ustaadhs. 

If parents are able to teach their children the basics of the Deen from reliable Islamic publications which are today, Alhamdulillah, available in abundance, then it will be their Waajib duty to teach the children at home. But remember, that at the same time it is not permissible to send the children to secular school. Even this has to be executed via home-schooling. 

Brother, we are in a veritable spiritual minefield. Just walk carefully and save yourself and your family from being blown up by the mines of fisq, fujoor, bid’ah and kufr which the ulama-e-soo’ have planted everywhere. May Allah Ta’ala have mercy on us.

6 Ramadhaan 1439 - 22 May 2018

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